New parking and traffic flow for 2017

The keen-eyed among you may have noticed that the Survival Guide shows parking on the other side of County Road 428, the road by which you reach Flipside (the space freed up by what used to be parking will give City Planning more flexibility in laying out Pyropolis). The map above should give you a good idea of how we’re changing the traffic flow to accommodate this.

A couple of important points:

  • Volunteers with carts will swing by parking to give lifts to people going to/from parking when they can, but there will be no regular shuttle service.
  • No one should turn off CR 428 directly into parking. Everyone going into parking needs to be coming from the event side, either because they just unloaded their gear, or they checked in at Gate after returning from an In/Out.


  • When you arrive at the event, you will turn off CR 428 through a new opening in the fence along the road just south of the old one.
  • Then go to Gate, then over the cattle guard, then to Greeters along the same path we’ve always used.
  • Reach your camp, unload, and then head out. Parking is a long way away, so unpack everything you think you’ll need from your vehicle, because you will not want to make that trip more than necessary.
  • Instead of crossing at the cattle guard, you’ll exit through a new opening in the fence perpendicular to the road, next to the cattle guard, then cross CR 428 and drive directly into the field across the street.
  • There will be volunteers on the road directing traffic during peak hours.
  • Parking volunteers will show you where to park it as usual.
  • There will be a foot path under the Worley Bridge to return to the event, at the south of the picture shown above.


If you need to leave Flipside during the event with the intention of returning, do this:

  • Stop at Gate and purchase a $10 In/Out pass
  • Walk under the Worley Bridge, get in your vehicle and go
  • When you return, stop by Gate first and return your In/Out pass. Then cross over to parking.


  • Get your camp broken down as much as possible before bringing your vehicle onto the event side.
  • Walk under the Worley Bridge, get in your vehicle and go
  • Follow the one-way traffic pattern shown above.