Memorial Temple 2018

Public Domain: Green Heart

In the shadows, each Effigy blazes into the dark of those we cherish. We now shine a bright light back to those who have helped build this community with a Memorial Temple. Please join the Temple crew to help build, gather, and spread the word to honor their memory.

If you would like to volunteer, all information is in the Google form here:

If you have someone you wish to honor with laser cut name on Memorial Temple, please fill out this form:

If you would like to put a *photo of those to be honored on the memorial wall, please email:

There is a side project to turn the *photos into a memorial vinyl for the Burning Flipside Warehouse with a photo of the Memorial Temple burn, please  email: to help.

*All photos must be people who were in the community and no longer with us. All photos must be copies that will be made into copies that will be all the same size and laminated to weather proof them. Do not submit pictures if the families wish to not have those photos public. Please get consent.

Thank you,

Memorial Temple Team 2018