STicket WINNERS!!!!

Helloooo Flipizens!!!! Another Burning Flipside has come and gone and we’re busy unpacking, cleaning, and reminiscing the great moments that happened over the event. And, right now, you’re tucking away this year’s ticket into a safe place amongst all of your past tickets and have found that perfect spot to put your sticker on.

What did you think of this years STickets?? I LOVE THEM!!!! All of you crazy, fabulous artists REALLY turned it out and gave me your art this year and made it SUPER difficult for the judges to pick a winner!! But pick they did and now I can finally announce the winners!!!!

Ticket design winner: Stephanie Crane
Sticker design winner: Jessica Bishop

CONGRATS to you both!! You totally deserve ALL the alcolades. Fellow Flipizens please give lots of kudos to these Fine Flipizen Folks!! They gifted a big part of themselves to be the first art that a Flipizen sees upon arriving to Burning Flipside and I can’t say how happy I am for them and hope that their art inspires another 20 more years of STickets art entry.