Art Event: Unchosen Themes

An Art Show at Lloyd The Warehouse!

This year’s event is dedicated to all of the wonderful, hilarious, and bizarre unchosen event themes! Felt really inspired by “Superhero Summer Camp” and sad it hasn’t been selected by the community (yet!)? Still dreaming of all the unrealized possibilities of crowd favorites like Flipside:The Musical!, Fear and Loathing in Las Tejas, Turtles All The Way Down, Pants Pants Persecution, and A Great Business Opportunity? NOW IS YOUR TIME! 

Every Unchosen Theme from the beginning of Burning Flipside can be your muse. Want to make more than one art piece based off of multiple themes? Awesome, get it, this is wonderful. Your inspiration doesn’t even have to be an unchosen theme- let’s just make all the art! Participate! 

If you would like to make an art for this year’s art show, please complete this google form.

Unfortunately, we only have quick access to themes running back to 2015. If you’d like this list, please see the Facebook event for more details; if you are not on Facebook, send us an email: 

This event is for ALL AGES!! Littles are encouraged to participate!

If you would like to help, please comment under the “request for volunteers” post on the Facebook event or send us an email. We will need a few hands to help an hour prior and an hour after for set-up and break down. 

Unchosen Themes @Lloyd The Warehouse

Saturday, April 1st, 2023, 4pm-7pm