RVs/Box Trucks/Trailers/Campers/Car-Camping at Flipside

Once again well over 100 RVs/Box Tucks/Trailers/Campers/Car-Camping have been registered to be placed in theme camps at Flipside 2019. Your City Planning team tries to accommodate as many placement requests as possible; however, please consider this general/gentle advisory on vehicles (large and small) inside theme camps:

Flipside’s Pecan Playa is not designed to accommodate RVs/Campers/etc in all places, nor in all weather. Some parts of the property are expressly prohibited for RVs/Campers/BoxTrucks/etc. While City Planning will incorporate your RVs, campers and car camping requests into your allotted square footage for your camp, many factors – including weather, mud, flood, bugs, hay, acts of biblical retribution and on-the-ground decisions – will affect whether an RV, camper, box truck or car can be parked within a theme camp boundaries or not.

All RV, camper and car-camping owners need to be prepared to camp in the designated RVs camping grounds in/near the Badlands, which is located on high ground near the gate. I highly recommend designing a back-up plan for yourself and your camp mates – and your theme camp if your infrastructure depends on an RV, camper or car – if your RV is unable to be parked within your camp placement. Granted, last year, we enjoyed hot, dry weather that allowed large vehicles to be placed in most camping areas, but Texas weather is notoriously fickle and May is a rainy month.

Previous years’ weather has been very wet and muddy, and volunteers on-site will have FINAL say on where an RV can be safely parked and not pose too much strain on our limited towing/roads/site ops resources. Back-up plans are highly recommended.