The Island Wants Your Art!

Amidst all the wonderful, creative swirl of Flipside, the Island is set back a few paces from the chaos.  

Just over a bridge, on the way to one of the most well-used beaches, this year the Island is being set up to exhibit some of our citizens smaller and mid-sized art. Power and lighting will make this a night time destination, as well as a chill spot to spent time during the day. So…

                      The Island Wants Your Art!!! 

Do you have some small to mid-sized art you’d like to share with your fellow Flipizens? Requirements are minimal: it needs to be somewhat weather resistant, and fit under a tree canopy of roughly 10′. If it is Really small, we will work to find a way to secure it to one of the display stands (read “stumps of various sizes and heights”) we have on site. If you have a piece, or pieces, of art you would be willing to share with Flipside, please contact JadeRumour, Island Lead, at  We have some wonderful submissions already headed that way, but could use 5 to 8 more, depending on size.