Announce May 2019

Welcome to the final Announce before we find ourselves home. We’re all ramping up for Flipside 2019: Sisyphean Celebration. Is it time to panic? I think it is time to panic! Where did all the time go? Where is my pee funnel? Have I packed my dancing shoes?! Shoes aside, this edition is chocked full of useful information – so make sure you get to reading. Volunteer positions need volunteering, and Disinformation needs Disinformationing. Find out more below!

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What is in this Announce:

  • It’s May, Do you know where your tickets are?
  • RVs/Box Trucks/Trailers/Campers/Car-Camping at Flipside
  • City Planning Needs You!
  • Ice Volunteering!
  • Recruiting Exodus Badgers
  • Load-out is coming
  • Events and the Event: Disinformation
  • A Word of the Sanitation Department
  • FAQ to inform Flipizens of what Rangers do or can help with.

Important Dates

  • May 3-5, 2019: Flipside Work Weekend 4
  • May 17, 2019: Registration for Art Cars and Events closes
  • May 18, 2019: City Planning Needs Help on Land
  • May 23, 2019: Burning Flipside

For more information on how to be involved year around, check out the Burning Flipside Calendar.

It’s May, Do you know where your tickets are?

Check your email and ticket request page to make sure you have a different pdf called “2019 Burning Flipside Will-Call Receipt” for each ticket purchased.

Check the out for how to transfer tickets.

Check out if you have problems, or just want to amuse yourself.

Email the Tickets from if the FAQ doesn’t fix things for you.

And finally, if you want to know more, check out this post for more details.

RVs/Box Trucks/Trailers/Campers/Car-Camping at Flipside

Are you taking your RV/Box Truck/Trailer/Camper or Car to camp in during Flipside?

Over 100 vehicles have been registered to be placed in theme camps at Flipside 2019. Your City Planning team tries to accommodate as many placement requests as possible; however, weather conditions on the Pecan Playa will determine where you can park.

Learn more here about what your camping experience may be like this year.

City Planning Needs You!

The hardworking folks at City Planning needs hands on the land! Saturday, May 18th! Come be the first to break 2019 ground, scope out the land, and size up your theme camp placement!

Check out the wiki if Signage and Flagging seems up your alley.

Ice Volunteering!

Please sign up for volunteering on May 8th at 7pm Austin time by going to Ice’s page on the wiki. A Google Forms link will go live at that time and will stay open until we fill all the shifts. This is first-come, first-served and the shifts fill up fast.

Volunteering is good for the soul. To learn more about getting those ice shifts to keep you cool, read more here.

Recruiting Exodus Badgers

Flipside can’t happen without the aid of its lovely citizens lending hands to make it happen throughout the event. This means we need you, yes you. If you should like to add your energy to helping the event run smoothly, look no further. Here is a great opportunity for you.

Think you would make a good badger and help people GTFO? Find the sign up sheet here.

Load Out is Coming

Want to drive a truck? A BIG TRUCK?? Well, has Transpo got a truck for you! The weekend before the event is Load-out! We gotta get the core infrastructure to the land, and Transpo needs able-bodied humans who aren’t afraid of a little Penske wrangling.

Thinking you’re going to be available? Load out dates are listed here.

Events and the Event: Disinformation

Want people to know about your hot pink jello sculpting class being held at your camp Saturday mid day during the event? Wish you could get people motivated to join you for a daily session of aquatic yoga? When the heck is the Grampage this year? Don’t forget to register your event(s) before May 17th so that they will be included on the Disinformation kiosks spread throughout the event site. Register your events here.

A Word of the Sanitation Department

Good day, producers of human excrement, urine, & other such bodily discharges worthy of release into a nearby port-o-potty. Flipside Ongoing Educational Program regarding Proper Port-a-Potty Etiquette has some reminders for porto using participants.

FAQ to inform Flipizens of what Rangers do or can help with.

Flipside is comprised of almost 3,000 participants over Memorial Day weekend not too far from Austin. We come together to share our gifts to the community- food and drink, art, performances, classes, and hugs and friendship to name a few. Some participants, gift their time to the community. On-site alone, over 6,000 hours are gifted to the community by volunteers to help our city be what it is.

The Rangers are one of eight safety departments Flipside has. Want to know a bit more about what they do? Read through this breakdown of what Rangers bring to our community.