Post Event Restoration Events Needs You

Restoration Efforts – Although Burning Flipside is a Leave No Trace event where every participant removes whatever they brought in, there are still some items that require community effort to fully restore the Pecan Playa. Hopefully you enjoyed the event, now come help us ensure we can have it next year!

Exodus – Don’t want to leave? Want to stay one more night? Sign up with the Exodus crew to help get others off the land so the restoration efforts can begin. This only take about 4 hours on Monday and you get use of a golf cart so it is easy! Sign Ups are at

Infrastructure/Post Ops – The organization itself brings a considerable amount of equipment out each year to provide the canvas for the participants. This infrastructure must be packed up and returned to the warehouse after the event. That happens on the Saturday post, June 2nd. Please come out one more time, help us and see what it looks like with nothing left on site. Sign Ups are at

Clean Up – Although we hope not to have to clean up after everyone picks up all the MOOP, there are undeniably a few things left behind. We need volunteers to walk the lands. Pick up what little is left and report it, so we can point it out to the offending camps/areas. Additionally, we help clean up the burn scar. Did you enjoy the burn, come back and help get it ready for next year? Sign Ups are at

Recycling – Don’t need any volunteers as there isn’t organized recycling in 2018!

Restoration efforts are an important aspect, not just of event sustainability and land owner satisfaction but they are just a good idea that helps us ensure we are a Leave No Trace Event. Help us be Burning Green!