Burning Flipside 2022 – Volunteering, Tickets, and COVID

It’s been a long, dark two years and we’ve missed you all something fierce. The good news is, we believe Burning Flipside 2022 will triumphantly return to Apache Passtures, our very own Pecan Playa, this May 26th – 30th! 

That’s why Austin Artistic Reconstruction, area facilitators, leads, and other members of our community have already spent many, many hours discussing tickets, population size, COVID-19 protocols, and a billion other things to ensure we are throwing the safest event we can for all Flipizens. 

We love you, thanks for your patience, and now, the news…

Volunteer! Do a thing! Make it go! 

We’re mentioning this first because it’s just so freakin’ important. This thing you love, this thing you want to go to, the thing you’ve missed for two years…well, it cannot and will not happen if we don’t have the volunteers to make it happen. Historically, we are always wanting for medical volunteers (PETs) and also require specific numbers of safety volunteers such as rangers, guardians, sanctuary, and fire as all these people make sure…well, that nobody has a really bad day.

So, if you or a friend or an enemy or someone you pass on the street even thinks they can help out, do not hesitate to sign up now! The number of these volunteers we can count on directly affects both the number of tickets we can give out and, ultimately, if the event can happen at all. See? Important.

Do it here: https://secure.burningflipside.com/fvs/

OMG! Tickets are a thing, OMG!

It’s really happening! So, update or make a new profile on BurningFlipside.com and create those ticket requests. While you’re there, maybe donate to the nice folks at Ignition Philter who help get great art to Flipside, art dat envelope if you wanna entertain our volunteers, and mail that sucker in.

Ticket requests must be postmarked between February 14 (aww, Valentine’s Day) and February 28th (meh, somewhat less special day). 

This year, Adult tickets will cost $151, Teenagers 14-17 will cost $151, Kids 7-13 will cost $40, and Children 0-6 will still be free but must register for a ticket.

Never done this before? Forgotten how? No shame, it’s been a couple of years. Study up on the ticket process here:

COVID-19 and Flipside-2022

We’re gonna get serious for a second. Here’s the thing. It has become apparent to all involved we simply cannot maintain the minimum level of safety we require for such a significant gathering of our community without requiring all those involved to have received COVID-19 vaccinations. 

This decision was made out of logistical necessity and in no way is meant to take a political stance, judge, or exclude any in the Burning Flipside community. It was made in what we feel is the best interests of our Flipizen community as well as the larger Travis, Williamson, and Milam county community members. We love you and we want you to have a great time. So let’s just jump through these hoops together so we can art our hearts out, dance until our feet hurt, and fuck your burn like only Texas burners know how. 

For a complete explanation of our COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Policy (aka – everything you gotta do to get in) please, please, please, read all about it here:

Well, cats, kittens, and those who identify as both or neither, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more info on work weekends, department training events, and other opportunities to get plugged back in. We love you all so hard and can’t wait to see your faces!

Let’s do this!

Your Flipside team