Burning Glam Needs You!

BurninGlam wants your bright, crazy, glittery, lacy, silly, flowy, sexy, boldly patterned, bizarre fun clothes!

We want your weird hats, tights, gloves, bras, wigs, accessories and props!

We want them clean!

We want them non-mooping!

We do not want your bland, dirty, trashed, stinky or boring.

We do not want cargo shorts, logos of any kind, polo shirts, dockers or button downs, or anything you wear in the default world…unless you are a full-time weirdo, in which case come help us dress peeps up!

(Why do I even have to say this?!? We don’t, seriously don’t, want these things. Just don’t.)

Thank you to Our Donors from All of Flipside for Upping the Eye Candy, the Inspiration, and the Fun!