CC Meeting 29 February 2016



FACILITATOR: Notfunnyatall

STACK: Pixie

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

ATTENDEES: Notfunnyatall, Pixie, Prost, Problem, Adam, Chim-Chim, Beth, Henry, Princess, Katrina, Anthony, Stash, Private Bear, Charlie, Zack, Breezy, Judge, Apple, Kat, Cooper, Mer, Monkey, Decibel, T-Rey, Samantha, Clovis, Bruce, Bonobo, Scott, Wrinn, Donut (in spirit)

TOPICS: Art and Consequences (Monkey); Firearms at Flipside/Warehouse (Clovis)


MOTION: Reschedule Fall Town Hall for Sept 24, 2016; MOTION FAILED

7:53pm AAR/LLC UPDATE (Adam)

  • Ticket opening this past weekend; No lottery!
  • Houston road show this Saturday; Dallas road show the following weekend
  • Mass Gathering Permit approved


  • AF/LLC meeting on Thursday; Meetings every first Thursday of the month

7:56pm TOPIC: Art and Consequences (Monkey)

  • Context: Community that has expressed often over the years that we appreciate art; Occasionally we run into boundary issues where someone’s art runs into someone’s experience; Ends up into issues; Discussion about role of art with respect to consequences that may be offensive; Community has placed value on that sort of art than what is outside of community; As a result, we should address; To frame discussion, not looking for policy suggestion, but talking about art and consequences and its effect; Safety = emotional, physical, safety for community in having ability to have event at site or in state; No should feel harmed or injured
  • Issues: When someone has worked hard on art piece and someone comes up and tags it; How to address someone who does that
  • Philosophical things: Consequences is a curious word for the community; Ex. All local/state laws apply (theft, vandalism, etc.); When it comes to other forms of policing—that could also include things that could deem as pornography that affects sustainability of event; Beyond those things, what does consequences mean? Answer—the police of community is everyone who runs it/buys a ticket; Make sure art has certain consequences; What drives us to the point of consequences? How do consequences come about?
  • Tagging—Policy in SG that expresses not open tagging that supports actions artist may have
  • Ordinarily, the only thing open for tagging is the effigy; Personal art projects shouldn’t be considered open season; Only bring things to flipside you are prepared to lose
  • Ex. – Piece of art that would not be at Flipside; Performance artist where she set out objects on table; Audience was allowed to experience anything; One of objects was a gun; She was not sure she was going to die; Gets to issues about boundary and consent; There is inflammatory art that has drawn the lines; It’s because of potential for consequences for art; Where do we see our norms about what community accepts
  • Tend to have two kinds of art and consequences: Conflict of sound; Sound camps next to each other; Prime principle is cooperation—expect camps to get together and work it out; Physical safety issues—things with effigy that we had to deny due to safety; When do we step in? Everyone is responsible for other people’s safety
  • Does it matter if its actually art or not? Why are we discussing (as art) how consequences of your actions intersect with other people; Does inherent value of art matter? – Who owns the consequences of the art? Who owns decision that your art is out of control? Comes down to AAR member on duty, depending on input from safety teams/artists; Holistic/specific one-on-one decisions; What are the consequences of “no art”?
  • Good to know where lines are drawn; What about art that doesn’t violates someone’s safety but requires consequences; Concerns over people planning on doing something racist; What types of consequences would it illicit? Community does not dictate who we want to be; If we want to be predators or racist a-holes, can set it up if we wanted to; It’s up to find a way that values self-expression but also safety
  • Sound, in general, touches on topics; Ex. Camp set up on main field with semi-loud sound system yelling at people; Got called by Rangers; By policy laid out for event, they were not violating policies of event, but were clearly upsetting people; Raised interesting question on duty, but also raised question; Recommendation would be to just confront them; Didn’t feel right to shut them off; What if it’s a guy with a megaphone? Should that be handled by community? People with official responsibilities should be doing something about that
  • Is this specifically about art? Substitute art with self-expression; Looking at how we can maintain self-expression without trampling over it; Looking to support all three principles
  • Self-expression: Genuineness; Honesty of artist’s intent; Accountability and cooperation; If piece upsets, can take responsibility; Expect people aren’t going to cross my boundaries constantly
  • Not feeling comfortable to shut down sound; Maybe there ought to be bare minimum; Have to use individual judgment; People’s art was interacting with other people in a way they kept asking to stop; Harassment? If you’re not being cooperative with someone else’s request, that’s a problem. If community can’t handle it, then maybe people should step in – No art? Is it too safe, or not enough?
  • As performance artists, we have opportunity because of nature of art where you have to intrude; Biggest issue—Need to know when it’s time to break character and have conversation with Rangers; Can’t be in character all weekend—you’re just being an asshole; Can’t do these things without compromising
  • Racist/Sexist: When introduced to discussion, usually end of discussion; Is it the ethic of community? It’s the middle
  • Notion of offensiveness vs obnoxiousness; (CO-STACK!); Art is causing me pain; If art is keeping you up at night, where is that line? Responding to neighborly conversations; What are grounds for shutting down art?
  • Obnoxious art; music so obnoxious that it’s cock-blocked me in my tent! Notion of community enforcement; Allowed to be a critic;
  • Don’t want me to be art critic enforcer at Flipside; If art that is bugging you, view it as opportunity to do something; Big exception—theme camp over sound limit even if nobody is complaining about it, becomes threat to event’s sustainability; Everybody pays for it
  • Consequences of your art, and how do those consequences fit with the principles; Situations that might occur; How do you lubricate cooperative process that’s going to happen? Think about consequences beforehand
  • Confrontation is hard; At event, can be hard to separate; Part is growth opportunity to have discussion with artist to put in perspective; Appreciation and needs
  • Fine line: Usually, there’s not; If you bring something provocative but not capable of having conversation, will be shut down quickly; Call to arms or not arms to enable people to discuss; May take away experience
  • Have ongoing series where we are discussing respect/racism issues;
  • Opportunity—Flipside is opportunity to be out of comfort zone and deal with that; Lessons in life are born of hardship; Intentional hurt; Painful—our choice to determine how powerful that pain is; Less regulation of art; Safety—conflating safety in terms of physical with emotional; Important to distinguish between the two; Exaggerative, far out examples; What can happen if we’re not careful; Taking responsibility for your experience
  • Reasons to bring discussion up: Difficulty in talking with people in community where that’s my art/you can’t tell me what to do; That’s true; Situations to find a way to express people they are being hurtful without telling them; Want art to have consequences; Some are positive/some are negative; Want people to understand art has social/cultural consequences; Can make an art project and lose friends; Organization is not going to pretend to protect you; How can we have conversations with people who throw around excuse, and how do we get to express to allow; If you do those things, you may not be welcome; Understanding that there are subtle and far-reaching consequences
  • None of the principles live in a vacuum; Accountability; Confrontation is hard; Only way we cooperate; Depends on form; Have to step up at some point to say something; Org not here to babysit you; Rangers there to mediate conflict
  • Community—Most understand this; New artists need to be aware; Community is self-policing; City will correct itself; If out of line, city has tendency to fix problem before Rangers get involved
  • Talking to people as things go along: By time discussion ensues, several others have already discussed; Physical injury—How often does piece of art hurt someone before someone intervenes; Suggestion—Fighting art with art is best way; Art Response Team (ART); If having problem, call team, and they’ll deal with situation – More conversation—dialogue as part of culture; Very individual thing
  • Consequence of art: Supporting the artist; Concern—Artists not feeling supported/getting a project over their heads; Resent energy at event; As much a consequence for artist as for people who engage; Don’t see big enough net for those people
  • Consequences to artist; Consequences to community for art that crosses lines; If let too far, then consequence to community; If art is lighting crosses all night, that is not art, that is a threat; Harassing women as art? There are consequences that will hurt community
  • Art ends when assault begins; Cannot be mixed with art/performance art
  • Can request artist and participants have dialogue with each other; Can request artist to participate with community
  • We are all in a privileged position; Confrontations about one’s feelings have discussions; We are doing a good thing; If offensive, have conversation
  • Start up next door for theme camps!
  • Art ending where assault begins: Interaction between self-expression and cooperation; Phrasings of this construction—all miss point—you can’t create art at FS that has no impact on anything; Would be very hard; Every bit of self-expression is to express in community; Idea is being part of community; Can’t have self-expression without influencing another; Question is HOW; Impact on other people; What conversations are you having? Art should not have a ‘get out of jail free’ card; Juxtaposition—Artists and participants—Artists are not participants, just leaving it out there to absolve themselves; Fuck the binary
  • Recommendation: All laws apply; Wherever you draw that line, always someone wanting to be on this side of it; Lets engage other people’s art; Notion of racism, sexism, consent has changed because of conversation; About listening or inviting conversation; Will be powerful through initiation with theme camp

