CC Meeting 8 June 2015

Combustion Chamber Meeting

Monday, June 8, 2015

Facilitator: Decibel

Stack: Breezy

Scribe: Chim-Chim

Attendees (26): Problem, Jeff, Izzi, Gyseka, Dahling, Henry, Beth, Breezy, T-Rey, Kate, Prost, Princess, Adam, Decibel, Chim-Chim, Thomas, Wrinn, St. Tiki, Ghost, Notfunny, Psyche, Bonobo, Clovis, Pixie, Turtle, Casey


8:02pm LLC UPDATE (Adam)

Local newspaper reported (4) agencies used for rescue; Stated (4) people were trapped due to rising waters; Evacuated (40) people at Flipside
Discussion of paper tickets
Review of Flipside 2015 discussed
Some feel event should have been cancelled; Some have issues with ticket prices going up; Some feel they didn’t get their money’s worth; Things important for the community to understand will be discussed at the next Town Hall
$14,000 spent last year with site prep, And another $10,000 spent this year on building out the roads in site prep
Augmentation of roads requires at least a dry day to put in tons of rock; Due to the rains leading up to Flipside, delivery and road construction were ongoing right up to Thursday of Flipside. Trucks are heavy, and they sink, too
Issues discussed: Fireworks, Insurance, Pyrotechnics, Risk Management
Many participants unsure how they could be helpful
Discussion over how to encourage theme camps to take on less party and have infrastructure in mind; Discussion over taking care of self
Discussion over experiences with divisions: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta
Discussion over Thursday night line wait
Discussion over Volunteer Toll: Guardians understaffed; Missed shifts; More people on Wednesday (Early Entry); (5) different Gate-crashing incidents (4 handled, 1 alleged)—Liability with unsigned waivers; Grave Ranger shifts/All Perimeter shifts understaffed; LEO caught (6) people, with (3) that came across foot bridge—Escorted off land; Need to push how serious Gate-crashing is, and push VOLUNTEERING
Discussion of Flood: Weak points No official word from Incident Commander (IC) of where people should be going; Participants didn’t respond to emergencies regarding personal items; Discussion over flood preparedness
“Tuesday Quarterback”—Cancelling the event on Saturday would have been a nightmare; Exodus volunteers were FANTASTIC, especially in directing traffic; They put themselves and their stuff in danger
Evaluate participants on the “late” list


Spooks were found to help fill in empty Guardian shifts
At least one theme camp was not taking the flooding seriously; Some theme camps were interested in coming up with their own safety plan
Counter-point with Gate crashers: There is a social dimension; Discussion about ‘tourists’ at Burns; Those people are not part of the social construct and the community should take seriously at their intrusion
Props to DAFT for the trenching and work
Post-Op recap:
Earth Guardians did more education; Would like to see more on website or at the next Flipside
Volunteers: Started strong, then dropped off
Recycling: Took in less than last year (fewer showed up)
Exodus: Overall was FUBR; Lead left a week before event; Lots of early Sunday departures; Monday’s roads caused issues; Light work on Tuesday
The following Saturday was delayed due to events; 124 showed up last Saturday, and it was pretty clean; On June 6th, it took longer than expected; 126 volunteers showed up
Cleanup: Initially a disaster; There is no MOOP map—No way of determining who’s where
Discussion over idea of leaving stuff behind during flooding event
ICS handled excellently
Overall AFs in good spirits
Gate crashing: By ending the event, it’s all about precedent; Further discussion of the seriousness and repercussions related to courts ruling against LLC and the costs
Thanks to Ghost and bride for making ICS happen
Dealing with sustainability = smaller Flipside; If you don’t want a smaller Flipside, there should be Leads
What did well: Weather reporting; Flood communication good
What could have been better: Conflicting flood information could have been better
Things to do better: Parking; Earth Guardians; Foot paths; Event publication; Better skills for getting heavy equipment out of the mud; Have K-flip disseminate over radio
People did a good job reporting incidents; Keep spreading the news; There was a decrease in occurrences; Occurrences go down and reporting goes up
Theme camp participants: Add mini safety education to Theme Camp socials, with an additional post with LNT
How to communicate to the entire property—Bullhorns; Let people know there is a volunteer gap; These are operational things to address

9:43pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

6-7 Regional Contacts showed up
Danger Ranger appeared at the Moose Lodge last week
Money was raised for the Flipside fund
People are beginning to ping about Burning Man

9:48pm AF UPDATE (Wrinn)

AFs had vacation; Currently working on upcoming meeting
Beth was the most impressive sight handling Clovis’ business; EMBRACE THE SUCK!
(Please review Mark’s notes as Safety AF)
Overall Monday-Thursday—tranquil; Blisters, twisted ankles
(2) people ejected from event due to consent issues
Meteorology was busy
Guardians were understaffed
More volunteer absenteeism this year; Worse than volunteer recruitment; All volunteers were heroes

9:54pm WAREHOUSE UPDATE (Thomas)

We have to get out before the end of September; By October 1st, it’s already too late
Currently looking to find a place to rent to replicate everything we do
Currently looking at it into pieces
Worst case scenario, we’re gonna be ‘floatella’
We are always looking for a warehouse; We are always looking for new land
Budgets, planning, and questions, leads, please send to
Debris on land: Hard to determine what is good stuff versus abandoned stuff; We must find some way to do things easier; 360 AF and Warehouse Managers are on that; If you want to take stuff out, contact the warehouse managers

10:00pm BETH’S TOPIC

–      AAR asked Ava to form a board to help Flipizens and Milam county recover their losses
o   The board met Tuesday, and discussed how to take care of fiscal responsibility
o   Board worked on wording
o   The board is Ava, Toby, Doryan and Delia Davila
o   Hope is to raise a larger sum of money than past fundraisers in the Flipside community, with the intent of helping both Flipizens and folks in Milam county
o   Nothing is finalized; Still working on how it’s gonna happen
o   Delia will be setting up a loss intake for Flipizens
o   Toby is reaching out to charities in Milam county
o   Flood relief info on the Milam county website is only a notice that FEMA aid is available
o   In contrast, Hayes county has a plethora of options

10:11pm CALENDARING (Kate)

Town Hall date and Producer Selector (All)
Volunteer Burnout
COMM Pre-Event (George)
Shrinking the Event (Clovis)
CC All Business (All)
New Members (Doug)
Photography (Kate)
Edjumicate (Doug); Safety, Enculturation, Community S’mores & Mores
Safety Comm (Casey)
Effigy (Bonobo)
Town Hall (All)
Early Dropoff/Vendor Interaction (Adam)
Town Hall (All)
Calendaring (Kate)
Exodus (Kate)