It’s May, Do you know where your tickets are?

Hello Flipiziens and curious onlookers!  It is I, Ste. Michelle, Ticket Distribution Lead, here to make sure you get to Flipside, provided you’ve done everything right.  

Where’s My Ticket?

All Tickets are will call.  They will be at the gate when you arrive at the event, provided you have a Will-Call Receipt.

Oh, then, Where’s My Will-Call Receipt?

Ticket opening happened a long time ago, so if you submitted a ticket request, and didn’t hear from me about your request being returned, you should have received an email containing your Will-Call Receipt.  If you purchased tickets in the aftermarket, you should have received an email with your Will-Call Receipt. Check your spam folder!

If you can’t find it, log into and click on Ticket Registration/Transfer link and look for something like this (minus the colored arrows):

(If you don’t have a login because you bought your ticket in the aftermarket, scroll down to the Aftermarket bit for guidance.)

Now is a good time to change the name on your ticket if, say, for example, you submitted a ticket request for Taylor Swift and she can’t make it.  That little pencil with the red arrow is the button to use!

You can download the Will-Call Receipt (in case you can’t find the original email, or they won’t you check outside email at your work where you have a printer) by clicking on the blue icon that the purple arrow is pointing at.  Or you can resend your email so it’s on your phone when you arrive at the gate.

Lost?  Email me!  You can use this form to contact “Tickets”:

Aftermarket Sales

You can find out about buying and selling a ticket in the aftermarket here:  

Having Problems?  I have never transferred a ticket myself, so I have no idea what could go wrong.  Just email me if something went wonky, and I’ll figure out how to fix things. 😉