9:13pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • BM meet and greet 6-8pm Sunday afternoon; Sekret Theater
  • Art fundraiser?
  • Semi-official Flipside function tagging to this?
  • Art project: Uni-tea
  • Facebook event for UNI-TEA: Starts at 8pm
  • Tomorrow is deadline for submission
  • Low income tickets for BM March 3
  • Regional event coming up March 17-20 in Houston
  • Burning Man Global Leadership Conference coming up; in San Francisco

9:17pm TOPIC: Firearms at Flipside/Warehouse (Clovis)

  • Current policy at warehouse is don’t be a dumbass; Conversation with community
  • Both event and here are private property; Gives right to determine who is trespassing; No signage needed
  • Weapons at the event: No firearms or firearm analogs
  • Members active in making other spaces not open carry spaces; If we said no guns at warehouse, some people would be upset;
  • 3 P’s: Problem, Princess, and Prost


    • Put agenda on top
    • Date, Agenda
    • Discussion over wording and placement of CC announcement
    • You’re invited to a Combustion Chamber Meeting [date]
    • FAQ link to website
    • Link to Combustion Chamber
    • Link to AAR/LLC

9:51pm OLD BUSINESS from Trello

  • Fall Town Hall: Sept 24 vs Oct 1; Discussed Oct 1 conflict with ACL and Myschevia work weekend; Also question of having Town Hall too early

MOTION: Reschedule Fall Town Hall for Sept 24; No second – MOTION FAILED

  • Start Scribe nomination process
  • Picture day: Doodle poorly responded to; CC members need to answer Doodle; Resend and put deadline for Friday; Please respond by then
  • Have conversation over streaming CC meetings—calendar discussion


  • Streaming for CC meetings (dovetail into that; put on topic description)




SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

TOPICS: Review CC nominations messages (all); CC communication with the community (Beth)


CC Meeting 15 February 2016




STACK: Prost

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

ATTENDEES (15): Adam, Problem, Beth, Clovis, Decibel, Hawk, Bonobo,  Turtlebunnie, Prost, Clover, Henry, Pixie, Chim-Chim, St. Tiki, Psyche

TOPICS: Town Hall Recap (All); Combustion Chamber Operations (All)


ACTION ITEM (Clovis):  November 30 minutes will be out by Tuesday, February 16

MOTION: If it is a CC sponsored event, the producer needs to have a save the date announcement at least six weeks prior and definitive announcement at least two weeks prior; MOTION PASSED

MOTION: Facilitator will go and gather old business and keep track of what’s on Trello and Memory (to look at topic list); MOTION PASSED

7:51pm LLC UPDATE (Adam)

  • Met with civil attorney last week; Good shape; Surveying changes/accumulate questions throughout year, and discussed;
  • Solicit feedback from all AFs; Any change in law that we need to reflect?
  • No section on flood safety in Survival Guide
  • Introducing child waiver for warehouse (under 18); Changing language on existing waiver
  • Ordered for DAFT today
  • Mass Gather Permit hearing on next Tuesday
  • Waivers available for work weekend
  • Forms end April 1 TC; April 20 Art; May 15 Art cars;

7:56pm AF UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Work weekend this weekend
  • City planning is working

7:58pm REGIONAL REPORT (Clovis)

  • Burning Man’s Global Leadership Conference coming up March 31-April 3
  • Burning Man ticket dates coming up March 23
  • Houston Burn March 17-20
  • Apogaea call for Leads
  • Louisiana found land for future Burns
  • Montreal will be organizing a Burn

8:01pm TOPIC: Town Hall Recap (All)

  • Sign for CC booth needed
  • Use passports as ‘Thank You’ cards
  • Having incentive to use passports
  • A few ppl that came by site sign-off were pleased; More traffic than last year
  • Sound system lower than it has been in the past; Raise volume
  • Passports are fun, but real goal is sign-ups which occurred more this year
  • Enjoyed the new format; Shorter meetings GOOD
  • Paper/pen topic box system/list

8:10pm TOPIC: CC OPERATIONS (Clovis)

