!City Planning!

— If your theme camp information changes, keep City Planning in the loop! Contact your Theme Camp Liaison, Bonnie! She’ll make sure that your details get where they need to go! https://www.burningflipside.com/contact

— Want something creative to do Sunday? Volunteer to paint City Signage with City Signage! Contact your City Signage Lead, Emily! She’ll keep you up to date with all the painting fun! https://www.burningflipside.com/contact

— Interested in helping layout Pyropolis on site? That means you want to volunteer with Flagging! Contact your Flagging Lead, Molly! She’ll give you the Flagging details! https://www.burningflipside.com/contact

— Tired of reading about City Planning in all of these posts? Understand that I’ll stop when we have too many volunteers! You can contact your City Planning Admin, Ste. Michelle! I’m not sure what she’ll do, though. It’s a surprise! https://www.burningflipside.com/contact