CC meeting 12 June 2017

CC Meeting: 12 June 2017

In attendance
Sam, Rabbitt, Tina, Kai, Wrinn, Turtle Bunny, Xander, Beth, Amy, Adam, Henry, Problem, Breezy, George, Clovis, Prost, Bonobo, Doug, Katherine Baumann-Paap (in spirit)

LLC Update

  • We bought a laser. We still need to add ventilation and other stuff, so it’s not ready to use yet. It’ll be in the small-projects room. We’ll be working out a system to ensure people can use it without breaking it.
  • Flipside happened.
    • We sold 3017 tickets, 2870 tickets actually got used.
    • Parking on the other side of the road worked pretty well.
    • We did get a complaint from the county that it was possible to see into the event where the privacy fence dipped but the road didn’t
    • No complaints about new layout.
    • Fewer safety-related incidents than usual. There was the crazy windstorm right before the effigy burn, but we weathered that OK.
  • Volunteer-appreciation party is coming up.
  • Old radio tower is going to be sold, if anyone wants it.


What was the no-show rate?
5% no-show rate is down from the past two years. Flake-out rate for mailing in ticket requests was down to about 11% on the first round of ticket requests, but about 30% for the second round.
How was volunteering follow-through?
We don’t collect statistics on that consistently. Anecdotally, some departments where we don’t usually see flake-outs did have some, and we weren’t really prepared for that.
Do we have a count on first-timers?
No. We don’t have a reliable way to track it. We can look at new accounts on the website, but lots of returning participants create a new account every year.
With the high flake-rate on the second round, could that have been people just taking the quiz for fun?
Maybe, but that’s based on the number of people who actually generated requests after passing the quiz.

AF Update

Still haven’t had the AF debrief, so we don’t have all the stories on Flipside ready. Neither of the AFs present have any horror stories to report.

Cleanup update

Six red spots on the moop map

  • Fire was left burning in Corral Monday night
  • Safety HQ left 2 trash bags behind that animals got into
  • Camp 319 spray painted the grass
  • Camp 209 left glitter behind
  • A porto-potty had a closed 5-gallon bucket left in it

Overall, participants did a damn good job on LNT.

Regionals Update

  • Soak just happened, Midburn just happened. Oblivium. Apogaea. PDF.
  • AAR will probably be signing the Regional Event Use Agreement.
  • Beach cleanup coming up July 7.
  • Almaburn has two new LLC members, and a date for the next event: April 5-9.


Do we need to sign the agreement every year?
It’s complicated. In the old days, the RC signs off on the event. A few years ago, BMORG started seeking directly with the event itself. The first draft of the agreement was pretty bad, which led to an uproar. AAR has been negotiating with them for 3 years, and we’re pretty close. The idea is that it will be an annual agreement though.

Discussion Topic



  • Recycling. Let’s talk about it earlier. (Wrinn)
  • Leave No Trace (Xander)
  • What should we do for Flipside’s 20th? (George)
  • Warehouse use and equipment use; also use by minors (Beth)
  • Fall Town Hall
  • Town Hall wrapup
  • Revisit road shows (Izzi)
  • Free vs abusive speech (Monkey)
  • Mentoring solutions for leaders (Kat?, Clovis)
  • Gifting, decommodification, and corndogs (Prost)
  • Photography & privacy (add Scott Kentros)
  • Burner Explorers (Becky)
  • Seek new CC members and scribes
  • Is Flipside a white people thing? Ticketing policies, event advertising strategies, and other organization stances  as related to diversity of participants 
  • Public sexuality and sex (from a community discussion around recent events)
  • Community perception of the LLC (aloof, inaccessible, holding different values than the community, arrogant – obviously not all community members have these feelings – is this a problem, and can we solve it if so) 
  • What is the cc for? (not why was it created. What purpose is it intending to serve now, and is it doing so?) Some important LLC decisions are intentionally not being communicated to the community. This is causing some bad blood. Can important decisions be broadcast to the community without too many identifying details?
  • what’s in a theme camp, and why are there so dang many of them?  (been a while since I’ve had this discussion, right?)

Date assignments. Owners shown in [brackets]:

  • Jun 26: Seek scribes & CC members; Recycling [Bonobo]; LNT [Turtle Bunny, Xander]
  • Jul 10: Warehouse use, equipment use, use by minors [Beth]; Burner Explorers; Choose Town Hall producer
  • Jul 24: 20th anniversary [George]
  • Aug 07: Town Hall Planning; Gifting, decommodification, and corndogs [Prost]
  • Sep 11: Town Hall walk-through; Photography & privacy [Amy]
  • Sep 25: Town Hall wrapup; Revisit road shows [Izzi]
  • Oct 02: What is a theme camp [Monkey]?; LLC perceptions & transparency [Monkey]
  • Oct 16: Free vs abusive speech [Monkey]
  • Oct 30: Diversity/outreach [Monkey]; Is Flipside too white? [Monkey]
  • Nov 13: Public sexuality [Monkey]
  • Nov 27: Mentoring [Kat/Clovis]; What is the cc for? [Monkey]
  • Dec 11: Mixer
  • Jan 8: Calendaring

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