Ignition Philter’s Second Year!

A Little About Ignition Philter

Ignition Philter (the independent art grant organization) had a fantastic first year at Burning Flipside.  There were puppets and pay phones and blinkies and music and fire, oh my! We had 32 applications and were able to give away money for 16 pieces. For a refresher of whose art you helped pay for, see the list of last year’s winners: https://ignitionphilter.com/grant-winners/

Looking Forward

2019 is coming and we’re ready to not be freshpeople.  We learned a few things and are ready to go bigger and weirder next year.  In addition to funding more projects, we have plans to work towards being a 501c3 when the 2020 Flipside comes around.

Plans for 2019

This coming year, we will again be awarding grants of up to $575 per project.  We will be opening applications for the 2019 grant cycle February 4th.  Our jury will meet at the end of February to pick our winners. But all of this needs you, our dear reader, to help.

How Can You Help?

Art Grant Jury

Come be a judge to help us pick our winners!  If you’re interested in helping find us at Spring Town Hall February 2nd 2019 at Lloyd the Warehouse or email ignitionphilter@gmail.com

Donate When Submitting Your Ticket Request

When you purchase your Burning Flipside ticket, please add an additional donation to Ignition Philter.

Apply For Art Grants

Submit an art project for the grant.  We fund small and large projects.  Try your hand at making your dream a reality!  Keep an eye on the timeline page for the link to the application on February 24th. https://ignitionphilter.com/timeline/

Donate Direct

You can also donate to Ignition Philter outside of the tickets. Contact us to find out how https://ignitionphilter.com

More Money, More Art! 

-By XTC Representing Ignition Philter