CC Minutes – 1/28/19

This is the last one for now, consider this the eye of the minutes storm. There are more incoming from this year and previous years. Gratitude for your patience as we get this caught up.

Attendees: Henry, Clovis, Mayor of Flipside (for life) the Honorable Prost, bonobo, Sam Arnold, Gyesika Safety, Tommy Shultz, Bill Blome, Patrick “Problem” Boyd, Adam Rice, Bryan “Breezy” Frolick, Howard, Tim, Laura 

Facilitator: Bill Stackinator: Sam 

Agenda: standing agenda, and Town Hall walk thru 

● Introduced Laura as new scribe to group, and everyone went around and introduced themselves. Reviewed how meetings work – we discuss only ideas and proposals, not people. Say decorum if things are going too far afield. 

LLC update: (Problem) 

● Had a retreat last week for the AAR team in Wimberley. 

● As of tonight, the ticket window is closed. Will do opening sometime next month. Looking unlikely for a hard lottery 

● Biggest concern for this year is that there no longer any hospitals in Milam county, and how that impacts ambulance service. County is asking us to get a second ambulance. 

○ Because of this concern might not have the permit in time, and might have a soft lottery. 

○ Not so worried about the cost, but more getting the staff out there to staff the ambulances. 

○ Need to encourage people to do more self care – stay healthy and hydrated, drive yourself to the hospital or to get medical attention rather than using the ambulance. 

○ Concern came from the county commissioners, sheriff, and other elected officials in Milam county that are worried about the number of rides we used last year. 

Henry: the hospital in Taylor will probably be overwhelmed with visits from the surrounding areas, especially on a holiday weekend. Need to factor that into our thinking about this situation. 

● (Unsure who was speaking): Most of the visits last year were heat related; need to get folks to drink water, take care of themselves. 

Regional update: (Clovis) 

● Freezer Burn just happened, and Love Burn is going on right now. 

● Coordinating SXSW with Burning Man folks coming into town. Looking for some products and speakers – will put notices out to the community if they want something. Requiring our event reports right now back to the main organization. 

Henry: Are they setting up a booth or just attending? 

Clovis: They have people who are attending SXSW – Kim Cook will be here (she is in charge of all of the art at Burning Man). Also there will be communication people, ticket leads, and other folks. 

AF update: don’t have someone here to give an update. 

Bill: Got updates from 3 AFs so far, and can reach out to more of them before the town hall. 

Problem: the effigy has been picked and it will be announced at town hall. 

TOWN HALL WALK THRU: Prost (white boarding): Clovis got some emails on things to cover. Bill got a few requests for tables. 

Henry: Was asked by someone from Dallas to bring up this item…can a podcast be made of what is going on at Town Hall that can document (maybe stream) the event? 

Clovis: Could a set of minutes work? 

Problem: technology is there. But politically this is hard to do. 

Clovis: Could need someone to take minutes and post them. Not a lot of information is shared at the meeting. 

Bill: To help with community discussion and facilitate communication, can send out the minutes along with a list of the leads, and other people to contact if anyone has questions. 

Clovis: Can ask folks to post their own personal recap online. 

Gyesika: think recording is a can of worms we don’t want to open up. Probably don’t want to do that. 

Clovis: Shouldn’t have decided this so close to the event given how “sticky” it is. 

Henry: Was just asked to bring it up. 

● Will investigate getting someone to take minutes and post them online. 


● Welcome, Pledge, LNT – Tommy will be MC. 

● AAR Update (should only need 10 mins) 

● Ticket Update (5 mins, Michelle) 

● DAFT (6 mins, TBD) 

● Burnable Art & DMV (2 mins, Stephy) 

● Volunteering (2 – 3 mins, Tamara) 

● CC members (5 mins, Prost) 

● Work Weekends re announce the dates. (2 – 3 mins, Edie Cosmos) 

● Registration deadlines – (4 mins, Stephy or Mercedes) 

● Ignition Philter – looking for a jury, will pick that then. (XT) 

● Community announcements (TBD) 

● Closing (2 mins, Tommy) 

Discussion on agenda 

Clovis: could do art at the end? 

Gyesika: do art after DAFT? And before vol. 

Henry: with DAFT, when they come on stage…will how much space they will take up in the warehouse be discussed, and how much space is for other projects? 

Problem: discuss warehouse space with the WMs to reserve the space and make sure they have a place to do their projects. 

Ben: just discuss with WH management. Need to tell them about it. 

Clovis: need to discuss warehouse space with the management team, DAFT has first rights on the space. 

● Decided to put art right after DAFT. 

Remaining questions and discussion: 

Bill: haven’t been to a TH meeting in a while, do we have the WH manager stand up and talk about space? 

Problem: we have, but they usually come to the Fall TH. 

Bill: should we add that in? Should we not do it? 

Gyesika: do we want to announce the AFs and Leads? 

Adam: We announce them in the fall 

Clovis: the AFs can decide to come and discuss. 

Prost: We used to have everyone get up on stage, and introduce themselves, and discuss all topics. Went to a booth model so that people can get basic important info, and then go to the booths they are interested in. Don’t want to add too much back in to the overall presentation. 

Henry: there is no time keeping. 

Prost: tommy will be MC of the town hall, and can help keep things going. 

Problem: the effigy is designed, will have the design available for folks to look at the booth. Deadline for stickets. 

Clovis: will make sure clean up happens before town hall. Some stuff out in the warehouse is there is from freezer burn. Will make a call out before TH. 

Bill: how many tables are available for AFs to use? Total number requested so far is 6 or 7. Should talk about a vol pre-town hall event to make sure enough people are here to help with TH. 

Clovis: Believe we will have plenty. Don’t have an exact number. 

Prost: didn’t put a call out for vol for Fall TH, and there were enough to help. 

Henry: I will get here early, around 9 and start setting up shade structures for folks. 

Clovis: I will get here around noon. The theme camps will show up and then there will be lots of volunteers. 

Motion to close stack – Gyesika made motion, Bill second, Sam third. 

Prost: One more thing, need someone to help wrangle everything, and to keep people presenting when they need to. Bill will help with that, along with Clovis. 

Next CC meeting is 2/4 – TH after burn, and should the LLC pay to get more social media posts, more traffic/promotion. 

Gyesika: we can also announce that we need to do that at community announcements. 

Prost: Want to get the CC up and running again. Need to give that announcement at TH. 

Adam: CC forum is up and running. 

Tommy: was nominated to the CC right before life went a bit sideways. Health is taking a bit of a decline. Not going to flip side this year. Going to have to put in resignation. Will still be active, want to re-engage once things are turned around. 

Bill: who would like to facilitate the next meeting? I can do it again. 

Gyesika is stacking.