Flipside Ticket Update

Loribug, 2018 Flipside Ticket Lead Here!

You think you have tickets? Make sure by logging onto https://secure.burningflipside.com!

If your Ticket Request status says “Pending” you may have a problem. Contact me at Tickets@burningflipside.com – I might be able to help.

Now is the time when my first question is: Did you retain your Money Order Receipt? It is a REALLY BIG DEAL when handling problems.

When you log onto https://secure.burningflipside.com, check and see what name is associated with your ticket(s). Make sure your ticket(s) are under your legal name(s) that match your legal documentation.

Example: My tickets are under the name Loribug and Loribug +1 right now. I will not be able to get through gate, unless my drivers license says Loribug and my friends says Loribug+1.