Combustion Chamber meeting minutes 11 Nov 2019

LLC update

  • We will be making a second site visit to our prospect land this weekend, but this is still very preliminary.
  • Warehouse lease expires in one year, we’re starting to discuss renewing the WH lease and have no current plans to move.
  • Will be having our budget meeting with the AFs tomorrow.

AF update

No AFs present

Regional update

  • Burning Man exhibit in Oakland was underwhelming.
  • BMORG is still working on plans for their GLC successor.

What happens if Flipside is cancelled

  • Any cancellation would be due to an apocalyptic scenario, and would probably be very close to the event.
  • We have a lot of fixed costs, regardless of whether we hold the event.
  • So full refunds would probably be out of the question. So would free tickets for the following year.
  • We have discussed working with people who need their refund, but make the case to the community that we also need that money.

Site selection criteria

Existing criteria:

  • Needs to hold about 3000 people. 100+ acres.
  • Water feature if possible.
  • Shade if possible.
  • Landowners that can be good advocates for us in the county government.
  • Political environment needs to be amenable
  • Maintainable perimeter
  • Access to emergency services

No objections to the existing criteria, or suggestions for new ones.

Next meeting

  • CC mixer
  • Interpersonal incident FAQ Q&A (Kat)