  • Scribe
  • November 30 minutes will be out by Tuesday, February 16
  • 72 hours good enough time frame to review
  • Review of CC Operations flipchart from 2014 retreat—how many are open items?
    • Identify Producers early
    • Define mission statement for motions/events
    • Broader engagement for CC
    • Who should recruit event vols?
    • Appoint a task master
    • Review old biz @ meeting
    • Volunteer instead of voluntold
    • Document guidelines, goals, roles, instance
    • Trello/task mgmt. tool
    • Review annual calendar
    • VC can help find vols, but does not manage
  • SCRIBE minutes discussion
    • November 30 minutes will be out by Tuesday, February 16
    • 72 hours good enough time frame to review
  • Task master discussion
    • Does Trello work for everyone?
    • Google calendar bad for tracking action items (i.e. things that happened yesterday); Bad tool if you miss anything
  • Identify producers early: TH; CC/LLC—who’s in charge rotation in booth; Having CC members contact AFs; Parking issues
  • Agreement at CC retreat ; Topics one week after calendaring require descriptions
  • Theme selection TH—have some kind of carpooling; To be discussed for next Town Hall
  • Memory, Trello, Calendar, CC list—Trello is task manager; Memory document repositories; Updating calendar regarding CC things
  • PARKING: Next door may be available for next Town Hall
  • Future topics not yet calendared list on CC board on Trello; List topics on there
  • CC sponsored events: Need timeline to post about event; If producing, promote at least two weeks before event (save the date); Order-of-operations? In past, Content lead posts CC topics
  • Deadlines/Guidelines for messaging; Should have a save the date
  • Announce: Piece-meal info; Would get moderated through or not; Flame made community business sent out mid-month; Announce would be company business (CC mtgs, safetyside); Form on website for submitting to announce or flame under contact menu; Compiled into roundup
  • Short-failings: No hard date set for RESPECT topic
  • Difference between Announce and Flame: Format; Flame not sent to Announce mailing list
  • Why Announce changed: Things being sent out; Limit to 1-2/month
  • Discussion: If producer of event, must be responsible for putting out word

MOTION: If it is a CC sponsored event, the producer needs to have a save the date announcement at least six weeks prior and definitive announcement at least two weeks prior

  • Can sent specific notification and will fail with someone; Bring back phone trees!!! As soon as date gets picked, it goes out there; Any time we have important topic for community


  • Discussion of technical details: Form for Announce to Susan, Website, Facebook/Twitter, Austin-List; Each announcement message is posted onto website
  • Communications waterfall for CC handbook
  • General process for how CC posts things; How does CC post as CC without going through Announce (web page, CC blog, monthly announcements?) NOPE
  • Put in CC handbook: If producing event, here are guidelines


  • Put out to Event coordinator; Let Mer know; Important to avoid ACL; Contact Mer; Let her know we will contact her Lead; Discuss date for proper protocol
  • Scribe nominations: Fewer ppl to wrangle is best
  • Picture day: AI—poll to determine CC and AFs availability to take photos (BEST DATES and dates to cover everybody)
  • Town Hall announcement and how to make it better
  • Flipside has Twitter @burningflipside
  • Format question: This is CC announcement for TH or (Topic)
  • Review TH meeting announcement; Facilitator for next meeting, check Trello/Memory – Announcement—Postpone TH announcement to determine date

MOTION: Facilitator will go and gather old business and keep track of what’s on Trello and Memory (to look at topic list)

  • CC business/new business—review announcement; On Memory; Not community topic; Facilitator sends out internal message


  • Trello is reminders for what needs to be updated

TOPIC: Flipside Town Hall Road Shows

  • Talk to Mer: Run by agenda; MCs Safety Thirdside scheduled March 12; Also inviting tc leads to

NEXT MEETING: Monday, February 29, 2016, 7:42pm


STACK: Pixie

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

TOPICS: Firearms (Clovis/Henry); Art and its consequences (Monkey)


CC Meeting 1 February 2016





SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

ATTENDEES (16): Clover, Turtlebunnie, Kat, Chim-Chim, Henry, Nobody, Breezy, Princess, Adam, Problem, Hellkitty, Hawk, Thomas, Decibel, Notfunnyatall, Clovis

TOPICS: Town Hall prep (All); CC operations (Turtlebunnie)



  • Nothing to discuss at this time

8:00pm TOPICS: CC operations (Turtlebunnie)

  • Discussion of individual CC member participation in TH preparation in the past vs. desired level of participation.
  • MOTION to table topic until next CC ops topic: PASSED; (Producing TH; Task accountability)

8:03pm TOPICS: Town Hall prep (Hawk)

  • Reviewed passport cards; Setup for Town Hall is at 10am

8:15pm REGIONAL UPDATE (St. Tiki)

  • Tickets aren’t out yet
  • Global Leadership Conference (GLC) coming up
  • Beginning to ramp up art deadlines
  • Houston Regional Burn “Broken Spring” in Liberty County; Contact Stephen or Andrew; March 17-20
  • Successful cleanup at Burners Without Borders Corpus Christi


  • Henry requested to open warehouse on Saturday at 10am; Lurko, Gallows, and Rocky are the warehouse managers

CC Meeting 25 January 2016


Monday, January 25, 2016

FACILITATOR: Turtlebunnie

STACK: Hawk, Clover

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

ATTENDEES: Mizu, Izzi, Hawk, Chim-Chim, Turtlebunnie, Clover, Kat, Monkey, Prost, Problem, Adam, Thomas, Henry, Pixie, Decibel, Collin, Notfunnyatall, Clovis, St. Tiki, Bonobo


7:59pm LLC UPDATE (Adam)

  • AAR had annual retreat; Discussed long-term topics
  • Mass Gathering Permit turned in
  • Ticket window is closed; Will try to plan event and number of attendees based on number of factors; MGP; Max head count will be established; May be lottery to keep numbers same

8:05pm TOPIC: TOWN HALL (Hawk)

  • Saturday, February 6
  • Decibel will be doing sound
  • Count on containers
  • Need port-o-potties
  • Warehouse cleanup this Saturday, 11am
  • Doing passports again this year
  • Sending out agenda to be updated; LLC 10mins; CC- Respect discussion notice; DAFT (Caleb)—make announcement at TH; CC talk to someone on Tinderbox; Safetyside and Safety are going to co-table (Safety Third)—Short presentation;
  • Julie—Genesis AF; Needs shade structure and table next to volunteers
  • Chairs will be set up inside; BYOC
  • Shortcake—Site prep AF
  • Sharing 3 things to a shade structure
  • Thursday—send message to ping neighbors about Town Hall
  • Passports: Encourage people to go chat with AFs
  • 10am setup; noon-tailgate; 2:30pm meeting starts; 4:56pm breakdown

8:19pm TOPIC: Children at Flipside (Hawk)

