KFLiP 100.5 FM Update!

Hey, y’all. There’s lots going on over at the KFLiP Radio Ranch! 20 years of the light and the dark is all well and good, but let me clue you in on the latest after 12 years of FM radio and unplanned power outages, KFLiP-style!

We had a fund-raiser a few weeks ago, because KFLiP needed a bunch of big-ticket items all at once. (Two new generators, a new FM transmitter, new antenna and tower, etc.) Many thanks to all who braved the Freezerburn-like conditions; our Spring Pledge Drive was a huge success! We had a silent auction, a bar, a DJ, and various shenanigans. If you want a KFLiP tote bag or stainless steel mug, we’re still taking pledges. Become a member today! Pledge here: https://www.youcaring.com/kflip1005fmcommunityradio-1142015

Yes, a new FM transmitter! KFLiP 100.5 FM is now broadcasting in STEREO. We have finally decided that it’s not a fad, and have boldly moved forward into the 1960’s. We coupled that with a new antenna, optimized for good reception on car stereos, and a new tower.

Next item: Expanded hours! This year we are opening our DJ slots up to the community until 4am. If you want one of these late-night slots, they will be available for sign-up. We will be sending out our DJ sign-up announcement to the community at-large in a few days.

We are there for YOU. If your camp is doing a Thing that you want everyone to know about, come by the station and tell us about it on the air! Or fill out a card and we’ll announce it for you. (Or just drop by to cuss on the air; whatever.)

Last, and most important, you can’t pick up KFLiP without an FM radio so bring one! Or install an FM radio app on your phone; they are available for both Android and iPhone.

We look forward to serving Pyropolis again. Don’t forget to leave your radio tuned to 100.5 FM!