The Island: Need Art

Photo by: JadeRumour
“This is your Island.
This is your Island, without Art.
Don’t let your Island go Unfilled.”

Got a cool piece of art you’d like to share with your fellow Flipizens, but need a little help to make it worth the effort? We got that!

Island Host, JadeRumour (Jane Clarke, of BurninGlam, is the go-to person to help you transport, hang, mount, power up and light your creation. Really….what do you need?!

Currently there is space available, and Jade is eager to help display your art for all of us to enjoy. And, to making The Island fabulous!

Art should be on the smaller side, weather proof, and not suck a ton of power. We can light you up, and assist with transportation from your camp and back, and placement for optimal viewing.

Got questions? Contact JadeRumour, aka Jane Clarke,

We looking forward to hearing from you!