  • Looking at FS for what needs to be done; Red flags/safety issues to be generally aware of children and families; How children are part of Flipside
  • What are perceptions of parents/fears of way event is going now, and what do you want to change/where do you want this to go?
  • Is it still FS if there were no kids?
  • Some places like the red zones should be contained; Kids need to learn our values somewhere; Procedure to deal with parents who fall down on job;
  • Flipside is fun! It’s better than homework.” Calvin
  • People who prefer children not at Flipside: Some Burns simply don’t have children; Children are first and last the responsibility of the parents; Make responsibility more explicit to all parties; Lost parent/lost child protocol a part of FS; In sense of staging an event; Are we throwing a party, or are we building a community?
  • Lost parent: Handled on case-by-case basis
  • Liability on nudity with children? By letter of law, yes. Several levels of standards and discretion applied; Community standards; Leo discretion; perception of situation; Keep track of the context; Context matters (and how); Dependent on LEO; You are responsible for the situation
  • Members of red zone are more terrified of kids being there than vice versa
  • If camp is well-organized, there is a parent in charge; Assigned babysitter parent; Don’t want our presence to change FS; Nice to make buffer zone
  • Difficulty is that even if parents are present, if I’m doing something law doesn’t allow, I’m still liable; Should be careful in communicating that, including placement; Good to have red zone; Good to communicate you are responsible; 23-yr old may not be aware of that
  • Discussion of having minor on CC; Implications of 15-17 yr olds at FS;
  • Having above 13yr old on CC wouldn’t be a big deal; Community standards and norms apply to us as well
  • This is a big issue, and you might want to freak out! Should emphasize people’s responsibility; Good to communicate to community that they should take full responsibility; Impacts everyone involved; Issue—dealing with older minors; Campaign about carding minors; More individual bars and alcohol distribution be aware about everything about TABC applies
  • Welcome teenager as member of CC; There are legal frameworks that have to work; CC is an advisory board legally sanctioned; Social media communication has another set of standards that limit to 14-yr olds and above;
  • Can’t have a safe zone at FS; Can be harmed; When it comes to children at FS, need to be extra aware. They don’t know the risks; Risk of arrest discussion
  • Concerns of kink community/red zone: As mechanism (teenagers) (18 and under/13 and under); Brings greater liability/responsibility on organization; Would rather leave that to parents; Wristbands put more liability on us, and don’t protect anyone at all; If teen kids get a hold of wristbands, would be in more trouble; FS does not have a formal red-zone; Most kink camps want to be together
  • MOTION: To re-confirm our commitment to include families with children, and keep this a community event; Burning Flipside is a community event; Don’t want to say we are a family event; We are a community event and we value our community members of all ages or families with kids; MOTION PASSED
  • Every year, we should look for a reason to change the topic of the conversation; Reason why we are here is because it’s dangerous, hard; Children at FS is like children of the USA; Follow up with family values follows liberty
  • Concerned with hurting kids: Issue: Not a sustainable community if we are not talking as if children are part of our community
  • Reoccurring conversation—will go over wristbands; Every time convo comes up—kink camps were integral to infrastructure ops and getting FS off the ground

9:27pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis, St. Tiki)

  • GLC taking place March 31-April 3
  • Still haven’t announced ticket prices; Negotiating impact of tax
  • Litigation with BC Canada over trademark issues
  • Apogaea secured land in southwestern Colorado; Having issues trying to find EMS, Rangers, Fire; Two weeks after Flipside; Near Trinidad; Board reorganized

9:33pm AF UPDATE (Clovis)

  • AF meeting Thursday, February 4
  • Gearing up for Town Hall, Flipside, etc.
  • Project Manager for Bureau of Land Management for Burning Man; Apply now through February 8th

9:40pm OLD BUSINESS (All)

  • CC meeting scheduled for final day of Myschievia; Move from Oct 10 to Oct 17; PASSED
  • Tentative date: Fall Town Hall on 1st weekend of Oct. (ACL weekend); REVISIT and put on TRELLO
  • TOPIC: Consent—What topic you wanted it to be; Topics to cover; 2hrs with 15-min break in between; ageism, racism; Check with Doug; Idea of privilege; Intersection of realities; Sexism, ageism, racism;
  • Scope/Size?
  • CC promised the RESPECT 2.0 discussion at old warehouse; A lot of framing/restarting the conversation; If we want to change the answer, CC needs to own it and decides what it wants to do; Doug is instrumental in framing discussion; Want to identify the series/decide what it’s going to be; Recommend to do it in such a way that regional coordinators can bring this to other places; Can do what community needs and communicate; Important for us to lead
  • Having general respect discussion with smaller group discussions to speak about specific issues; Set up tentative dates
  • Announcement will be before Town Hall; AI: Have set date, time, etc. to send out on February 2; Put together before TH; 3 tentative dates
  • Website, official FB page, Announcement; Austin lists; Blurb will be sent on CC list
  • Suggestions for titling and wording: A respect discussion: How to talk about race and other things
  • Important to consider giving time to CC and LLC and other bodies—Set aside time to make sure to revisit topic and get everyone on the same page; What are we doing, and why? Need to have primer to discuss leadership; What are we saying? What are we agreeing on? CC should at least agree on what we are doing; Invite them to be part of the discussion; “Common definition of discussion”
  • CC PICTURES: Volunteerism; Org might need to take pics of other AFs; Email, time, calendar, date; Put on old business for next Monday; Beer and cider budget added with photographs

NEXT MEETING: Monday, February 1

TOPICS: Town Hall prep (All); CC operations (Turtlebunnie)



SCRIBE: Chim-Chim


CC Meeting 4 January 2016




STACK: Thomas

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

TOPICS: Volunteer recruitment (Dahling); Calendaring (All)

ATTENDEES (23): Breezy, Henry, Chim-Chim, Monkey, Hawk, Thomas, Mizu, Problem, Adam, Izzi, Decibel, Dahling, Pixie, Garrett, Sogo, Notfunnyatall, Princess, St. Tiki, Wrinn, Clovis, Cooper, Lance, Commander Awesomepants


7:57pm LLC UPDATE (Problem)

  • New waivers; New laws
  • Open carry; Warehouse host can ask anyone to leave if they feel it is disruptive; Still policy regarding law; If community input, can discuss changing policy ,would make actions less flexible;
  • Land recon this coming weekend; cc members invited; look at land; see how things are; figure out work weekends; Saturday; Shortcake will let everyone know;
  • AF meeting this week as well; LLC retreat before next CC meeting

8:01pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Dahling)

  • Leads went out this past weekend; 6 leads open Parking/Sanitation most significant; Leads need lieutenants; Meeting this Thursday at a disclosed location

8:02pm Parking

8:05pm REGIONAL CONTACT (St. Tiki)

