Registrations, Sign Ups, and Upcoming Events! 

Hello, Pyropolites, Pyropleans, and Flipizens,

It’s that time again – when the calendar turns over and we send out some info. So get out your laptop, your calendars and a frosty or hot beverage of choice, and get reading!

CALLING ALL ARTISTS! We really need your submissions for the sTicket contest- We have such a colorful theme and not enough ideas. Help design how our official tickets and stickers will look this year.Think about the awesome mark that would make in our community. Go to for more info. Deadline is APRIL 17th!

ART EVENT Can’t wait to get your art on? Come on out to the art show: Unchosen Themes tomorrow (April 1, no kidding!) to Lloyd the Warehouse from 4-7 p.m. to appreciate community art inspired by themes unchosen from previous Flipsides!

ARTISTS AND ART-letic SUPPORTERS! Want to contribute to the Flipside Artscape?

  • HOW TO BRING ART TO FLIPSIDE (including Mutant Vehicles and Theme Camps): Planning on bringing art to Burning Flipside? If it is climbable, burnable, flame-effected, otherwise “dangerous”, or you just want to make sure it is on the official Burning Flipside map, you need to REGISTER IT! Is it a vehicle that doesn’t LOOK like a vehicle? Perhaps a mutant vehicle? REGISTER IT! Got a theme camp (a whole camp based on a theme is DEFINITELY art!)? REGISTER IT! Visit our registration page ( and follow the links from there (log in required). The deadline for Art and Theme Camp placement is APRIL 17th! The deadline for Mutant Vehicles and Flipside events is May 19th!
  • Not bringing a whole art piece? You, too, can get in on the fun! Visit and sign up to contribute your time, materials, funds, or even your smaller art to a larger piece!
  • IGNITION PHILTER SPRING PHUNDRAISER! Support the org that funds the art! Experience a night of art in central Austin from Flipside past and future! Dance the night away to community DJs! Enjoy snacks and libations! Bid on an item from the silent auction! Be amazed by performances. Bring a costume/leave a costume in a pre-flipside costume exchange! Learn more and get tickets at!

THE ART OF VOLUNTEERING! Did you know that Burning Flipside is an ALL-VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION?! That’s right! And All means YOU! Grab a friend and sign up for shifts at Ice, Greeters, Parking, Safety teams, and more. There’s something for everyone. Learn more at Some departments have shifts ready for sign-up now (with more department shifts coming soon!) Log in and sign up at Watch for a Volunteer Round Up message coming soon to an inbox near you!

Love and flames, ~Izzi B.

Art Event: Unchosen Themes

An Art Show at Lloyd The Warehouse!

This year’s event is dedicated to all of the wonderful, hilarious, and bizarre unchosen event themes! Felt really inspired by “Superhero Summer Camp” and sad it hasn’t been selected by the community (yet!)? Still dreaming of all the unrealized possibilities of crowd favorites like Flipside:The Musical!, Fear and Loathing in Las Tejas, Turtles All The Way Down, Pants Pants Persecution, and A Great Business Opportunity? NOW IS YOUR TIME! 

Every Unchosen Theme from the beginning of Burning Flipside can be your muse. Want to make more than one art piece based off of multiple themes? Awesome, get it, this is wonderful. Your inspiration doesn’t even have to be an unchosen theme- let’s just make all the art! Participate! 

If you would like to make an art for this year’s art show, please complete this google form.

Unfortunately, we only have quick access to themes running back to 2015. If you’d like this list, please see the Facebook event for more details; if you are not on Facebook, send us an email: 

This event is for ALL AGES!! Littles are encouraged to participate!

If you would like to help, please comment under the “request for volunteers” post on the Facebook event or send us an email. We will need a few hands to help an hour prior and an hour after for set-up and break down. 

Unchosen Themes @Lloyd The Warehouse

Saturday, April 1st, 2023, 4pm-7pm

Got an Effigy Idea? Burning Flipside Needs YOU!

