April 2018 Announce

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What is in this Announce:

  • Memorial Temple 2018
  • ¡City Planning!
  • The Island Needs More Art
  • Shaven Apes
  • Come Chill in Parking
  • DisInformation: Looking for Events for Flipside 2018
  • PrePost Wiki Is Now Open!
  • Burning Green

Important Dates

Memorial Temple 2018

In the shadows, each Effigy blazes into the dark of those we cherish. We now shine a bright light back to those who have helped build this community with a Memorial Temple. Please join the Temple crew to help build, gather, and spread the word to honor their memory.

To find out our how volunteer, or to get your loved one added to the memorial, check out the link here.

¡City Planning!

City Planning wants to stay in touch! Email us with updates to your Theme Camp Registration, to learn about volunteer opportunities, or to make the City Planning Admin feel special.



The Island Needs More Art

Got a cool piece of art you’d like to share with your fellow Flipizens, but need a little help to make it worth the effort? We got that!

Island Host, JadeRumour of BurninGlam, is the go-to person to help you transport, hang, mount, power up and light your creation. Really….what do you need?!

Currently there is space available, and Jade is eager to help display your art for all of us to enjoy. And, to making The Island fabulous!

Photo by: JadeRumour
“This is your Island.
This is your Island, without Art.
Don’t let your Island go Unfilled.”

Shaven Apes

Do you like helping people build things and looking for folks in need of assistance? Sign up to be an Ape!

Be someone’s hero! Shaven Apes are the helping hands of Pyropolis. We help hold poles, bang stakes, and, in the case of last year, lay a lot of hay. Anyone can volunteer! Sound right up your alley?

Come Chill in Parking!

We’re going out of our way to make things AWESOME for everyone who visits parking, and even better than AWESOME for people who work there.

Sign up and come make art, collect swag, park cars, and in between you can hang out at the parking beverage tent and drink cold water while having a cool mist sprayed on you with a nice breeze from the fans while eating frozen grapes. Sound interesting? Find out more here!


DisInformation: Looking for Events for Flipside 2018

Are you holding an event at Flipside this year?  Your camp is hosting the perfectly Shadow-y Celebration of Light and Dark, but no one knows yet? Do you have events listed in your  theme camp description, but haven’t taken a minute to head over to the event page and get them added to the Events list ? Do it now, so you can focus on those last-minute projects!


PrePost Wiki Is Now Open!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The PrePost Wiki is open and ready for sign up! Head here for the link.

Burning Green

Burners take great pride in our Leave NO Trace ethos. It aligns with the Burning Flipside principals perfectly in that we all have to participate and cooperate to be accountable to ourselves, our burn and the world as a whole. Having an LNT attitude also helps the sustainability of the event in that landowners are inclined to have us back as we don’t destroy/pollute their property.

Now is the time to consider how you and/or your camp, if you belong to one, can LNT prepare. Remember if you bring it, you take it home! Here are some simple steps you can do to not only make LNT happen but make it easy.

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