  • GLC coming up
  • Nevada premium tax?
  • Regional contacts with Burning Man are St.Tiki, Cheyne Maclaskey, cLovis

8:09pm TOPIC: Distribution of tasks

TOPIC: Volunteer recruitment (Dahling)

  • Leads and departments that need to be filled with volunteers
  • Town Hall will be involved
  • How to get people to show up
  • Absenteeism w/ having empty shifts
  • More participation with THEME CAMPS?
  • How to stop burnout? Reasons people do stuff without jeopardizing themselves; what can we do to help that? How to communicate consequences?
  • For past several years, when we talk about volunteering, still talk like we’re being talked to; Shift that needs to happen without burnout; connect people with particular gifts; Need to explore spending more energy, not in just one position, but for us to talk about it differently; deeper participation; Introverts love perimeter, and tell people to go away;
  • Undercurrent—Engagement resentment; Will be communicated non-verbally with folks walking through doors for town hall; how to make community events engaging in pushing effort/hangover of last Flipside; Where can you participate/volunteer;
  • Engagement key to burnout; Engagement also excellent cure for burnout; burnout happens when you start diminishing your engagement; Lots of people got burnout for different reasons; As a volunteer event, volunteering is a privilege—you GET to volunteer, do these things; You don’t get to do that job if someone else has been doing that forever; Not just default of people doing position; Don’t manage interactions with other people; Are we making an environment that’s hard to get done? Bottom part of curve is as critical; Haven’t heard/thought of volunteering;
  • Culture shift about attendees; Need to figure how to engage people; Making announcements; Discuss acculturation; Participate besides making your own art;
  • Not enough gratitude to those who give few shifts; Most volunteering that happens are people who do straight up shift work;
  • Engagement with the event = Volunteering
  • Several notions usurped by other events/festivals/business interests employing independent contractors like BM to—people are purposely burned out; Festival/event/arts and music/community—is volunteering one of them? Can we see helping? Changing verbs PR/propaganda campaign?; ‘MAKE IT GO’ may have leverage
  • Participant-run event when I first started
  • People that don’t care of message being sent; Barriers to volunteering; Where we are at odds with rest of culture: Biggest problem; Huge confidence issue with new people; Hard to get people in door; not from sense of entitlement, lazy, selfish—lots of reasons for them to volunteer;
  • Keep greeter shifts open for random people; Keeping a couple of slots open to filter in new people; Does this look like fun? Here are some open slots
  • Safetyside: What does safetyside for volunteers look like? Flipside volunteer training; Can we do more of that? How does that look like?
  • Looks like Town Hall; Offer training on heavy equipment; Site ops rodeo
  • Theme camps to host newbie happy hour;
  • Burner Charm school; Sunday after Town Hall, host second general discussion for community;
  • All of this started at Flipside; Start at home; Town hall serves for—what does this organization do? Already is a ton of info;
  • What am I good at? All volunteers have to have overhead to do training; Positive feedback loop exists; Dahling/Doug/Thomas

8:58pm CALENDARING (All)

  • Town Hall business:
  • Adopt AF CC;
  • Volunteer retention

AF – CC member; Assist in preparing for Town Hall for booth setups; learn from them for needs they have so they can communicate that


Site Ops Clovis Hawk

Volunteer Coordinator Dahling Decibel

360 Mer Beth

Site Sign-off Wrinn Breezy

Art .E Henry

Site Prep Shortcake Pixie

Communications Russ George

Genesis Julie Turtlebunnie

Safety Serious Clovis

City Planning Stephy Cooper


2/1 Town Hall prep; CC ops

2/15 Town Hall recap; CC ops redux

2/29 Firearms (Clovis/Henry); Review CC announcement to see if we can make it more friendly; Art and its consequences (Monkey)


3/28 Review cc nominations messages; TBD; CC Comm with community (Beth)

4/11 Fireworks (Prost); FS use of social media (Monkey)

4/25 Leave No Trace (Pixie); tbd; Volunteering panic (Dahling)

5/9 TBD

6/20 Flipside recap, Event links; CC members (review cc membership/consider growth)

7/11 Fall Town Hall prep, calendaring


















CC operations

Event links

Leave No trace

Firearms at event


Contact for volunteerism; Theme camp registration/placement;

Community soapbox

  • Other issues of respect beyond racism
  • Art

FS social media presence; How it has been handled

Ways to encourage carpooling (TH topic)

After spring Town Hall; theme camp registration; subscribe to announce list

Ticket window is 1/7-1/22

In announce email; ticket prices $111 $111 $33 $0



TOPICS: Kids, families, policies, and culture, safety (Bonobo); Leave No Trace—What does it mean to us? (Wrinn)

Note: Anyone who owns a topic at this meeting is required to have a topic description posted one week after the calendaring date

FACILITATOR: Turtlebunnie


SCRIBE: Chim-Chim


CC Meeting 14 December 2015






ATTENDEES (14): Hawk, Clover, Chim-Chim, Kat, Dahling, Izzi, Turtlebunnie, Problem, Adam, Beth, Decibel, Clovis, Bonobo, Prost


8:01pm LLC UPDATE (Adam)

  • Leads-All-Hands happened this past weekend; Most of the new Leads have been chosen; There are still holes to be filled; Contact Dahling or the AF’s to find out more information for which positions are open
  • Tool Room build out/Small projects room: There will be people working on it this Wednesday and next Saturday; The small project area has been re-named to SPA
  • LLC is planning to file for the Mass Gathering Permit (MGP) before the end of the year
  • There will be a preliminary budget for the upcoming year to be handed out to the AF’s and Leads
  • Registration and ticket purchase will occur within the same two-week window, from January 7-22

8:10pm AF UPDATE (Dahling)

  • Leads are mostly filled, with 15-20 positions currently in progress; The updated list will be available soon
  • For more information on volunteering, contact Dahling at

8:12pm TOPIC: Cultural Appropriation/-ism Discussion (Kat/Beth)

  • RESPECT: Doug is working on outside facilitators to speak; There is a need to sketch out possible weekends
  • 10’ x 20’ canopies can be set up next door to have a quieter space
  • Two large meetings happened at the same time this past weekend at the warehouse; Question is: Should we do this discussion on the weekend?
  • Background: Feedback from the first meeting—It would be helpful to have people mediate these types of discussions; Several people have been asked to find resources, but we keep finding dead ends; Then, Doug found some people
  • There have been several ongoing conversations
  • MOTION: Kat will contact Doug and come to us with a proposal: PASSED (Note: Kat already has material prepared to show at the CC retreat (the way we talk about things)
  • Discussion over what date might be feasible, and whether this discussion should be a small versus large group; Discussion has not been enormous in the past; Possibility of limiting groups to 20, where Kat can offer a sign up sheet to close attendance; Or, she can do a lecture series
  • In the past, we have previously discussed small groups, but it might devolve into a gripe-fest instead of an educational opportunity; Discussion will spread the word out a little more; Signing up ahead of time may not be what we’re looking for
  • Determine format and date, and finish all the details at the CC retreat
  • MOTION: To decide details at the CC retreat; PASSED