The deadline to propose an effigy, the huge focal point on the main field, has been EXTENDED to December 15th!

What comes to mind when you hear “Demolition Disco Derby”? Is it White Leisure Suits? Construction Hats? Roller Derby? Something else? Can you put those ideas together in one piece that captures the very essence of the theme? Or perhaps your concept speaks to the theme subtly from the side! However you approach it, we want your brilliance to shine like a disco ball!

To learn more about effigies at Burning Flipside, visit

The deadline to get as much as you can submitted (as complete a proposal as you can muster) has been extended to December 15th, providing you a little extra design time and leaving the DSC some time to consider proposals and help guide prospective DaFT leads fill in any blanks on how you would make the thing go should your design be chosen.

Got an idea but need some help fleshing it out? Are you full of great ideas but never built or designed an effigy before? No problem! Reach out to our DaFT Selection Committee (a wonderful group of previous effigy builders, happy to share a brain and provide feedback as you design your art. Just email

For more info on how to create your proposal, and what the criteria are, visit Read up! There’s a lot of useful info, followed by the proposal outline!

Happy designing!

November Announce: Art and Volunteering!

Hey, y’all! It’s November. And you know what that means? It’s time to ramp up all the behind-the-scenes creating and volunteering! With that in mind, here are several leaping off points!

Effigy Design Proposal Time

We’re well on our way to building Burning Flipside 2023! Fall Town Hall has come and gone, we have a THEME (Demolition Disco Derby), and now we need our effigy designers to step up and propose their DaFT magic!

Make sure you read through the guidelines before you do anything else so you have a good handle on expectations.

Are you full of great ideas but never built or designed an effigy before? No problem! Our wonderful group of previous effigy builders are happy to share a brain and provide feedback as you design your art.

The deadline to have as much of your proposal as you can possibly gather ready and submitted is November 24th (Thanksgiving).

Send your questions and proposals to,

Happy designing!

STicket Season Begins Soon

Sticker + Ticket = STicket!  Want to help define how Flipside 2023 will be remembered?  Create some art to beautify the ticket everyone gets. Or, create some art to just totally nail the theme home on the sticker that comes with the ticket. Or, submit art for both.  Just don’t sit there and NOT create something.

We will be announcing the selection process and timeframes soon.  While you ponder the deeper meanings of Demolition Disco Derby, read the submission guidelines here on details like size, color, and things per inch.

Ignition Philter – Fall Fundraiser moves to Spring

Ignition Philter here (your friendly non-profit that grants funds for Flipside artists). Due to un-resolvable conflicts, we have decided to postpone the planned in-person fall art fundraiser event (until spring 2023).

If you would like to use this space/ time to contribute funds for art at next year’s Flipside, we always accept donations. You might consider this our “online fall fundraiser request”.
We are a 501c3, we can provide a receipt for your donation, as desired.
We can accept funds through Venmo or Zelle

Keep that spark alive always,

Ignition Philter

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in leading or lieutenant-ing? Learn more at, with an eye one on the following departments: Website Admin, Media Liaison, Towing, Education, Warehouse Manager, Survival Guide, Safety Lighting, Boundaries, Sanitation, Transpo, Earth Guardians, Roads, Land Search, and Ice LT. Nominate a friend or nominate yourself!  (YES, you can nominate YOURSELF!) and help make Flipside GO!

In love and flames,

Your Content Team

Art Projects Seeking Support Page 2022

Looking to help make art go? Check out the Art Projects Seeking Support page on the Burning Flipside website!

The page acts like a community bulletin board- if an artist is looking for various kinds of help (participation, donation, other logistical assistance) they’ll post an ask and you can connect directly with the project/artist. Get it!

Are you an artist who is bringing a piece to Burning Flipside that could use some support? We got you! You will find a form on the page to complete so we can add your project to the page.

Share around and let’s make some art happen!

Registration Deadlines, Town Hall, and a Volunteer Round Up! Giddyup!

Howdy, Flipsidians! We’re getting close, so check out the latest from around the town!

