CC Minutes – 3/18/19

Attendees: Sam Arnold, Patrick “Problem” Boyd, Adam Rice, Bryan “Breezy” Frolick, Laura, Clovis, Henry, Mayor of Flipside (for life) the Honorable Prost, bonobo, Doc Holiday, Citizen, Molly 

Facilitator – Prost Stackinator – Sam 

• Prost explained the rules of the meeting 

• Everyone can speak, but we speak in turn. Sam keeps the list of who wants to speak and will call your name when it is your turn. 

• Speak with respect, talk about processes not people. 

• For any votes, only the LLC members can vote but everyone’s input is valued. 

Agenda: standing agenda, Reducing Medical Transport Through Self Care, How the safety department supports the community 

LLC update:(Adam) 

• Met with Kit the landowner this week, and the lease should be signed this week. Patrick observed that the LLC has 8 more meetings before Flipside – lots to do before the event. 

Problem: New trailer was broken into, the people took a pry bar and got into it. Hoping that we can get the trailer to its permanent home soon so that we don’t need to discuss getting security cameras again. 

Henry: Did the thieves get the license plate inside? 

Problem: Only took a spool of wire from the trailer. Left lots of other more valuable stuff in there. 

o Want to remind everyone that the closer we get to the event, the harder it is to 

take any action in regard to anyone that someone in the community doesn’t want to attend. 

Adam: As we have said before on this subject, when we felt backed into a corner with a previous situation and only had 2 weeks before Flipside we didn’t handle the situation very well. We won’t do that again. So need to bring forward any concerns or first hand reports sooner rather than later. 

AF Updates: Problem: 

• There was a work weekend this weekend and it went well. 

• DAFT is in full swing, and the team still needs more people. Anyone who wants to help and learn new tools can come by, and also got new tools. 

• Ticket entry is open and a few people have complained about a few bugs, but everything has worked out very well. 

• Survival guide is at the printers. 

Prost: I think you meant the ticket process is complete, and people got their “will call” email notifications. 

Problem: Yes, that’s what I meant. 

Regional update: (Clovis) 

• Had a regional meet and greet, and it went pretty well. Large crowd and a lot of new- comers. 

• UBS was this last weekend, and everything went well. 

• Recent hot issues: Vogue fashion shoot, where a clothing designer reused art from Burning Man. 

o Got permission for a lot of it, but not all of it. o The thing I was most put off by it was some piece that looked like Temple 

writings on parchment clothes. o Should have gotten permission before making commercial products. 

• Jennifer Riser was there at the Fashion Show and covered it as her part-time job; she wasn’t there to represent BM. 

o I trust her intent, and I trust the artists intent, but he still should have gotten 

permission for everything he used. o BM put out a press notice about it. 

• Talk about a new GLC and haven’t heard more about it. 

• Alamoburn is in 3 weeks. 

Reducing Medical Transport: Adam: First off, want to set expectations to the broader community for our medical situation. 

• We did have 18 medical transports in 2018. 

• The hospital in Rockdale had 5 beds, and last year they called us and said don’t send anyone else. 

• There is a small hospital in Taylor, with 6 beds. As there are no longer any hospitals in Milam county, this small hospital is serving that large area. 

• The closest large hospital is in Round Rock – and that will be a two hr. round trip. 

• We are going to have 2 ambulances this year at FS, and it’s a lot of money. 

• Some people do self-transport, and the LLC appreciates that as an ambulance isn’t taken out of service. 

• We don’t want to begrudge anyone the use of the ambulance, but self-transport is helpful overall. 

• In 2018, it was super-hot and humid, and the medical transports weren’t directly heat related, but the heat made things worse. 

• At my second FS, I got up and went straight into action without a shirt on…didn’t have any sunblock and didn’t put any on all day. I went to bed that night with purple skin. 

• When you see someone doing something that might be inappropriate for the heat and sun conditions, check in with them. 

• And everyone should be open to those comments; if someone says to you “hey you are overdoing it”, maybe listen to them and drink water, go get in shade, take it easy. 

Henry: I encourage people around me to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And encourage people to cool off, go find shade, take it easy. 

• I am going to go around with extra bottles of water and pass them out. 

• The community needs to help PETs as much as we can to help stop things from becoming serious. 

• Is it PETs or Rangers who give maps to people going to the hospitals? 

Doc: The rangers will help people get directions. 

Adam: We don’t have anyone handing out paper maps to anyone, just giving helpful directions. 

Sam: Question – is the hospital situation mentioned in the Survival guide this year? 

Adam: No, it is not. 

Doc: Can we put it in the Flame? 

Adam: Yes, we can do that. 

Prost: If you see someone who isn’t taking care of themselves and they need encouragement to drink water remember that self-reliance is one of our principals as well as being a part of the community. 

