September Announce: Wrapping Up 2022 and Gearing Up for 2023

Wrapping up!

By all ‘counts, Burning Flipside 2022 happened! Want to see more of the actual ‘counts? Check out the Public Information Report for all sorts of info from population to parking, from issues to art! 

Gearing up!

This year we return to a familiar schedule! We kick off the public participant portion with a purposeful party! (Just kidding – this is super serious!)

Fall Town Hall (hosted by our wonderful Combustion Chamber) kicks off the season! Come out to Lloyd the warehouse on Sept 24. 

We (you!!!) will select a theme for the 2023 event and chat about a number of other things relevant to the upcoming event year! 

As always, the event starts at 2:34 PM, with tailgating/setup starting at noon. 

The Town Hall agenda will be finalized, with details published to before the event.

Get involved!

Speaking of gearing up, how do you want to get involved? One way is the Combustion Chamber

You don’t have to be a member (though there are upcoming opportunities to do so) to participate! The CC holds meetings every other Monday, and all are welcome. Some topics will be of more interest to the general Flipside public than others, but you are welcome to come see how the veggie chorizo gets made. Upcoming topics include:

  • Sep 19 — Town Hall planning; Extending the Reach of the CC 
  • Oct 03 — Town Hall Wrap-up
  • Oct 17 — Sound Policy
  • Nov 14 — Minors Policy
  • Dec 12 — What is a Theme Camp; Temples at Burning Flipside

That’s all for now, folks. Keep an eye out mid-month for the Flipside Flame (community info) and early next month for the next Flipside Announce for important event/org/updates.  

Love and flames,
Your content Content Team