CC Meeting 14 December 2015






ATTENDEES (14): Hawk, Clover, Chim-Chim, Kat, Dahling, Izzi, Turtlebunnie, Problem, Adam, Beth, Decibel, Clovis, Bonobo, Prost


8:01pm LLC UPDATE (Adam)

  • Leads-All-Hands happened this past weekend; Most of the new Leads have been chosen; There are still holes to be filled; Contact Dahling or the AF’s to find out more information for which positions are open
  • Tool Room build out/Small projects room: There will be people working on it this Wednesday and next Saturday; The small project area has been re-named to SPA
  • LLC is planning to file for the Mass Gathering Permit (MGP) before the end of the year
  • There will be a preliminary budget for the upcoming year to be handed out to the AF’s and Leads
  • Registration and ticket purchase will occur within the same two-week window, from January 7-22

8:10pm AF UPDATE (Dahling)

  • Leads are mostly filled, with 15-20 positions currently in progress; The updated list will be available soon
  • For more information on volunteering, contact Dahling at

8:12pm TOPIC: Cultural Appropriation/-ism Discussion (Kat/Beth)

  • RESPECT: Doug is working on outside facilitators to speak; There is a need to sketch out possible weekends
  • 10’ x 20’ canopies can be set up next door to have a quieter space
  • Two large meetings happened at the same time this past weekend at the warehouse; Question is: Should we do this discussion on the weekend?
  • Background: Feedback from the first meeting—It would be helpful to have people mediate these types of discussions; Several people have been asked to find resources, but we keep finding dead ends; Then, Doug found some people
  • There have been several ongoing conversations
  • MOTION: Kat will contact Doug and come to us with a proposal: PASSED (Note: Kat already has material prepared to show at the CC retreat (the way we talk about things)
  • Discussion over what date might be feasible, and whether this discussion should be a small versus large group; Discussion has not been enormous in the past; Possibility of limiting groups to 20, where Kat can offer a sign up sheet to close attendance; Or, she can do a lecture series
  • In the past, we have previously discussed small groups, but it might devolve into a gripe-fest instead of an educational opportunity; Discussion will spread the word out a little more; Signing up ahead of time may not be what we’re looking for
  • Determine format and date, and finish all the details at the CC retreat
  • MOTION: To decide details at the CC retreat; PASSED

8:46pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Dates for the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) have been posted
  • There is a post on ticket prices, with inflated early bird tickets available (proceeds go to the non-profit); LET THEM EAT CAKE

8:48pm TOPIC: Cultural Appropriation (All)

  • Question: Do we, as a CC, feel we need to do more, and is this topic in the hands of the organization? Last time we discussed this topic, it was decided that it is in the hands of the community; This does not go in the Survival Guide because its specific purpose is to cover liability issues which Cultural Appropriation does not fall into that
  • Discussions with each other is the best way to handle Cultural Appropriation issues
  • Other issues discussed: Ageism, Misogyny
  • Rules are dumb. We don’t like them.

9:02pm ROUGH CC AGENDA (All)

  • Beth and Hawk are the producers for Spring Town Hall
  • List agenda items first, then set times
  • Roundtable Royal Café: Covers more topics in a small amount of time; Utilizes separate meeting spaces, each with a specific topic
  • Make agenda at midnight; Go over things on the Trello board; Review agenda on Friday; Discuss further on the CC list
  • Start time: 10am (9:30am)
  • Tentative CC retreat agenda topics:
    • Racism/Respect (afternoon) (2pm)
    • CC Comm standards; Blurbs; Review things we send out; Set regular pattern so we can review blurb; Calendar checkpoints
    • How often to revisit topics?
    • Annual Arc; Meeting dates for the year
    • Sabbatical
    • Review/Approve handbook (60mins)
    • Trello demonstration/Memory/Tools (30mins)
    • Who can propose Topics
    • Scribe
    • Town Hall – is our process working; CC operations (60mins)
    • Set Town Hall dates; Advance or Permanent? (30mins)
    • Review agenda/calendaring process
    • Where are we going, and are we on the right track vis a vis Burning Man (Friday night cocktail hour)
    • Saturday morning: Open with review of the 3 principles
    • Lunch will be 75mins
    • Attendance reports?
    • CC Retreat Facilitator: Prost


FACILITATOR: Turtlebunnie


SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

TOPICS: Calendaring (All); Volunteer recruitment (Dahling)