Ticket Lead Update


Ticket window is closed and we do not anticipate selling any more tickets.

Never fear! Since we were able to fulfill all viable requests this year, tickets should be easily obtainable.

Finding Tickets

Community involvement is one of the best ways to find a ticket.

1) VOLUNTEER! Generally people with extra tickets offer them to people who are active and contributing members of the community. Even if you have never been to an event, this is a great way to meet people and connect with a spare ticket.

2) Come to church night at The Warehouse or camp fundraisers! There will be many people at these events who will either have tickets or be able to connect you with someone that has an extra. Find out more at www.BurningFlipside.com/warehouse

Ticket Exchange

Every year tickets become available for sale as people realize that they or their friends will not be able to attend the event. Fortunately, there are many ways to find tickets. At this time, there are two secondary market outlets:

  1. Facebook page Central Texas burn event ticket and rideshare group.

  2. Texas Ticket Fairy

We strongly encourage everyone seeking tickets to pay only the original ticket price of $132 per Adult ticket, $132 per Teen ticket (ages 14 to 18), and $40 for Kid ticket (ages 7 to 13), and $0 per Child ticket (under age 7), as scalping goes against the spirit of the community and this event.

If you acquire a ticket, please be sure that ownership is transferred to you. Register your ticket at www.burningflipside.com/tickets. Follow the directions on the ticket page after logging in. See the Ticket FAQ page for additional information.