8:46pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Dates for the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) have been posted
  • There is a post on ticket prices, with inflated early bird tickets available (proceeds go to the non-profit); LET THEM EAT CAKE

8:48pm TOPIC: Cultural Appropriation (All)

  • Question: Do we, as a CC, feel we need to do more, and is this topic in the hands of the organization? Last time we discussed this topic, it was decided that it is in the hands of the community; This does not go in the Survival Guide because its specific purpose is to cover liability issues which Cultural Appropriation does not fall into that
  • Discussions with each other is the best way to handle Cultural Appropriation issues
  • Other issues discussed: Ageism, Misogyny
  • Rules are dumb. We don’t like them.

9:02pm ROUGH CC AGENDA (All)

  • Beth and Hawk are the producers for Spring Town Hall
  • List agenda items first, then set times
  • Roundtable Royal Café: Covers more topics in a small amount of time; Utilizes separate meeting spaces, each with a specific topic
  • Make agenda at midnight; Go over things on the Trello board; Review agenda on Friday; Discuss further on the CC list
  • Start time: 10am (9:30am)
  • Tentative CC retreat agenda topics:
    • Racism/Respect (afternoon) (2pm)
    • CC Comm standards; Blurbs; Review things we send out; Set regular pattern so we can review blurb; Calendar checkpoints
    • How often to revisit topics?
    • Annual Arc; Meeting dates for the year
    • Sabbatical
    • Review/Approve handbook (60mins)
    • Trello demonstration/Memory/Tools (30mins)
    • Who can propose Topics
    • Scribe
    • Town Hall – is our process working; CC operations (60mins)
    • Set Town Hall dates; Advance or Permanent? (30mins)
    • Review agenda/calendaring process
    • Where are we going, and are we on the right track vis a vis Burning Man (Friday night cocktail hour)
    • Saturday morning: Open with review of the 3 principles
    • Lunch will be 75mins
    • Attendance reports?
    • CC Retreat Facilitator: Prost


FACILITATOR: Turtlebunnie


SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

TOPICS: Calendaring (All); Volunteer recruitment (Dahling)


CC Meeting 16 November 2015

Combustion Chamber Meeting

Monday, November 16, 2015

Facilitator: Pixie

Stack: Henry

Scribe: Charlcye

Attendees: Problem, Prost, Mer, Adam, Beth, Hawk, Decibel, Turtlebunnie, Clover, Pixie, Henry, Izzi, Breezy, Casey, Chim-Chim, Lurko, Tim, Private Bare, Psyche, Clovis, Dahling, Monkey, Charlcye, Dottie


7:50pm LLC UPDATE (Adam)

AF retreat this past weekend successful

7:51pm AF UPDATE (Mer)

Tentative date for Fall Town Hall; Recurring dates would be nice, however, volunteer burnout a risk, and people may burn out; Getting topic sponsored may be by AF

7:58pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

LOI still in process

7:59pm TOPIC: ART AT CHURCH NIGHT (Turtlebunnie)

Clarification—Art at WAREHOUSE

Not just at Church Night,but all nights.

CC Meeting 2 November 2015


Monday, November 2, 2015

Facilitator: Prost

Stack: Turtlebunnie

Scribe: Chim-Chim

Brad, Bo, Rick, St. Tiki, Chim-Chim, Breezy, Princess, Kat, Pixie, Turtlebunnie, Prost, Cooper, Commander Awesomepants, Problem, Monkey, Hawk, Adam, Beth, Decibel, Bonobo, Clovis, Thomas, Sam




7:56pm LLC UPDATE (Adam)

How big is Flipside ? Last year, sold shy of 3200 tickets; cap 3211; came within 20-30; Growth curve; Number actually showed 2850, less than 2014.

This year, talking about selling fewer tickets; look at number actually sold through ticket distro; cutting to 2900-3000; possible that event will be smaller; number of people at event greater.

Considering rain, number of no shows 15% is low number of no shows for us considering rain; fewer no –shows in 2014; this year, if have 5% no shows, will still be bigger than 2015;

Still kicking around numbers; even if it didn’t flood, it was hard year on volunteers; 2 leads and 1 AF personal crisis; another AF had to leave; Makes sense to cut back and give breathing room;

Summary—been meeting demand for tickets by distro extra in bonus round; All things up for consideration this year as to size. Lots of competing drives; Want to be inclusive; don’t want to turn away people, reducing pop size is way of telling people “Hey this is hard, if you want to still grow, it’s on you.”

The numbers are rough estimates; Still have to talk to safety teams, genesis AF.Don’t want anyone surprised about numbers changing; easy on volunteer base; have tools for volunteers to grow, but people have to sign up; Going to grow event again inside-out, develop structures, grow; Reset the org. The important thing about ticket numbers is Staffing shifts for 3200 ppl is different than 3000 ppl; Setting expectations is important for those teams; If we have smaller number of tickets, those ppl less likely need a ranger;

Land search is an ongoing thing under Short cake Site prep AF

AFs ,LLC members—idea: moving all parking to other side of county road; would change layout of property/logistics; AF’s and LLC make operational decision

AF UPDATE (Clovis)

AF meeting: Progressing along; planning AF/LLC retreat; first leads all hands second weekend in December set; discussed size of event; leads rodeo coming up;


  • Theme for BM: DaVinci’s workshop
  • BM staff had retreat on echelon; off big sur;
  • Discussion: Vancouver looking to expand 1,000-1,500 ppl; reaching out to us for input; Will do google hangout on Thursday;
  • Amsterdam has reached out to us; One-day decomp; been asked to put together a large event; early discussions;
  • BM intl grant open art grant due Tuesday; LOI for 2016due Mon. Nov 30; more info on website
  • Re-laying out the city(BRC)

TOPIC: CC handbook (Pixie)

