Announce September 2016


Yeah, it’s the time of year when folks are back from the desert, but we’ve got important things to get done here, like getting rained on, and bitten by mosquitoes, and planning for Fall Town Hall! Read on for details about what’s coming up, and what’s needed as folks make it back to Texas from the dusty playa.

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Burning Flipside Fall Town Hall

On September 24, 2016, come help decide what the Burning Flipside 2017 Theme will be! Join us at Lloyd the Warehouse; tailgating begins at noon, with the Town Hall program starting at at 2:34 pm.  

Facebook Event

If you have a theme camp to showcase, or if you’re recruiting membership to your theme camp, bring a booth to inform the crowd. We’ll be looking for volunteers to set up, tear down and help monitor the parking situation (because we don’t want to make our neighbors grumpy by taking up their parking spaces). Theme camp adoption of some of these gigs is a great way to build community.

To submit a Theme for Burning Flipside 2017, hit up the Theme Page (you’ll need a secure login to access it).

Community Respect Discussion: Session 3

On Sunday, September 25th, beginning at 1 pm, the Combustion Chamber will host the next installment of our discussion on Race, Respect, and Diversity at Lloyd the Warehouse. In hopes of serving a broad group of people, we have divided this session into three parts. Please free to join us for one, two, or all three parts. If you were unable to attend the previous session in which these concepts were introduced, please join us for Part I.

Part I: 1 pm – 2:45 pm: A guided discussion reviewing some of the concepts and vocabulary that we began to discuss in previous sessions, including: Privilege, Intersectionality, Racism, Prejudice, Discrimination, & Rights.

Part II: 3 pm-4pm: We will break into small discussion groups, allowing community members to engage in unguided discussion regarding concepts and vocabulary.

Part III: 4 pm – 6 pm This section will build upon and explore more of the history, complexity, and nuance of Modern American Racism and its effects on our community. We will also build some tools that will allow each participant to lead this type of discussion in a safe environment.

Please come and help us ask the hard questions. We know there are no easy answers…but, hey, our community doesn’t often do things the easy way. We will look at these issues in an environment of collegiality and discussion, and welcome all to take part. All we ask is that you approach this seriously and with respect.

At Lloyd The Warehouse
3106 Industrial Terrace
Austin, Texas 78758

Facebook Event

Lloyd the Warehouse Cleanup

The Warehouse, Lloyd, is still full of post Flipside stuff. Lots of operational stuff out and not put away. People and art projects have loaded out for the desert, and then they came back, and now it’s Fall Town Hall just that quick. Wednesdays at church night, let’s make a dent in that shit. Many hands make for a better experience. It’s our house. If you haven’t been, come out and see the new warehouse. If you have been, come see the changes.

For those in the dessert this year who shipped their stuff out on the community truck, it will be a better experience loading back in from a functional warehouse. Come help make that possible.
If you are in an infrastructure team and worked for Site-ops and Safety in particular, come help out. A lot of that shit is yours/ours.

I ain’t your mother and if somehow I look like her, bless your mother, she has had a hard life. Call her and apologize.
Nothing but love,

Reminder: Church Nights are BYOB and Leave No Trace. No MOOP!

Combustion Chamber Seeks Scribes


Austin Artistic Reconstruction, (AAR) LLC and the Combustion Chamber (CC) need scribes—ideally, a pair of scribes—working together on rotation, to document the CC meetings. We currently are short on that number, and you can help! Here’s an FAQ:

Why be a Scribe?

This is a great position for a reliable person who wants to know what’s going on with Flipside. If you can type pretty fast, have a couple of free hours on Monday nights (twice a month), and can operate a word processing application of any kind, and love your community–this gig is for you.

The CC discusses all sorts of things–ranging from very philosophical to procedural–but all are topics relevant and necessary to the continued growth of the Flipside community. It’s always thought provoking and friendly, no matter what.

What’s even more necessary is that we have people we can trust to record the meetings so that others may live vicariously/stay tuned in.

Relatively new to the community and want to geek out on the details? Be a Scribe.

Been around a while and want to reconnect with the goings on? Be a Scribe.

What do Scribes do?

  1. First and foremost, the Scribe is responsible for taking notes at CC meetings (every other Monday at the Warehouse, in general).
    You’ll document the agenda, discussion on those topics, record motions, note decisions and action items. Therefore, good listening and note taking/typing skills are key.
  2. The Scribe will need the means and skill for recording the relevant information from a constant stream of conversation. Ideally, this means you have a laptop and rapid typing skills. You take notes during the meeting, go home and clean up the typos, send the doc out to the CC, who then broadwaves them to the community at large.
  3. Scribes also make sure we have CC members lined up for the next meeting’s ‘Stack’ and ‘Facilitator’ positions.

What kind of time commitment are we talking about?

Typically, the CC meets every other Monday night around 7:42PM at the Warehouse. Meetings usually last 2-3 hours. We need a scribe for every CC meeting, so ideally we need two people who can work together to make sure that each meeting is covered.

The Scribes are responsible for coordinating their schedules to make sure that at least one of them can attend each meeting.

The CC needs YOU! (But only once or twice a month!)

Interested? Want to know more?

  1. Contact us at if you’re sure!
  2. If you’re not sure, attend a CC meeting or two, get a feel for how it works. You won’t be sorry.

Combustion Chamber Meetings

The Combustion Chamber is an advisory committee to the Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC to facilitate community input & transparency for the policy-making process and organization of burn community events. CC meetings each start at 7:42 pm at the Warehouse.

Special topics are as follows:

September 26:

  • AAR Update
  • Regionals Update
  • Operational Update
  • Respect Discussion Recap – Review Respect Discussion. Find strong and weak points. Discuss possible improvements.
  • Town Hall Recap – Review Town Hall. Find strong and weak points. Discuss possible improvements.
  • CC Business

Have a topic you believe the community needs to discuss? Send suggestions to us at  Keep in mind that we discuss community and policy issues, not operational ones.

Who Can/Should Attend: You! If you care about the event and especially if you care about any of these topics you should come to discuss them.

Why this matters: The CC provides advice to AAR, LLC. In turn, AAR provides the overall direction and policy guidance that end up making the event happen. The topics discussed at this meeting may have a direct impact on you during the actual Flipside event and/or at the AAR, LLC warehouse.

CC meetings are a great way to stay informed about what’s happening in our community. 
Meeting minutes will be posted as they are received.