DEADLINES: Register yer stuff! Got a theme camp? How about art? Want folks to find it? Log in and REGISTER BY APRIL 18th to get on the map! Register your amazing events and badass mutant vehicles while you’re at it.

Town Hall is a Go (so go to Town Hall)! The CC (Combustion Chamber) is bringing back Town Hall – part Announce-in-Person, part Volunteer Fest, ALL FUN! Come out for major community announcements, learn about volunteering opportunities, and reconnect with community. April 23, 2:34 PM at Lloyd the Warehouseat 3106 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758. Watch all channels for upcoming details.

BURNING FLIPSIDE RUNS ON VOLUNTEERS! Check out these awesome opportunities to participate!

DaFT: Want to get your art on before the event? DaFT (design and fabrication team) wants YOU to help build the effigy! No prior experience necessary – we can teach you! Join us Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons at Lloyd the warehouse. Can’t help now? Onsite assistance is also needed. Vaccination required for build. Show up with vax card or VaxYes verification. Questions about DaFT? Reach out to

For all other volunteer opportunities, from Pre-event to Post, Giddy-on-up and SIGN YOURSELF UP! (You’ll have to log in first).

Work Weekends: Come out to prepare the land for Flipside! WWs run from Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon, and you are welcome to camp overnight. The next one is coming up on April 15th – 17th.

Greeters: No experience necessary (except for shift leads). Training provided. Shifts are 3-4 hours long. Saturday shifts are great for interactive games and/or introducing younger kids to volunteering. (Parents must be with their children).

Zone Czars (formerly Zone Greeters): No prior experience needed (but we’re always looking for people who are great at parking RVs)! Shifts are 4 to 5 hours, starting on Wednesday.

Volunteer Assistant Squad: No training needed. Optional radio training is helpful. Shifts are 3 hours long.

Shaven Apes: No training required, just a helpful attitude! Do you like to help people build things? Shifts are 3 hours. We’re expanding Shaven Apes this year to help with tear-down as well, so if you’d like to help people GTFO, you can do that too!

Echelon: Radio Training required (offered pre-event and onsite). Shifts are 4 – 6 hours, and 12 for On Call supervisors.

Burn Night Perimeter: No experience required, except for shift leads. Shifts are 4 hours on Saturday for Temple burn and 6 hours on Burn Night. Get the best view of the crowd, and the burn!

For these and other opportunities, log in and SIGN UP! Not sure where you want to volunteer? Head on over to our Flipside Volunteer System and let the robots help you out! To learn more about each volunteer team, visit our Operations page.

See you soon!

Your Content Team

Art Projects and Flipside 2022


As you (hopefully) know, the ticket window for Burning Flipside is now open. Art Registration and Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) Registration will open March 18th, 2022. Keep an eye out for communication from the official page/channels for updates! While we wait for tickets and registration openings, let’s talk art. 

Artist Resources

Are you an artist looking for some help to get your project off the ground? Are you a community member who is passionate about art and would like to help artists get the thing done did? We’ve got you! Check out these resources:

Art Grants- Ignition Philter

The community run organization Ignition Philter is taking applications for grants for Burning Flipside bound art projects for 2022. Need monies to get your art started? The application is currently open and will close March 6th.

Ignition Philter is also looking for art jurors to help determine funding for applicants. Learn more and apply to be a juror by February 28th. Selection will be held over Zoom mid-March, so you don’t have to live in Austin in order to participate!

Don’t forget to donate! You can do so through your Burning Flipside ticket request or directly through the Ignition Philter website. If you have any questions about this organization and process, you can also reach the Ignition Philter team directly: 

Art Projects Seeking Support Page

Check out the Art Projects Seeking Support Page. It’s basically a community bulletin board where artists can ask for community assistance to help make their Burning Flipside bound art project go. Designed to help artists and community members to connect to make magic happen. 

You might be an artist looking to share a brain with someone with specific expertise. Perhaps you could use some additional hands on your build. Maybe a little more money would turn this dream into a reality. It’s a great place to share a request for support or crowd source link when seeking community support. 

