A Word from the Sanitation Department

Good day, producers of human excrement, urine, & other such bodily discharges worthy of release into a nearby port-o-potty.

Flipside Ongoing Educational Program regarding Proper Port-a-Potty Etiquette wants to remind you:

  • A closed lid = less stink.
  • Sitters, please sit on the seat. Hovering leaves a mess for the next person, causing them to sit in your fluids in the dark (Yuck!) &/or increases the unneeded use of additional toilet paper.
  • Only fluids that come out of your body belong in the port-o-potty. Part of radical self-reliance means you are in charge of your trash. Trash is hard to clean out of the potties & can ruin the relationship with our port-a-potty vendor. Take trash such as tampons, pads, their wrappers, etc back to your trash can at your camp.

Differently Abled

A word about the differently abled. If you know of someone in your camp or elsewhere who may need a bit more space to get the doody done, please contact the sanitation department. Inform us of what camp or area where the individual will be & we will work to get a larger potty closer to where it is needed.

Adopt-A-Potty Program:

This started a few years ago & amazing gifts to the community have shown up each year. Choose a potty or a bank of potties & create an art piece in the potty, around the potty, or what have you. It’s all for shits & giggles anyways!

Keep in mind the following when you choose to decorate:

  • Painters tape or gaff tape is best for hanging things because it does not leave a sticky residue.
  • Hang material whenever possible using zip ties, string or what have you, just make sure whatever you use will not damage the potty structure in any way.
  • Paper prints or what have you fair better when they are placed in sheet protectors, laminated, or covered by clear tape.
  • All decorations must be above waist level for cleaning purposes.
  • Remember to remove all decorations before you leave the grounds.
  • If decorating outside, please keep in mind possible weather issues that may create MOOP.
  • Should you choose to decorate, please clean up any decorations & any tape residues before leaving the event.
  • Suggestions for potty pleasantry: battery operated lights, hand sanitizer, signs with reminders of potty etiquette, feminine products, etc. It’s your art!