CC Meeting 25 April 2016


MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016


STACK: Breezy

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

ATTENDEES: Adam, Princess, Problem, Izzi, Turtlebunnie, Maria, Whim, Chim-Chim, Clover, Breezy, Dahling, Hawk, Clovis, Private Bear, Kat, Monkey, Wrinn, Commander Awesomepants, Notfunnyatall, Cooper, Pixie, Prost, Henry, Rose, Xander, Bonobo, Samantha

TOPICS: Volunteer Panic (Dahling); Leave No Trace (Wrinn)


MOTION: CC recommends to LLC to either change the names for Earth Guardians or Guardians; BLOCKED


  • Warehouse is not a donation site for furniture; Do not leave furniture; Contact warehouse manager before dropping off
  • Preliminary map will be available May 1st; Gate crew will go over dry run
  • AFs will have discussion for Leads All Hands this week


  • There will be a discussion over volunteering at the work weekend coming up
  • Safetyside went well. Ended early for flood warning
  • Leads All Hands this week
  • There is more work to be done at work weekend
  • There will be a new traffic pattern; A figure-8 around effigy

7:57pm TOPIC: Volunteer Panic (Dahling)

  • 70% staffed minus Safety teams
  • Ice is almost full
  • Sanctuary is full
  • Biggest area needed is Parking and Guardians
  • Volunteer assistant Squad 60% full; Job description: Taxi service for volunteers; On-site volunteer recruitment; Tech stuff
  • Earth Guardians needs help
  • Need ppl for after Tuesday to load trucks for Recycling
  • Shaven Apes needs more ppl
  • Last day help with DAFT
  • Volunteer roulette online

8:03pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Applied for status for this year
  • Lots of regionals coming up; Soak, Mid-Burn, Saguaro Man, AfricaBurn

8:05pm TOPIC: Leave No Trace (Wrinn)

  • Reasons: Before FS, read threads from BM, and the hypocrisy of pollution; After FS, we didn’t do the best job cleaning up; Unsafe; Grass too high; What are our feelings on LNT? Tactics—cigarette butts; Should we expend an effort; Intangible—Carbon emissions; Have an accountability principle; How accountable does community want us to be?
  • We do leave carbon; After every burn, plant trees; Using generators and burning effigies; Planting a tree wouldn’t hurt the environment; LNT also involves not messing with animals; Someone took an animal off land last year; Call game warden before taking an animal home to rehab if you feel the animal is in danger
  • Whatever you take out there, you take home
  • Did we handle aftermath of Floodside effectively? We didn’t harm reputation with landowner; We have high standards and he appreciates that
  • Less carbon-neutral weekend, then no trace; How did it shift to carbon-neutral week? Discussion over principles; Is this a formal goal for the organization? What level are we looking for?
  • Ideas: Camps coordinating on carbon diesel engines; Solar—ppl who know about solar rigs, and a workshop would be cool to build for camp; Do around mid-winter; IF ONLY WE HAD A WORKSHOP HERE :p
  • Cleaned up things from other events; Twinkles to Shortcake!
  • Carbon footprints: Challenge theme camps to think about own carbon footprint; Approach is smaller and more manageable
  • Do you want ticket money spent on planting trees? Tree folks has a calculator
  • Single box with marine battery and inverter; Battery is solar-charged; More ac/dc power for lighting; It’s doable and can be scaled up to theme-sized unit; Can have workshop
  • Making event carbon-neutral: Don’t know how to have event if we cant drive out there; Can work on efficiency; Limit to how carbon neutral we can be; More of a long-term, incremental thing
  • Even in the best of years—talk about education—there is moop left behind; Question—What do we do for those who don’t get education
  • LNT is internally inconsistent idea: Can’t possibly be clear and consistent; We leave footprints; Disturb plants; Release emissions into trees; Chemtrails over effigy; Fair amount of heat into soil; We make changes to things; Can’t go there at all on a work weekend without making any changes; What we are talking about is—We have decided as a community that LNT is important to us, so what do we want to say; It’s something some ppl do sometimes and some don’t; Only going to get a community consensus
  • Part of question is HOW? Against using ticket money on LNT; Love idea of empowering each other; If ppl arguing about being carbon-neutral event; In exchange to not living with so many rules, we have to live up to a higher standard
  • Would not recommend spending money on resources; We don’t fund art
  • Being better to not have things handed down from on high; Individual convos help
  • Having donation checkbox to help plant trees; Choose to leave more or less; Not saying using ticket money should be used
  • Recycling: Strain on volunteers, and lots of work; How does recycling fits into LNT philosophy; Ppl who come from out of town; Recycle Camp?
  • Checkboxes: Checkbox for art goes to org within community; We don’t have a separate org in the burnerverse to do that; Now we’re burdened with who’s the best org to give it to; Can discuss standards
  • Bring up to CC whether we should to continue Recycling; Didn’t have enough resources as a camp, so it went full-on
  • Some resources go to LNT, but at what level?
  • Half the goal is to convert assholes by talking to ppl, or publicly shaming on FB
  • Volunteers for Recycling show it’s a community-supportive event
  • How do we empower each other individually; Stressing how serious LNT is
  • Answer—whatever the AF feels is an acceptable amount of work; As long as community can agree operational ppl are accountable for what is acceptable; WHATEVER WRINN THINKS IS ACCEPTABLE
  • Education is still the main thing
  • Leave No Trace existed before Burning Man; Individual/Camp/Community principle that we don’t need to kill our volunteers with
  • Pro-tip: Contractor bags labeled with red or green
  • LNT: Leave it better
  • When we get feedback as to how we did, we can be communicators in being source of education; Earth Guardians is low on volunteers
  • Every year we do great; Try to top ourselves every year; Try to evolve, eventually bring carbon;

MOTION: CC recommends to LLC to either change the names for Earth Guardians or Guardians; (Restoration); BLOCKED; LLC doesn’t tell departments to change their names


  • Change TH date again? TH date to be in a super position of states;
  • Respect discussion: Unofficial; Posted on-site on sign;
  • Scribe nominations: Mer’s responsibility to find Scribe? Who vets? Names given, then interviewed; Put community call-out; Message in handbook?
  • Pictures: To be taken at mixer; All CC members invited; Clovis will take AI
  • Mixer: Next meeting, May 9; Informal as fuck; Bring enough for yourself to drink; Listen to what you guys want to talk about; Bring your favorite beverage; Burning Topics; If you can’t make it to the mixer, if you see us at Flipside, talk to us; Need sticky notes; Name tags for CC members; Wear orange cones on our heads
  • Burners without Borders (BWB): Success; 4 groups in total hauled out 20ft dumpster; Full moon tide brought up waste; Listed on Rideshare; Considered an official event

NEXT MEETING: Monday, June 20, 2016


STACK: Turtlebunnie

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim