VAS needs YOU to make a Difference!

Hello, Flipizens! This is Peep, your friendly neighborhood Volunteer Assistance Squad’s fearless leader!

Have you ever been volunteering, and had the realization that sometimes it’s hard? It’s hot and you’re thirsty, or half of the team hasn’t shown up, or you really need to get a vat of salty limeade over to the Dafties stat and they’re way on the other side of the city? Well, fear not! The Volunteer Assistance Squad exists to help make your volunteer experience even more awesome than making Flipside go already is! We can go find and retrieve the absent-minded folk at Camp Forgetful who forgot what time it is and are missing their shifts, and help you move stuff from here to there to help facilitate volunteerism, and we pack some tasty snacks and cooling liquid to help soothe your hard-working hungry and thirsty volunteer bodies!

We also have a 311 Information Station at the Civic Center to help distribute the info to the weary questioning masses! Wanna know where Camp Drinksalot is? We have maps! Want to find out what time your shift starts? We can radio your team and find out! Have questions about doing MORE VOLUNTEERING? We’ve got the info!

But… we need your help. The Volunteer Assistance Squad needs more Flipizens to join the cause and Help Us Help You!

Sign up for one (or more!) of our fun three-hour shifts at and you’ll get to:

    • Drive the golf cart and loudly encourage Flipizens to help out, megaphone-style!
    • Be the smartest one at the 311 Information Station, because you have all the answers (and a radio for those phone-a-friend moments)!
    • Wear a fancy VAS t-shirt!
    • Help make Flipside go by greasing the wheels of volunteerism all over Pyropolis!

If you have questions about the Volunteer Assistance Squad, feel free to get in touch with me on this page:

Thank you to all our hard-working volunteers! You can be one too! This event doesn’t happen without YOU!