  • AI: George to provide history of CC
  • Where to keep it: Memory; Wiki; Website; Leads binder on website?
  • AI: Voice memo from Tiki to send;
  • Prost will take on Wolf: Bring up on list every two months; Rotate with CC members;
  • Motion: every 8 meetings, ask wolf to keep or pass; blocked—wanna get it done
  • Two months too short; four months may be ok; May have nothing during that time;
  • Not worried about rotating; Some members would be blocked as wolf; Needs to be someone that checks email, wants to be wolf;
  • Let wolf decide;
  • Motion: every four months; check in; let wolf decide; When doing calendaring, ask wolf to step aside? Seconded;
  • Meeting checklist:
    • Second: 72hours (if we use numbers)
    • Separate tasks; Review tasks; decide date for next meeting; decide facilitator, stack, scribe; There should be another checklist; Reviewing tasks is facilitator responsibility; Change order; These used to be Scribe tasks;
  • Probationary Period
    • Percentages vs. 4/6 meetings; History: cc thinking of adding controversial ppl; think of it as more of a trial period;
  • Member statuses
    • People on sabbatical removed from closed cc list? Must practice it
    • Any limits to number of people on cc; guideline;
    • Sabbatical: Attendance is important;
    • People on sabbatical should be off closed-cc list;
    • CC should reserve to make decisions for CC; Schedule sabbaticals as future topic – may or may not be at retreat; Opinion on admin status on closed cc list
    • Change inactive to emeritus; Motion to change inactive to emeritus/lazy fuckers; emeritus fuckers; motion passes
    • Process for removing cc member? On that page? 60-70%;
    • Body should discuss who’s effective, based on what body decides;
    • Action that needs to happen is a discussion
    • Change to “You’re expected to attend meetings”; Last check was in 2010; cc should manage itself; rulebook does not manage cc;
    • Privilege vs obligation
    • Active cc members are expected to regularly participate in meetings; MOTION; motion passes
    • Minority court reports against what we voted on
  • Facilitating meeting/best practices
    • Reduce to bullet points
    • Recommend post meeting guidelines; Whoever is in charge of warehouse to take action; AI: Cooper takes ownership
    • Facilitator training as topics;
  • What does a cc do/not do? Defining is useful; As a way to set expectations (e.g. motions); potential cc candidates
  • New member selection process: on wiki
  • Tl; dr; List basics: for what we are/are not
  • FAQ:


  • DEPENDS on how we feel about camping; fire pit; land in Bastrop; Shower/bath facility; $5/person; Depends on date/availability; back yards;
  • Friday, December 18-Sunday, December 20 at Lake Travis; Arrive; Set agenda Friday night; Saturday, meeting, Saturday evening party; $85 fee; $1710: rent/deposit; Deadline for Wednesday;


  • postponed till further notice

photos: photographer Kati knows

calendaring: 25th of January: cc probationary; next meeting first of Feb

  • schedule cc pic day? 8th of February; motion passes depends on heather lynn
  • first weekend in Feb for suggested for spring TH Sat Feb 6; Jan meeting dates; Jan 4 ,19 th and 25
  • Concerns—getting leads recruited; last year was great turnout but at great cost; DAFT lead announced; The later we have TH, the later we have the road shows; ticket sales; volunteers; Purpose of Town Hall is communication;
  • MOTION to set date for Town Hall as February 6; Run by AF list to get input pending buy-in;
  • Meeting for 12/14; cultural appropriation and children
  • Meeting 1/25; Take on assignments; Prep AFs; Determine producer
  • PIXIE:

CC Meeting 30 November 2015






ATTENDEES: Problem, Adam, Princess, Hawk, Clovis, Chim-Chim, Breezy, Pixie, Gyesika, Bravo, Clover, Prost, Dahling, Julie, Monkey, Decibel, Henry, Kat, Eric,



  • First draft budget after this meeting
  • Freezer burn asked to use warehouse for building; Probably not this year; Wed—wood for tool room build; Will start soon


First submission of AR leads done; Will announce soon; Still working on volunteer system for next year


  • BM hired someone to help with volunteer system; Kim Cook; Announced prelim dates for GLC; Save date Mar 31-Apr 3, 2016
  • FS org submitted for white paper for this year; Panel

7:59pm TOPIC: Adult Camp Follow Up (Breezy)

  • Opening cattle guard made everything feel less restrictive; One camp’s music lead was not happy with lack of visibility at the beginning of the event, but changed his mind; People generally happy

    Several of the camps placed in the corral in 2015 have asked to go back this year; They have requested a complete loop to go around the camping area.  This is being considered. There are plans being made by those camps to include lights at entrance to attract more attention; Open camping in Outlands in corral;


ACCESSIBILITY; can get car back there, might have to be treated as burnable art site; would be awesome secondary burn site for art piece

Have fire lead and stakeholders available to discuss fire circle in adult theme camps area; temporal art installation navigation team; handle all art


Always fair amount of side conversations/discussions about the way we choose themes; specifically operational; Discussion about current process works or not;

No more stickers with negative space in between; get stickers with just stickers

Solution now is simplest; everyone has chance to buy into topic

Folks who miss town hall feel like they don’t get to buy in; try something less analog;

Some think it takes too long; too many themes that distract from real themes; Presentations are sometimes too long; People who are hurt by putting ideas they care about into an arena that doesn’t give a shit about their feelings; Not necessarily our job to fix; people think it’s a waste of time;

Online system thing: Most themes selected are based on presentations; Best part of town hall is in the presentations;

What do we do if people don’t show up? How important is the theme? How much work is it for people having to do town hall? If people wanna change that, they should be part of the cc;

Theme is the most important that doesn’t matter; flipside is gonna be what its gonna be;

Have to talk about it every year; Just as important as ludicrous methodologies;

Theme selection process: imperfections easy to understand and widely understood; If better idea for theme selection process, write it up and propose it while there is still time

I don’t think our process is unpredictable enough;

Toward s end of process, two front runners; those showed up with large crowd of supporters; popularity contest; has bias towards selecting themes based on process and not product; if we wanted a theme to be based on content than process, then we should tweak process;

FS owns sound meters; alternate voting method; get sound meter and vote for themes by who could make louder noise; Vote by sound meter

Not about having fairness and objectivity; it s having an art project; theme selected by one person who sits there thinking about theme and importance and dynamic on human condition; because of that, we are on shorter side remembering one thing; can do objectivity measures; at end of day, it’s a popularity contest; as long as community is deciding and proposing is all that matters

Mail in votes


Old business

Cultural Appropriation/-ism (Kat); Discussion on racism; cultural appropriation with customs

TH prep; setting up agenda

Save the date for leads all hands; Dec 12; same day as Santa rampage;

