CC Meeting 2 November 2015


Monday, November 2, 2015

Facilitator: Prost

Stack: Turtlebunnie

Scribe: Chim-Chim

Brad, Bo, Rick, St. Tiki, Chim-Chim, Breezy, Princess, Kat, Pixie, Turtlebunnie, Prost, Cooper, Commander Awesomepants, Problem, Monkey, Hawk, Adam, Beth, Decibel, Bonobo, Clovis, Thomas, Sam




7:56pm LLC UPDATE (Adam)

How big is Flipside ? Last year, sold shy of 3200 tickets; cap 3211; came within 20-30; Growth curve; Number actually showed 2850, less than 2014.

This year, talking about selling fewer tickets; look at number actually sold through ticket distro; cutting to 2900-3000; possible that event will be smaller; number of people at event greater.

Considering rain, number of no shows 15% is low number of no shows for us considering rain; fewer no –shows in 2014; this year, if have 5% no shows, will still be bigger than 2015;

Still kicking around numbers; even if it didn’t flood, it was hard year on volunteers; 2 leads and 1 AF personal crisis; another AF had to leave; Makes sense to cut back and give breathing room;

Summary—been meeting demand for tickets by distro extra in bonus round; All things up for consideration this year as to size. Lots of competing drives; Want to be inclusive; don’t want to turn away people, reducing pop size is way of telling people “Hey this is hard, if you want to still grow, it’s on you.”

The numbers are rough estimates; Still have to talk to safety teams, genesis AF.Don’t want anyone surprised about numbers changing; easy on volunteer base; have tools for volunteers to grow, but people have to sign up; Going to grow event again inside-out, develop structures, grow; Reset the org. The important thing about ticket numbers is Staffing shifts for 3200 ppl is different than 3000 ppl; Setting expectations is important for those teams; If we have smaller number of tickets, those ppl less likely need a ranger;

Land search is an ongoing thing under Short cake Site prep AF

AFs ,LLC members—idea: moving all parking to other side of county road; would change layout of property/logistics; AF’s and LLC make operational decision

AF UPDATE (Clovis)

AF meeting: Progressing along; planning AF/LLC retreat; first leads all hands second weekend in December set; discussed size of event; leads rodeo coming up;


  • Theme for BM: DaVinci’s workshop
  • BM staff had retreat on echelon; off big sur;
  • Discussion: Vancouver looking to expand 1,000-1,500 ppl; reaching out to us for input; Will do google hangout on Thursday;
  • Amsterdam has reached out to us; One-day decomp; been asked to put together a large event; early discussions;
  • BM intl grant open art grant due Tuesday; LOI for 2016due Mon. Nov 30; more info on website
  • Re-laying out the city(BRC)

TOPIC: CC handbook (Pixie)

  • AI: George to provide history of CC
  • Where to keep it: Memory; Wiki; Website; Leads binder on website?
  • AI: Voice memo from Tiki to send;
  • Prost will take on Wolf: Bring up on list every two months; Rotate with CC members;
  • Motion: every 8 meetings, ask wolf to keep or pass; blocked—wanna get it done
  • Two months too short; four months may be ok; May have nothing during that time;
  • Not worried about rotating; Some members would be blocked as wolf; Needs to be someone that checks email, wants to be wolf;
  • Let wolf decide;
  • Motion: every four months; check in; let wolf decide; When doing calendaring, ask wolf to step aside? Seconded;
  • Meeting checklist:
    • Second: 72hours (if we use numbers)
    • Separate tasks; Review tasks; decide date for next meeting; decide facilitator, stack, scribe; There should be another checklist; Reviewing tasks is facilitator responsibility; Change order; These used to be Scribe tasks;
  • Probationary Period
    • Percentages vs. 4/6 meetings; History: cc thinking of adding controversial ppl; think of it as more of a trial period;
  • Member statuses
    • People on sabbatical removed from closed cc list? Must practice it
    • Any limits to number of people on cc; guideline;
    • Sabbatical: Attendance is important;
    • People on sabbatical should be off closed-cc list;
    • CC should reserve to make decisions for CC; Schedule sabbaticals as future topic – may or may not be at retreat; Opinion on admin status on closed cc list
    • Change inactive to emeritus; Motion to change inactive to emeritus/lazy fuckers; emeritus fuckers; motion passes
    • Process for removing cc member? On that page? 60-70%;
    • Body should discuss who’s effective, based on what body decides;
    • Action that needs to happen is a discussion
    • Change to “You’re expected to attend meetings”; Last check was in 2010; cc should manage itself; rulebook does not manage cc;
    • Privilege vs obligation
    • Active cc members are expected to regularly participate in meetings; MOTION; motion passes
    • Minority court reports against what we voted on
  • Facilitating meeting/best practices
    • Reduce to bullet points
    • Recommend post meeting guidelines; Whoever is in charge of warehouse to take action; AI: Cooper takes ownership
    • Facilitator training as topics;
  • What does a cc do/not do? Defining is useful; As a way to set expectations (e.g. motions); potential cc candidates
  • New member selection process: on wiki
  • Tl; dr; List basics: for what we are/are not
  • FAQ:


  • DEPENDS on how we feel about camping; fire pit; land in Bastrop; Shower/bath facility; $5/person; Depends on date/availability; back yards;
  • Friday, December 18-Sunday, December 20 at Lake Travis; Arrive; Set agenda Friday night; Saturday, meeting, Saturday evening party; $85 fee; $1710: rent/deposit; Deadline for Wednesday;


  • postponed till further notice

photos: photographer Kati knows

calendaring: 25th of January: cc probationary; next meeting first of Feb

  • schedule cc pic day? 8th of February; motion passes depends on heather lynn
  • first weekend in Feb for suggested for spring TH Sat Feb 6; Jan meeting dates; Jan 4 ,19 th and 25
  • Concerns—getting leads recruited; last year was great turnout but at great cost; DAFT lead announced; The later we have TH, the later we have the road shows; ticket sales; volunteers; Purpose of Town Hall is communication;
  • MOTION to set date for Town Hall as February 6; Run by AF list to get input pending buy-in;
  • Meeting for 12/14; cultural appropriation and children
  • Meeting 1/25; Take on assignments; Prep AFs; Determine producer
  • PIXIE: