CC meeting 20 April 2015

Combustion Chamber Meeting

Monday, April 20, 2015

Facilitator: Prost

Stack: Henry

Scribe: Chim-Chim

Attendees (21):  Tully Mars, Prost, Adam, Izzi, Chim-Chim, Breezy, Henry, Beth, Princess, Wrinn, Gyeseka, Turtlebunnie, Pixie, Kate, Problem, Danno, Puzz, Doug, Thomas, Clovis, St. Tiki

7:56pm         MEETING BEGINS

7:58pm         AAR/LLC UPDATE (Adam)

–       Many representatives from the Texas region attended the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) this past weekend

–       There were (5) tracks to choose from

–       Community engagement was the big theme of the conference

–       There were keynote addresses

–       Most interesting parts of the conference were the breakout sessions

–       One of the sessions included, “How to hold a better meeting”; Relates to the importance and value of the Combustion Chamber and how it takes an active approach to help solving issues occurring in the community

–       Safetyside occurred last weekend; 250 registered; 165 attended; Many may not have shown up due to inclement weather or sickness; People representing (6) different regions attended

–       AF meeting occurred

–       AAR/LLC will be meeting with Gate in a couple of weeks to go through a dry-run

–       LEADS-ALL-HANDS is this Sunday (April 26) at the Warehouse

8:06pm       AF UPDATE (Wrinn/Gyesika)

–       Art registration and Art Car registration have ended

–       City Planning is hoping to have a preliminary map available before the next work weekend

–       Regarding Communications, the Flipside Flame and Announce list are up

–       On the volunteer page, there is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” link where you can answer questions and sends you to specific departments that include the email for the Lead; Thanks to Dahling for putting this link together

–       155 theme camps are currently registered (20-30+ more than the previous year)

–       DAFT is kicking ass and kicking names

8:10pm TOPIC: WAREHOUSE (Problem)

–       The land where the current warehouse is located has been sold

–       We have a new land owner which means prices have gone up

–       The lease has been renewed through September

–        AAR/LLC is currently exploring options

o   Should we rent, buy, or build another space?

o   Currently discussing with lawyer about structures

o   Possible co-op opportunity

–       Concerns: Determining the next move versus the ultimate move; Central location potentially in conflict with getting a good deal on a property; Flexibility; Ramifications

–       NOTE: Commercial market tends to move quickly; We may find property where we would have to make a move that same day

–       NOTE: City of Austin has a (6) month backlog on plan reviews (residential/commercial)

–       Fall-back Plan: Purchase a second or third container and searching for a few places as storage in between events

–       Major Tenets: Having a social meeting place; Having a place to build things; Logistics—storage, accessibility; Central location; Determining whether we need a warehouse or not; Bigger space with an 18’ clear height minimum

–       AAR/LLC has a spreadsheet of potential properties

–       Potential Option: Buying a bigger property than we would need, then subletting the part we don’t need

–       List of priorities is requested

–       AI: Add list of priorities to calendaring after Flipside as a topic for discussion; Ask for community feedback; Discuss the future of the warehouse; Topic to be discussed after Flipside

–       We should dream big and think about what change and artistic endeavors means to us; We can always rent; There are places in town that still have warehouses; We will decide if we want to own; Right now, the status quo is not quo; Questions to ask are—Where should the warehouse be? What should it look like? Who do we know in zoning?

–       Suggestion: A multi-modal approach where we would rent storage while having a spot to go to

8:35pm       Motion was made to close stack and move on as TOPIC

–       Develop criteria for what’s important; Acquire more community feedback; Calendar Warehouse topic for the summer; Discuss with the community

–       Topic of Warehouse has been tabled for the next meeting; AAR/LLC cannot buy a warehouse immediately; It would not be legal; PLAN: Have another structure setup to protect the community from itself, the AAR/LLC, or the participants

8:39pm       REGIONAL UPDATE (St. Tiki/Clovis)

–       Report from the Global Leadership Conference (GLC)

o   Notice of cost-cutting/dilution involved

o   This year’s conference felt less hospitable, but the discussions were robust

o   Good representation from Texas

o   Format was different this year


–       There will be a Theme Camp Leads Mixer, 7:00pm, Wednesday, April 22, at the Warehouse


o   Fundraising

o   Sharing resources among theme camps

o   Edjumicating your noobs

o   All the Safetyside topics—The rundown, not the reacharound

o   Communication with theme camp leads

o   Theme camp registration process

o   Theme camp events

o   Volunteering! “The zombie horse that just won’t die!”

o   Alcohol restrictions – Age limits, etc.

o   Theme camps across events—Interregional theme camps

o   Polycamporous

o   LNT—both intra and extra (No dumping at the ISD!)

o   Exodus—Not GTFO, but GTFO

8:58pm       Motion has been made and seconded to close stack and send; Motion PASSED

9:00pm       TOPIC: CC RETREAT (Kate)

–       Community Announcement: Tinderbox Update: $4600 will be disbursed, including Twitch’s Grant and FAIL grant (ends Friday, April 24); The art jury decided to fund everybody

–       Option: Split venue with Leads appreciation

–       No luxury of time this year—May be a benefit or detriment

–       CC retreat would be tentatively set in June/July

–       First retreat was one day

–       Suggestion to formalize a business discussion for Friday night

–       Request for clarification on sleeping arrangements

9:24pm       Motion has been made and seconded to move forward and bust out info; Motion passes



STACK: Turtlebunnie

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim


State of Volunteering (Kate/Gyesika)

EAST or NOT EAST: Topic left open; Scope will change

AI:    First meeting after Flipside scheduled for June 8; TOPICS—Flipside wrapup, Calendaring, Followup on retreat; Warehouse