STickets: Where The Art Starts!!

Helloooo, Fantastical Flipizens!!!! Soooo…how’s your STickets art coming along? What’s that you say? NoooOOOooo art yet? Well, Halloween art, but not STickets. I get that. Every weekend this month I’ve been busy in my front yard making the best Halloween front yard EVER!! 😀 Ya’ll really need to come check it out!! :p

But…BUT…making this Halloween art…I bet that really got your art engine a-running now, yes? GOOD!!

WE HAVE A THEME!!!! Sisyphean Celebration!! YAAAAY!!!!

That means we have something to be submitting Ticket and Sticker art!! This means you are putting in for a chance to win two free tickets!!!! Two contests, two chances to win!! The ONLY way to get free tickets to Burning Flipside!!

Anyway…deadline will be a couple of days after Spring Town Hall. That’s not until mid-February! Lots of time, you gots this!!

Also, if you think you’d like to submit, however know that life will get in the way and would like gentle reminders that you are interested, just look for me at my booth at the Fall Town Hall, give me your e-mail and I’ll add you to a personal list that I’ll make sure to e-mail reminder pokes with consent. 😉

Basic guidelines. Keep in mind all designs must be original. No clip art, and no copy written material may be used. The designs can be created digitally or by hand. So break out your pen, marker, crayon or stylus and get the ideas flowing.

All submissions please sent to Soon we’ll get more details like sizes. For now, this is just our second little “Hey, hey you!! Yes you with the crazy awesome creation making genius pretty stuff!!…Let the creations flow…flooooowwww down the stream to my humble abode. A place that could get you TWO FREE TICKETS!!”

Nova-yesthat’smyrealname and
Your Flipside 2019 Sticker/Ticket Selection Team