Flipside 2019 Art Spotlight: The Glitterbox

The Glitter box (formerly the light box) was featured for several years at LumiNation. Visiting the luminarium structure inspired the light box.  Initially, and for a few years, the lights were white blinky string lights with rows of CD’s behind them and refractive glasses for added effect.  It’s a small, mellow space where people can transcend the mud and craziness and experience a moment of wonder, encircled by light. Last year, we added a super sparkly floor, and modified the lights to programmable led’s. Hopefully people will get the same joy out of it that they’ve gotten in the past, but even more sparkletastical!

The Glitterbox!

Lesson learned: The extra effort you put in before the event to make the piece easier to set up and tear down is well worth it. Spending hours putting your art piece together on-site (and getting dehydrated in the process) is not a great way to start your Burn.