Check the page regularly to see how your support can make art go.

The Effigy and DaFT

The centerpiece of the event is built by the community, for the community, and YOU are invited to participate! No previous build experience required. DaFT season will be kicking off soon. Get connected by emailing the team: 

As with the event, DaFT will be enforcing the Burning Flipside 2022 COVID-19 Policy. Please be sure to familiarize yourself:

For other art related questions, feel free to email

Happy Arting!

Burner Art Safari & Virtual Burn 2021

Burner Art Safari 2021

Aaaand here we go- we have a MAP!

Poke around, click on the “flags” for titles and details of the individual art pieces. Some pieces will be available 24/7 from Wednesday May 26th to Monday morning May 31st, and some for only part of the time, some are permanent pieces that will stay on the year-round map, some have special time sensitive events listed in the notes, etc.- check out the descriptions for more info and make your plans accordingly. 

You may have noticed that this map has grown and spread- once Memorial Day is over and as we slowly unwind from the pandemic, permanent pieces will stay on the map for all your globe trotting, road tripping needs. Please feel free to spread the word to your communities so this map can keep growing and getting better.

Have a publicly accessible piece you’d like to share? Awesome- you can get details about Burner Art Safari, get a link to the map, and register your piece on the website:

DO NOT Trespass– please don’t waltz on to anyone’s property uninvited. Stay in your car/on the street/sidewalk. If you happen to see someone, feel free to wave and thank ‘em- just don’t go ringing doorbells or charging them for conversation. The people and projects that are interested in interaction will tell you- ASK FIRST.

DO NOT Touch The Art– This is not an invitation to go messing with people’s art. If the art was meant to be interacted with, they’ll let ya know.  

PHOTOGRAPHY- If you see a sign near the art specifically asking you not to take pictures, don’t. 


This year, community members present a virtual burn portal site that will link out to the various activities happening, such as:

– Bigger & better Minecraft burn & discord chat

– Altspace (BRCvr) burn

– Streaming DJs, parties, activities, burns

– Art Gallery

– Anything else you can digitally dream up!

The theme was voted on by the community… So, naturally, it’s NSFW. At least it’s clear this ain’t no corporate sponsored event! We are so eager to play with you!

*Virtual Burn Portal & Survival Guide*

*Virtual Burn Discord*

– This will be the main audio/visual channel for the duration of the event

*Minecraft Virtual Burn*

– Build your camp, your art, and connect – just be sure you’re connected to the discord channel for audio

[link coming soon! Join the Discord above and the #planning-minecraft channel for more details!]

*Wanderful Gallery*

– Wander the land, look at art, catch up with friends with audio/video right inside the platform

[link coming soon! Join the Discord above and the #planning-gallery channel for more details!]

*Altspace VR*

– Explore, dance, connect

[link coming soon! Join the Discord above and the #planning-altspace channel for more details!]

KFLiP, Pyropolis Public Radio will be on the air for Virtual Flipside 2021! Our community has come together to create 4 days of programming, starting on Thursday Night at 11pm and going until Monday afternoon. Catch all the shows, see the calendar of upcoming shows, and interact with the DJs at! We still have room if you’d like to have a show! Sign up here:
KFLIP DJ Signup – Virtual Flipside 2021 – Google Sheets

HUGE thanks to all the artists who are participating and sharing their awesome projects, on and offline. You are inspiring and your efforts are so appreciated! As always, this magic couldn’t have happened without you and we are all so grateful. We are excited to be able to share a little magic with our friends and family inside and outside of the community. Happy (art) hunting! 

NOTE: If you use google maps extensively, you may want to play with your layers settings.


Memorial Day 2021- pARTicipate!

No Burn? No problem! There are still plenty of ways to share your craft with the community. Have an awesome project have you been working on? Was there a cool thing you wanted to be working on? Or maybe you have a piece all dressed up with nowhere to go? You can still share it–THE TIME IS MEOW.

