Volunteering opportunities

Heya Flipizens! Do you know that Flipside is 100% volunteer driven? As in, unlike even Burning Man, there are no comp tickets, paid workers are limited to a small number of people who do not enter the event, and there are no third-party donations?

Did you also know that it takes approximately 6,000 person-hours to make Flipside happen? If you’re not doing your two hours, that means that someone else is picking them up. And woudln’t it be nicer to be as close to 3,000 people doing two hours a piece rather than a few hundred doing thirty hours a piece?

Now, you may ask, how do we make the event go? Well, there are a wide variety of jobs out there. And if the below is too much, may I humbly suggest using our custom-built “choose your own adventure” style volunteer quiz, here: https://secure.burningflipside.com/fvs/index.php

Pre-Post is the team that shows up before the event starts and moves all of the infrastructure out after the event ends. You can sign up for pre-post here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/PrePost

Flagging is the team that shows up on land before the event and marks off theme-camp and infrastructure boundaries. To work flagging, please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/…/1vkCrdgzYVT8-F6cqLYJiREtzje…/edit…

City signage creates and installs all of the road and path signs that tell you how to get around the city. You can sign up here! https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/CitySignage

DaFT are the people responsible for building the effigy, and they still need help now, during pre-op, and during the event. If interested, contact Misty Nickle, or Seph Reed, our DaFT leads

Fuel makes sure that the generators and carts on site are properly fueled and ready to go. If you want to work Fuel, please contact the Fuel lead, Nyla Walker

Echelon manages radio assets on-site for the safety teams. To sign up for Echelon, please go here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/Echelon_Volunteer

Cartelle manages radio assets on site for the not-safety teams. To sign up for Cartelle, consult the wiki here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/CartelleShifts

Guardians guarantee that the event is free from people who do not have tickets. They ensure event sustainability. You can sign up with Guardians here: https://docs.google.com/…/1B2Kd4ulaiNOy36KShBkzgF3sWq…/edit…

Volunteer Assistance Squad Serves two purposes — to disburse information onsite, and to provide on-site volunteer coordination and transport. You can sign up to work VAS here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/…/Volunteer_Assistance_Squ…

Greeters are around to help with enculturating people to Flipside, and to help remind people what they will need to survive five days in the city. You can sign up for Greeters here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/Greeters

Parking makes sure that cars end up in the parking area so that we can freely move around and so that we aren’t all living in a parking lot. You can sign up for parking here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/Parking

Zone Greeters are around to help theme camps find their place to set up their camps and maybe to meet some of their neighbors. You can sign up for Zone Greeting here: https://docs.google.com/…/1mEEBqQU8na8ky3TgcpqcqqWxwN…/edit…

Shaven Apes are the helpers that provide extra hands and aid to people who need some hands for their art or camps. If you need help, an Ape can probably do so. You can sign up to work Apes here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/Shaven_Apes/Schedule

Ice is the one place at Flipside where money exchanges hands! If you want to help with ice sales, you can sign up here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/Ice

Exodus is around to help Flipizens smoothly leave the land when the event is over. If you would like to work Exodus, please sign up here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/Volunteer/Exodus

Recycling collects Flipside’s recyclables and makes sure that they are properly recycled. They are not here to sort your trash, or to handle your MOOP. If you would like to work recycling, please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/…/1F3wj87DyjE4PJIu92djWjTGq0j…/edit…

Sound Marshalls are a team of volunteers that ensure that amplified sound is kept within approved levels. Remember that we have already lost land due to sound violations, so this is critical. If interested, please contact Veaux Kelly at sexydaddyveaux@gmail.com

Earth Guardians are a team that roams the land and educates flipizens about the leave no trace policy at Burning Flipside. If you would like to help them, sign-ups are here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/w…/Volunteer/EarthGuardians

Clean-Up comes in after the event and makes sure that the land is in the same state or better than it was found. If you would like to work clean-up, sign up here: https://wiki.burningflipside.com/wiki/Clean_up

So whether you are interested in educating people, doing work with your hands, working on a large art project, or just simple helpfulness, there is something to do at Flipside that is both rewarding and fun. And it gives you a chance to take ownership over the event and to say “hey, I helped make this happen”

So, what’s stopping you? If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinatrix, Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley on facebook or via volunteerinfo@burningflipside.com