A note for parents

If you’re planning on bringing a kid to Flipside, you have some extra responsibilities.

You need to bring documentation to verify that you are the parent or legal guardian of the minor in your care. We strongly recommend you use our Minor Affidavit, which you can download from this page:


You will need to have this affidavit notarized.

The alternative to the affidavit is to provide an original birth certificate, passport, court document granting custody, etc. AAR, LLC will retain a copy of these documents. You will also be signing paperwork at Gate on behalf of your minor child.

You also need to supervise your child directly for the duration of the event, and to provide for all their needs.

Children have always been a part of Flipside. We realize it’s not easy to have a kid at Flipside, and we’re glad there are people who are making that effort.