COVID-19: Update 3/16

UPDATE: Given the new guidance from the White House on restricting gatherings over 10 people, AAR has decided to suspend all meetings at the warehouse including, but not limited to, DaFT builds, Church Night, and CC meetings.

We are still determining what will occur with Burning Flipside this year and the logistics around any possible changes. We will communicate that as soon as we have made a strong determination.

The situation is evolving quickly, and AAR’s position may change. We will keep the community informed of any changes. If you have any questions or concerns please contact

COVID-19 Update 3/15

UPDATE: Due to current CDC guidance ( on events with more than 50 people Safetyside will no longer be held physically at Apache Pass. For those interested in Safetyside please wait on more information from the Safetyside organizers through the email list, Facebook group, or through your Safety leads.

While the guidance from the CDC does not currently cover Flipside, we are seriously examining whether to hold the event or not and exactly what that would mean logistically.

At this time we are not planning to cancel church night social events at the warehouse, as we consider this a good way to practice social distancing rather than complete social isolation. However, we would like to remind you that if you feel like you have been exposed to COVID-19 we ask that you seek immediate medical assistance and do not attend any of these events. Additionally, if you are immunocompromised, have respiratory problems, are part of any other vulnerable population, or have regular contact with any vulnerable individuals we ask that you consider carefully your attendance at Burning Flipside events.

The situation is evolving quickly, and AAR’s position may change. We will keep the community informed of any changes. If you have any questions or concerns please contact

COVID-19 Update

As you are all aware, the COVID-19, or novel coronavirus outbreak has caused the cancellation or postponement of many events across the country. AAR, LLC and the Burning Flipside leadership team are aware of these cancellations and are monitoring the situation to determine its impact on Burning Flipside and related events. At this time, we are planning to hold Burning Flipside and continue to have all supporting events as well such as Safetyside, Work Weekends, Church Nights, and other activities at the warehouse. The situation is evolving quickly, and AAR’s position may change.

We will keep the community informed of any changes.If you feel like you have been exposed to COVID-19 we ask that you seek immediate medical assistance and do not attend any of these events. Additionally, if you are immunocompromised, have respiratory problems, or are part of any other vulnerable population we ask that you consider carefully your attendance at Burning Flipside events. We encourage our community to follow CDC and WHO guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can learn more here:

We will continue to monitor the situation and may have further updates going forward. If you have any questions or concerns please contact

Ticket update

Short version:

Everyone who submitted a valid ticket request will be getting a ticket.

Long version:

As soon as the ticket window closed, it was clear that this was going to be a big year. More ticket requests had been created in our ticket system than ever before. There’s always some percentage of requests that get created but never get mailed in. That percentage would need to be unusually high for this not to be a record year.

The requests were opened and processed on Saturday, February 22, by a hardworking team of about 50 volunteers. And in fact the percentage of requests that got mailed in was slightly higher this year than last. There is also always some percentage of requests that are not valid—generally these are either requests accompanied by personal checks, or requests mailed outside the request window. This is a small percentage—just 2–3% most years.

Milam County approved Flipside’s permit application on Monday, February 24. While we were expecting to receive it, the fact that we did not have the permit in hand at ticket opening meant that we held what we call a “soft lottery.” In a soft lottery, we draw down just below the number where the mass-gathering act kicks in, just in case we don’t get it. Then once we get our permit, we accept the requests we drew. This is a manual process where all the requests (except lottery-exempt ones) are assigned to one of eight bins at random. Then members of AAR LLC randomly draw requests from each of those bins in turn, and read out the names on those requests. Even though we had every reason to believe we would be getting our permit, this was still a difficult process. We drew the names of friends, campmates, former board members, and hardworking community members. Four of the people who were in the room to volunteer for request-opening had their names drawn.

The number of available tickets is not straightforward. First, there’s the mass-gathering limit of 2500: without a mass-gathering permit, we can’t exceed that number. Flipside has applied for and received this permit every year since 2014, but we don’t take it for granted. Second, there’s the maximum number of people that we’ll admit to Flipside, based on the land’s carrying capacity and volunteer capacity, even with our mass-gathering permit. For 2020, we set that number at 3100. Third, there is a “lottery exempt” number. These are people we can identify in advance who will (you guessed it) be exempt from a lottery if we need one—leads, AFs, etc, and their SOs. We try to keep this number as small as possible, because every person that gets added to this group pushes us that much closer to a lottery for everyone else, and lotteries suck. This year, that number was 199. Finally, there are “set asides.” These are slots for people we cannot identify in advance, but we know we’ll need to set aside tickets for to make available closer to the event. Again, we try to keep this number small. This year it was 160.

