LNT: Burning Green

“As long as you are green you are growing.” – Ray Kroc

Burners take great pride in our Leave NO Trace ethos. It aligns with the Burning Flipside principals perfectly in that we all have to participate and cooperate to be accountable to ourselves, our burn and the world as a whole. Having an LNT attitude also helps the sustainability of the event in that land owners are inclined to have us back as we don’t destroy/pollute their property.

Now is the time to consider how you and/or your camp, if you belong to one, can LNT prepare. Remember if you bring it, you take it home! Here are some simple steps you can do to not only make LNT happen but make it easy.

Prepare in Advance – If you are prepared for an LNT event then a large part of the work is done. Here are some ideas and suggestions:

  • Talk about it among your campmates. Make sure everyone understands the importance of LNT. Educate the virgin burners.
  • Always consider 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Have a plan to separate recyclables from trash.

  • Create and carry MOOP bags (a simple project  from Burning Man http://earthguardians.net/2016/06/03/make-your-own-moop-bag/). If you see it, pick it up, regardless if it is yours.
  • Remove as much packaging as possible. If it doesn’t go out to the event then you don’t have to haul it back
  • Use larger containers (water, food, etc.). It is easier to keep track of a one gallon water jug than 8 sixteen-ounce water bottles.
  • Grab and artify an Altoids tin (or similar) to be used as a cigarette butt holder

Recycle on Site – Separate the recyclable items but remember there is NO RECYCLING STATION in 2018. If you bring it, you must take it home!

Do regular and final MOOP (matter out of place) sweeps – Don’t let it hit the ground in the first place. However, do regular time walking in and around your camp every day looking for any MOOP. After camp is broken down, have the entire group form up into a “marching” line and cover the camp looking for that last little bit that you missed. It is easier than being called out on the MOOP map.

Lastly, the folks working on restoring the land post-event would love your help. Please come out the Saturday post-event to help bring the wooded playa back to its natural state. Watch the Flame for additional information on ridesharing, sign-ups, and other Restoration information!

As always, keep an eye on the Flipside Announce/Flame for additional LNT articles and if you have any ideas or would like to help with our Earth Guardian effort please e-mail earthguardians18@burningflipside.com or use the contact page on the Burning Flipside web page.