Announce of August 2015

Announce has been a little active lately, but there’s a lot going on. Hang in there with us, because big changes are right around the corner.

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The Burning Flipside Combustion Chambers Seeks New Members

Do enjoy listening to/discussing/debating the finer points of Community with your friends/campmates/fellow burners? Would you enjoy communicating about crucial matters in this community all year long? Do you know someone else who fits this description?
The Combustion Chamber currently seeks new members to renew and diversify its ranks. Submit your application or nomination here.

The Burning Flipside Combustion Chamber (CC) is the Communication conduit between the Community and the event organizers (aka AAR, LLC), and acts as the Burning Flipside organization’s advisory body. The CC meets typically every other Monday evening for approximately two hours, at the Austin warehouse.
Learn more about the Burning Flipside Combustion Chamber.
As always, we’d like to remind folks that Combustion Chamber membership is not limited specifically to those that live in the Austin area, so if you’re in another city, but could make regular meetings, feel free to apply.
The deadline for submissions is Monday, August 10th, at 11:59PM
After that, we will ask for community feedback on all potential CC candidates. The deadline for feedback is Monday, August 17th, at 11:59PM.
Interested in seeing the CC in action? Regular CC meetings are open to participation of all Community members. Our next meeting is Monday, July 20th, 7:42pm, at The Burning Flipsde Warehouse, 1023 Springdale Road, Austin, Texas.
The Combustion Chamber

Combustion Chamber Meetings

The Combustion Chamber is an advisory committee to the Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC to facilitate community input & transparency for the policy-making process and organization of burn community events. Meetings are open to everyone, starting at 7:42 pm at the Warehouse. Special topics are as follows:

August 3:

  • Safety Comm
    A recap discussion on how communication worked at the event this year under the challenging conditions, what worked well, what didn’t, and a discussion of ideas of how to improve safety communication at future events.
  • How Big Should Our Effigy Be?
    bonobo is a CC member who was member of DaFT (Design and Fabrication Team) this year and has been involved with DaFT many times over the last 14 years. The effigy is the vessel for the largest ceremonial burn of the event, and the largest single construction project funded by the Burning Flipside community.To understate the situation, this Floodside was the most difficult logistical year for DaFT and required an inordinate effort by all who made it through the week long slog. To Quote the DaFT Lead “FU Trench Camp!” Even for a fringe cult as brainwashed as DaFTees are, the circumstances were horrendous, and for many of us, the experience was “our Flipside” (no regrets, for being on such a Rockstar, dedicated team!).If you would like to discuss the long term view of DaFT, it’s relationship to the Community and ARR/LLC or just praise DaFT bearing Homages / Gifts, please attend.

August 17:

  • Fall Town Hall
  • Early Dropoff/Vendor Interaction

Flipside Flood Relief

Did you hear about the weather at Burning Flipside this year? Flipside Flood Relief was established to help. From their “About Us” page:

Flipside Flood Relief is a temporary organization to help raise and distribute funds to those affected by the storms. We will spend the next few months collecting donations through our website and through fundraising events. Once all funds are distributed, this organization will be dissolved.
Initial fundraising will be spent supporting Flipside participants in financial need due to property loss at the event. All additional funds will support Milam County residents directly affected by the storm.

They’re hosting a fundraiser on August 15, 2015 at Trinity Hall: Sam Houston’s Drag Show & Rococo Rodeo. Donations can also be made to Flipside Flood Relief directly through the website. Please note: Flipside Flood Relief is not affiliated with either Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC or Burners Without Borders.


Where, O Where is Our Warehouse Going?

You may have heard the scuttlebutt about moving to a new warehouse. If not, well, some day soon we’re moving to a new warehouse! Nothing is signed just yet, but it’s getting close. All the more reason to come out to Church Night, Combustion Chamber Meetings, and start your goodbyes to the “home away from Home” we’ve enjoyed for so many years.

This is also a clarion call to get your poop in a group, inventory what you have stored at the Warehouse, and get it ready for removal or relocation. More details are coming as things are finalized, so stay tuned!

Which reminds me…

Fall Town Hall

Mark your calendars! September 26, 2015 is the Fall Town Hall. There’s a good chance this will be at the new warehouse.

We’ll be watching theme presentations, picking out the theme for Burning Flipside 2016, and soliciting volunteers for just about everything you can imagine. As we get closer to the event, we’ll post things like location, program schedules and volunteer needs, but go ahead and block out the time now.