Guardians is Looking for Volunteers

Guardians is looking for volunteers, we have space that needs fillin’! If you would like to be part of Guardians of Flipside 2018 or know someone who would, email us at
You can also request to join our Facebook page: Guardians of Flipside

Not familiar with what Guardians do? That’s ok!

We keep eyes on the outskirts of Pyropolis, making sure hooligans aren’t pulling any shenanigans trying to ruin our good time. Introverted? Sweet! Our shifts are very low key and perfect for recharging and escaping the stimulus that exists within the city. We can definitely offer quietish shifts that typically involve minimal interactions with humans. Wanna mess around with night vision!? We got that covered on our night shifts and this year we have really sweet new gear! Get cool swag like T-shirts! (Ask us how!) More info at our wiki page below:

Hope you consider us!