Facilitator: Hawk

Breezy: stack


CC Meeting 28 September2015




STACK: Turtlebunnie

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

ATTENDEES (24): Izzy, Problem, Adam, Thomas, Princess, Beth, Kat, Pixie, Turtlebunnie, Chim-Chim, Henry, Hawk, Breezy, Dahling, Monkey, Kate, Doc Mitz, Oxyace, Private Bare, Decibel, Clovis, Samantha, Bonobo, Jedi


7:53pm AAR/LLC UPDATE (Problem)

The office space will be completed shortly

No theme has been selected for Flipside 2016

Internet for the new warehouse is currently being worked on

DO NOT leave anything at the warehouse, even if it’s considered a donation; The warehouse has to make room before accommodating stuff; Please leave beer/Gatorade/water in the fridge; Non-consumable items will not allowed at the warehouse

7:57pm AF UPDATE (Dahling)

Nominations for Leads are happening; 62 positions are available; This is an opportunity to apply for a position; You don’t have to be a Lead, but can be part of the team; Leads nominations ends October 26;

Leads retreat will be on the weekend of November 15

4 new Leads created—Volunteer Assistant Squad, Tactical Art Installation and Navigation Team (TAINT), Genesis AF, and Safety AF

LEADS RECRUITMENT: Half the Lead roles have been filled; All positions are chances to learn

More information on Leads nominations and volunteer recruitment will be available soon via link from Susan

8:13pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

Letter of Intent (LOI) is due  out in October/November—This is a chance to receive art grant money from Burning Man; Money received goes toward your art project for Burning Man. If you, or someone you know, is interested in applying for an art grant from Burning Man, watch for email


Town Hall overall was a SUCCESS!!!

DRAWBACKS: 1) Need more shade; 2) Heat management (inside/outside warehouse); 3) Conduct meeting with more decorum; 4) Voting process could be improved; 5) Coordinate better on port-o-potties; 6) Better timekeeping; 7) DO NOT PARK IN THE LOT NEXT DOOR; Park in the street; 8) 6-packs full of empty bottles in the fridge and crushed cans behind certain areas of the warehouse are considered MOOP; 9) Need to run sound OUTSIDE; Develop a short list of sound people to contact for future warehouse events; A sound system for the warehouse is in the works; 10) Check with the warehouse managers before donating anything to the warehouse

MOTION: To discuss how we vote on themes; MOTION PASSES; Monkey will speak on this topic, and the topic will be put on the calendar


BACKGROUND: CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT, the Combustion Chamber (CC) handbook WILL outline the CC functions and responsibilities, and this will improve CC effectiveness; Discussion for this topic is specifically over what to do to become more effective; Although efficiency is nice, we don’t want to confuse it with effectiveness; We can do better to stay on top of meetings

GOAL: Effectiveness

CHALLENGES: There is not leader of the CC; This is a FLAT organization; The challenge is to define ways to backstop themselves to make CC operate more effectively.

DISCUSSION: Options regarding Action Items (AIs)—Designate a Task Master/Mistress/Taskinator; Owner of AI determines date, and reports back on that specified date; POINT OF INFORMATION—CC did have a Taskmaster in the past; Use Trello or Slack

A lot of the same things that prove efficiency also prove effectiveness; We ought to keep things short and concise; Consider renaming meetings to ‘PARTIES’; Some people who ramble, although not the best communicators, are sometimes trying to make a point; We want to make sure that all responsibilities we take on for Flipside and the money, time, effort, and warehouse is managed and reflected back-and-forth; The efficacy of a meeting is not predicated on the efficiencies or other shorthand that can call for people’s respect for time (mechanics); The point is to: 1) Have ideas; 2) Communicate; 3) Decide; 4) Deliver; We are FAILING on those; We need to sharpen our focus on specific tasks, especially those topics (ticket prices, shrinking the size of the event) that can get kicked back and discussed at a later date; Identify key things we can’t drop and spend time on the rest of it

Certain demographics (e.g. Those participants in their 20’s) will typically not get involved with CC meetings

When someone takes on a position/responsibility, we should all support that person, and ask how we can further help support

CC is NOT an operational body (with the exception of Town Hall)

Consider meeting up as a CC body at Flipside and having an OPEN FORUM at the creek—This would be good for community outreach where lots of ideas are pursued; Attend Church Night and ask community for topics to bring up with the CC/LLC in trying to make a better community

MOTION BACKGROUND: Considering we talk for a while over process/CC handbook, does anyone have a philosophical objection to holding people to those rules? It’s been stated that we can’t hold people to rules because ‘that’s not nice’

MOTION: To commit trying to hold down those rules; Motion passes

THE PHILOSOPHY OF PROCESS: The process is supposed to serve the body and not vice versa; The process can protect people from the efficiency of the meeting

The community has to take care of itself; There are always questions of why aren’t we taking care of [insert complaint here]

READ THE BOOK “The Tyranny of Structurelessness”

Research Trello and Slack

The most important items from the CC meeting minutes are the TASKS, MOTIONS (and blocks of motions, with explanations of the block), and SPECIFIC ITEMS

Ask the community, “What would you like to see at the new warehouse?”

Develop Quick Guide for Trello; Set up projector for how to use Trello

MOTION: To add AIs to end of each meeting—a review of immediate AIs to ensure we are staying on task; MOTION BLOCKED; Reason—Need to specify or explicitly call out and separate items into different MOTIONS, and work with each motion

MOTION: To add to recurring agenda at the end of our meetings time to discuss existing action items (AIs); MOTION PASSES

MOTION: To manage AIs—Set for the next meeting; CC will decide in brief discussion at the next meeting what tools (Trello, Slack, Google docs, etc.) to use; MOTION PASSES

MOTION: Pursuant to the discussion of what tools to use, we move to gather requirements for that tool so that we evaluate that tool, and have requirements for said tool for the next tool; Motion is to use Trello; MOTION PASSES

POINT OF INFORMATION: AAR/LLC is currently working to make task management happen easily

MOTION: If you take an AI, you are responsible to put it in Trello; MOTION BLOCKED; Reason NA

Turtlebunnie volunteers as Tribune to work with Trello

MOTION: When a motion is made, a second stack will be used until the motion is complete, and then we return to discussion; There shall be no more than ONE MOTION at a time; AMENDMENTS go on stack; MOTION BLOCKED; Reason—Request for further discussion online with other members to weigh in; Discussion is kicked to the next meeting; POST PROPOSAL TO CC LIST that acts as a motion


We are a consensus body…silence is consent if you don’t say anything


Theme Voting Process (Monkey) scheduled for Monday, November 30, 2015

NEXT MEETING: Monday, October 19, 2015


STACK: Breezy

SCRIBE: Charlcye

TOPICS: Meeting Room Booking Policies (Beth); Warehouse Storage Policy (Prost)