• We could encourage theme camps to keep a water cooler there for whoever needs cool drink? Just put ice in a chest and leave it there all day. 

Problem: The whole county doesn’t have any hospitals at all and only 3 ambulances, which is why we got two of our own. 

• Please take care of yourselves and help each other. If you need to transport someone to the hospital, we can arrange a free in and out pass. 

• Also, can let you back in after hours if you are taking someone to the hospital. Talk to PETs. 

• You don’t pay any ambulance fees, we take care of that. But you have to pay any fees assessed by the hospital. It’s cheaper to go in a personal vehicle. 

Doc: To add to the people pushing too hard, Rangers are specifically trained to communicate in a friendly way and help facilitate communicate with these people. 

• If there are situations where people are overdoing it and aren’t listening to helpful advice, we would like to know about it and help with them. 

• In regard to last year, it was a 105 heat index the entire weekend…the Ice Tent had an aluminum structure last year and it made a 20-degree difference. 

• Even the Vols got over heated, and people out in the effigy field and greeters also got overheated because they didn’t have a shade structure. 

Henry: I have a shade structure I can share with everyone. 

Problem: We do have a few shade structures for everyone to use. 

Laura: Something my husband and I did last year, is we brought electrolyte popsicles. Whenever we went walking around, we had a small cooler and passed them out. Almost everyone we offered one to took it and was very grateful for the cool treat. 

Henry: I brought a cooler with a large shammy in it that was in the water and would drape it over people and help them cool down. 

Doc: Could thermal shock make them want to go to sleep? 

Henry: It dropped their core temp very quickly and helped them. 

Prost motioned to close stack, and Citizen second. 

Review of Safety Depts and the Community: Doc: I am a Ranger LT, and I coordinate stuff on Burn night. 

• I have my own views on safety, and I am passionate about it. I wanted to see what would be discussed about safety. 

• Heard feedback on UBS and the medical situation and wanted to talk about it tonight. 

• UBS didn’t have a standing medical department, and instead had a free form medical team/response. Everything I heard is second hand as I didn’t attend the event. 

• As far as safety departments in general for FS, do we have our Fire Chief? 

Problem: Yes – its Trigger. 

Adam: There is an email for the safety departments that have everyone on it. 

• I don’t know what Izzi’s purpose was for this topic was, but it was partly to set expectations about what the departments do and what they don’t do. 

• Need to take care of your own safety needs first, and then fall back to the safety teams if things are beyond your capabilities. 

• Rangers are not police, and the sound people aren’t there to turn down other people’s music. 

• PETS are not there for every stubbed toe. 

Henry: Firemen aren’t going to stomp on your Poi. 

Problem: They are there to help people out when they really need it, but everyone needs to take care of themselves. 

Henry: I can answer what the Firemen do. We pull shifts and drive around to make sure everyone’s fires/campfires are safe, etc. 

• We don’t come up to a camp unless there is an issue, or someone reported something. 

• We also help with any artistic fire demonstration/etc. 

Doc: Rangers are there to help people do things and facilitate – help you find the bathroom. 

Clovis: They have been known to confiscate pancakes. 

Doc: Those were important pancakes. They are there to help, not be police and monitor behavior. 

Molly: I would like to know more about Sanctuary because I’ve never done it before, and would like to help with it this year. 

Citizen: Sanctuary is there to help with any mental health crisis. 

• I am not Sanctuary LT, but we are there to provide ground assistance and help people get back to having fun and have the experience they want to have. 

• It’s also there for Vols and to help them debrief and enjoy the event as well. 

Problem proposed closing the stack on this topic, and Prost seconded. 

Prost: Molly and I went to UBS, and they had a rainy event where things in the parking lot were really wet. It wasn’t a Freezerburn level rain event. 

• It’s only a 400-person event, and when we were that size didn’t have a dedicated PETs team. Have to remember that some events are smaller and doing the best they can with their community. 

Henry: They had 3 medical people last year. 

Prost: Seemed like it ran pretty well, and the board member I know didn’t seem stressed about the situation. 

Problem: Trying to judge smaller burns, and how big their vols are, isn’t really appropriate. 

• For us, if there is actual a problem, then let’s handle it. 

• But let’s remember that smaller burns are trying to build their communities and have appropriate levels of vols. 

Prost: I would recommend everyone go to a smaller burn to experience a tiny FS. 

CC Business: 

Molly: I came to get more info about the community and learn ways to get more involved. 

Citizen: There is a sanctuary social this week, will send you the info. 

Henry: What happened with candidates for CC members? 

Prost: Got 1 candidate and will set up a time to interview that person. Will open it up again after FS. 

Clovis: We can just impress people like the British did in the 1800s. 

Next meet is April 22, after tax day. Will discuss Stickets, and should FS sponsor a temple in 2020 and beyond. 

Facilitation – Clovis Stackinator – ???