So, without a mass-gathering permit, we need to have a lottery to get down to 2499 minus set-asides, or 2339. With a permit, we need to get down to 2940 requested tickets.

In 2020, we received requests for 2937 tickets. That gave us a margin of 3 under our cap. That’s a first.

In past years, we haven’t been so close to our limit, and have been able to honor late-postmarked requests. This year, we can’t do that.

As of this writing, your request status will not show any change. We are still dealing with a very small number of “special handling” requests. Once those have been dealt with, we’ll flip the switch in the system and you should see your status as ticketed here.

Flipside Flame: All Things Art (mostly anyway)

Ignition Philter Art Grants are Open! Deadline March 1: Got some art you want to bring to Burning Flipside? Need a little help getting it there? Ignition Philter, our community-based art grant program is accepting applications. Learn more and link to application at:

Art (and Theme Camp) Registration is Open, Too! Learn more about registration and all things (Flipside) art at

Can’t Wait for Flipside to Show Off Some Art? Pyropolis Art Guild is hosting their very first Art Show and they need your art to show! The theme is Who Are You, Really? The guidelines are: “Make a 3-D representation of yourself in animal form”. Avoid moopy or toxic materials- otherwise, go wild. The show is open to EVERYONE. To be part of the Art Show, register here ASAP or find info here:


Speaking of Making Art Now, sTickets Needs Your Help!

You may have heard by now that changes have come to our sTickets design process. Our sTickets (stickers and tickets) this year will be collaborative instead of competitive! Seeking input from community artists to create the ticket and sticker(s) that aligns with this year’s theme Sacred and Propane.

Read more and reach out at

Want to Make Art but Not Sure What You Want to Make? A Message from DaFT:

DaFT NEEDS You! Yes, you.  It takes all sorts to build a 24’ foot cube of propane- and lumber-fueled awesome, so even if you never thought you could DaFT, you should think again!  I mean, I’m totally volunteering for DaFT from this comfy seat in front of this computer!  DaFT is looking for volunteer leaders for key roles, so if you are interested in gaining leadership experience in a fun environment, we can help!  DaFT is also looking for people who just want to do neat stuff with wood and math and art and beauty.  You can do as much or as little as you want! 

To stay up-to-date on DaFT goings on check out the Facebook Group, contact DaFT directly: or just show up to DaFT’s scheduled work days at Lloyd the Warehouse:

  • Sundays: 11am to 7pm; Wednesdays (Church Nights!): 7pm-11pm
  • Thursdays (Art Night @ Lloyd): 7pm-11pm.
  • Sunday: 7pm-11 pm.

Parking and Parking Opportunities! Like the idea of cars in nice, neat rows, or want to organize a team to make it so? Genesis is still looking for a parking lead! Contact the AF through the contact page: and select Genesis AF from the dropdown menu.

Art Projects and Flipside 2020

“Found Art” photo provided by stephy

Art Registration

Art Registration is now open! Make sure to register your art if you need something placed that has a flame effect, you’re bringing an art you were hoping to burn, you need placement, or if you were just looking to have your fabulous art on the Burning Flipside map. Make sure you are logged in before you start trying to register your piece.

If you were looking for extra logistics help, or just generally need a brain to pick, send a message to

Art registration will close at 11:59pm CST April 1st (no joke!) so get that registration in!

Registration for Mutants and Motorized Art (Art Cars!) and Events is open and will remain open until May 17th.

Resources for Flipside Bound Art

Making art isn’t easy…unless easy is your art, in which case, good on you for embracing that loophole! Here are some resources to help you bring that special piece you were looking forward to share…

Grants- Ignition Philter

The community run organization Ignition Philter is taking applications for grants for Burning Flipside bound art projects for 2019. The application is currently open and will close March 1st.

If you are interested, check out the 20 art projects that received funding in 2019

Art Projects Seeking Support Page

Check out the Art Projects Seeking Support Page. It’s basically a community bulletin board where artists can ask for assistance making their art project go. You might be looking to share a brain with someone with specific expertise on whatever topic. Perhaps you could use some additional hands on your build. Maybe a little more money would turn this dream into a reality- it’s a good place to share your crowd source link and make a case for community support.

Lloyd The Warehouse

Good ole Lloyd here has housed some pretty epic art pieces over the years. If you were hoping for space to make a thing or to have the use of some tools, reach out to the Warehouse Managers at

Don’t know about the community driven Lloyd? Tragedy. Let’s fix that.

