KFLiP DJ sign-up is NOW!

Broadcasting to our dozens of fans for over 10 years now, KFLiP offers a bewildering mix of music and news from our own camp DJs and the community at large! This year, broadcasting in stereo! Come by our monkey hut for some homebrew and spread your pearls of wisdom and colorful language with your own PSA, or better yet sign up for a DJ slot and inflict your eclectic tastes on everyone too lazy to change the station.

Also new this year, extended broadcast hours! Slots from 8am to 3am are available. If you want something in the dead of night, let me know; we can probably work something out. Want to perform live? No problem. Got a band? We love it when bands play live on the radio! If you want to DJ, best sign up now. Slots usually book up completely before we get out to the grassy playa.

Sign up here:


If you can’t make it, let us know as soon as possible so we can find someone else to take your slot.

We look forward to celebrating over ten years of light jazz and darkcore with you. And everything in between!