Burning Flipside needs an EFFIGY!

Burning Flipside needs an EFFIGY!

If you have a strong opinion or a grand vision about what Pyropolis should build and burn in ‘019, and you’ve got the time, crew, and plan for how to do it, now’s the time to tell us! For info on guidelines, check out: https://www.burningflipside.com/event/effigy/proposal

There will be two rounds for the effigy proposals. Read closely for all the info:

First we are calling for letters of interest. If you want to put together an effigy proposal, create a basic outline of that proposal and submit it to us. Once we have received the letters of interest, we will then begin the second round, where the interested parties will be given more information and asked to produce fully fleshed-out effigy proposals.

Your letter of interest is due by 11:59 pm on Nov. 25th! (Those who make the second round will be informed of the date their final proposals are due.)

Being a DaFT lead means you’re responsible for designing the effigy and leading the build team to create the Flipside Effigy, both during pre-event and on-site. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional engineer, architect, or carpenter. However, these skills certainly help. We suggest you seek advice from experienced builders and project leaders, should you need assistance or advice. It’s a challenge, but don’t be scared! Be a rockstar! Lead DaFT!

Don’t wait till it’s too late! The DaFT (Design and Fabrication Team) Selection Committee is here to help! Prior to the deadline, feel free to show (one or all of) us what you’ve got! Pick our brains! We’re all ex-DaFT leads, so we’ll be able to give you real insight into how to (or not to) build, delegate, lift, bolt, screw, nail, cut, ShopBot, beat-to-fit, transport, budget, burn, and otherwise DO the effigy things.

Contact us at: daft-proposal@lists.burningflipside.com

From all of us at the DSC, happy designing!