Come out on Wednesday evenings 7-10pm for Church Night to meet other participants, check out DaFT’s progress with the effigy (and maybe grab an impact driver and make magic happen! Email to volunteer- no previous build skills required!) or come some Thursday evening for Art Nights At Lloyd, a community run group where the focus is less social and more arting at each other. For dates, check the calendar

For other art related questions, feel free to email

Happy Arting!

Ticket Info, Lead Openings, Important Dates and More!

All your December Announce Info in one place!

While you’ve been working on warming up (or cooling off depending on the day), your year ’round, hard-working Area Facilitators and AAR, LLC have been  ramping up the next season of activities to prepare for Burning Flipside 2020! And they have some announcements for your enlightenment. Burning Flipside will be here before you know it!

New Ticket Window! Save the Date(s), Start Saving the Dough and Make Art Go with Ignition Philter!

Burning Flipside is moving the 2020 ticket window a week to give people a little extra time to recuperate from the holidays.  The window will be open from January 13 to February 3, 2020. Register and mail in your request in this window. 

Tickets will be the same price as last year. $132 for adults and teens, $40 for kids 7-13, $0 for children 0-6. Please NOTE: AAR, LLC does NOT plan not to have a second-round ticket sale. Find more ticket info at

While you are thinking about those tickets, think about donating to Ignition Philter to support Flipside-bound art.  Consider selecting this option in your electronic ticket submission!

Spring Town Hall!The next important date for your Burning Flipside planning is February 1! Come get excited, meet some of your leads, learn more about what the “Org” is up to, learn about the effigy and other art, and see old friends you haven’t seen since last Burning Flipside! Come out to Spring Town Hall on February 1 at Lloyd, the Warehouse at 3106 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758.

Lead Openings!Want to volunteer, but not sure how? Learn or hone your leadership skills by helping fill some key department lead roles!  Equipment Librarian, Art Logistics, City Planning Admin, 411, Media Liaison, Interzone Coordinator, Parking, Shaven Apes, Radio, and Land Search still need you! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator AF if you are interested, or learn more about the departments on our Operations page!  

Speaking of helping…Do you want to help others learn about all of the departments that help make Flipside go? Our Volunteer Coordination Team is busy developing videos to help provide the above info in a more dynamic form and they could use your help! If you have video equipment or skills, or want to learn some skills, please Contact our Volunteer Coordinator AF to express your interest.

Important Burning Flipside Dates!  For your planning convenience, our planners have set some major Burning Flipside dates. Find more and add to your favorite calendar app at

Lead Openings!

Want to volunteer, but not sure how? Learn or hone your leadership skills by helping fill some key department lead roles!

Most leads have been chosen and are about to launch the Flipside season, but there are a few departments still needing leads. These are Equipment Librarian, Art Logistics, City Planning Admin, Interzone Coordinator, 411 (a whole new department!), Media Liaison, Parking, Shaven Apes, Radio, and Land Search! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator AF if you are interested, or learn more about the departments on our Operations page!

Effigy proposals now being accepted


You should make up an Effigy for this year’s theme “The Sacred and Propane”.

You see, as of this moment everyone in the entire community is allowed to submit an idea for an Effigy. Typically, we get maybe 2 or 3 proposals, and those are rookie numbers. We need to bump those numbers up. Maybe you can help us; we’d like YOU to submit your half-baked, I-really-don’t-have-time, beautiful ideas. In the very least, all it takes is a few drawings and some stylistic hand-waving. In the most complete version, there’s a big ol’ form with lots of requirements, responsibilities, and other miscellanious unsexy-but-still-totally-essential data (linked below).

Don’t think about that though, instead think about this:

Just start ideating. Draw something, list a couple of ideas, whatever. However far you get, send that in. Don’t worry if it’s not done, or silly, or whatever. Butterfly effects rule the art world, so your ideas and energy will go somewhere.
For those who’ve ideated, drawn, and are starting to imagine the paths between their mind and reality, here’s some very realistic things you should also think about:

  1. Think of who your support network is going to be, and who their support network is going to be. Giving birth to 3 ton wooden baby meant for flames can be an ordeal. Be ready to need help.
  2. Reduce your “vibes” down to a few simple core themes. This will help a lot with getting people on board without having to really explain anything. It’ll also help with thematic cohesion.
  3. Music matters. The crew and you are going to be spending a lot of time listening to something, and to a large degree the music you listen to will define the vibe of the entire experience. You’ll be too busy to do this during build, so start early!

Check out the proposal guidelines here.