There are several ways to participate, so let’s do this! 

Join the Virtual Burn! This option is great for live-streams, pre-recorded videos, digital pieces, and fragile artwork. Post your sweet watercolor, stream a cool jam session, make a video of how you fold your laundry–get creative with it! Simply make and upload the thing, sign up with this handy form, and join the fun over Memorial Day Weekend!

Not sure how to participate? Find out more at the Town Hall this Saturday at 8pm:!

Can’t make the Town Hall? Information is also available through the Virtual Burn homepage:

Already know how you’d like to participate? Fill out this form!

And, finally, save the facebook event on your calendar! Do it, do it now!

Art Safari! This global self-guided art tour is open to anyone! It’s simple: make a thing, display the thing in a publicly accessible location, and reach out to the team so your art gets on the public online map. THIS EVENT IS ONGOING! You have the option to display your creativity year-round for the pleasure of the Global Burner Community. No one will kick you out on Monday! Art registration FOR the Memorial Day event will close Monday, May 25th (ah, deadlines…we missed the normalcy).

KFLiP needs YOU to put together a set. Feed the Radio Machine! Here’s a page full of info on how this works, and where you can sign up:…/13BGK…/edit…

Need some inspiration? Listen to your favorite radio station RIGHT NOW at

Additional Support for Art Projects

The Art Projects Seeking Support page on the Burning Flipside website  is currently available for artists seeking support for the Burner Art Safari. Looking to help someone? Go check it out. Want to be listed? Here you can share your crowdfunding links, requests for materials, call for hands, etc.for you Burner Art Safari project. . 

Your contribution–no matter how small or strange–is meaningful. Our community is only what we put into it. Now go and make a thing! Make two! Make ten! There are no limits. Spread the word ❤

Art Safari and Virtual Flipside

Burner Art Safari

Burner Art Safari is currently being organized to host the 2nd annual event over Memorial Day weekend. Last year was completely incredible: the community set up around 50 projects in a matter of days for the art tour map for Burners and the general public to enjoy. The event was not just well loved here in Central Texas- it inspired dozens of similar events across the globe. 

We’re in the middle of making some changes to the website and organization- Art Registration will be open March 15th and will close Monday, May 25th. Sweet, sweet normalcy. There are no geographical restrictions- last year’s Safari included a piece displayed in the UK! Please feel free to panic, but joyfully. Visit the website now for general info, but come back on March 15th for the full details.

Art Grants and Support

Ignition Philter- There will be art grants!

Ignition Philter is happy to support this socially distanced art safari event. 

-$2,500 has been set aside for approximately 10 grants, with a maximum grant of $250 per project.

-The grant application is now open and will close the evening of March 31st. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

-More information (as well as the application form) can be found here:

If you have any extra questions please email us at

Additional Support for Art Projects

The Art Projects Seeking Support page on the Burning Flipside website (normally used as a bulletin board for Flipside bound art projects, this year for projects that will be shown during the Burner Art Safari)  will be available for artists seeking support. You are welcome to share your crowdfunding links, requests for materials, (socially distanced and responsible) hands, etc. on through this resource for art you are creating for the Burner Art Safari.

Virtual Flipside

Last year there were some really fun and exciting virtual experiences. Misty and Seph helped head Flipside Minecraft and they’d like to do that again as well as expand into other virtual realms (namely Altspace, and video/audio streams).  They’re looking for digital collaborators such as:
* pre-event builders in minecraft
* streamers for sharing the digital (or physical) spaces with others
* DJs, VJs, and entertainers for shows, music, visuals, etc.
* a 3d-modeler for a few projects
* alt-space help: either a Unity dev with time to make a space, or someone with connections to find a good space
* greeters / tech-support to help new-comers learn the digital ropes
* anything and everything else digital (especially if it can be streamed as audio or video)
* admin to help monitor and highlight the central video call where video/audio feeds of all the above (and more) will coalesce.

If you are interested in participating in these efforts, please reach out via email: — subject line: “Virtual Burn”