CC meeting 3 November 2014

  • ATTENDEES: Doug, Princess, Mark, Decibel, Turtlebunnie, Pixie, Katie, Izzi,
    Problem, Chim-Chim, Henry, Monkey, Bonobo, Clovis
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Stack: Turtlebunnie
  • Scribe: Chim-Chim



  • AAR/LLC is continuing to look for potential warehouses
  • Budget meeting scheduled for November 18 and 20 (Review w/ AF’s)
  • Mass Gathering Permit is currently being processed, with hopes of getting the application done by the end of the month; Review of permit takes up to 35 days; First year application was performed in March; Last year’s application was performed in February

8:08pm AF UPDATE

  • AF’s performed a Leads rodeo with few unfilled/uncertain positions remaining
  • No official date for announcement of Leads has been set
  • AAR will review liability Leads; AF contacts will be informed tonight; Confirmation with nominees will be executed; Announcement of Leads will be scheduled upon completion
  • Planning and Budget meeting scheduled for November 20
  • Approximately 69 Leads have been accounted for (Same approximate number as last year)
  • Regional Outreach position has been reactivated
  • Definition of ‘Leads Rodeo’: Process by which CC announces Lead positions are open; Community is encouraged to nominate others/themselves for positions



  • 15 different agencies have been contacted to host a conversation over racism
  • The CC needs someone trained in facilitating the conversation; However, the agencies don’t do it much anymore; The working model has shifted; The CC can hire a professor, but doing so doesn’t meet the community’s needs; What organizations want is for community members (of the Burner community) to send people for training in race facilitation for the organization
  • Other agencies will do a systematic analysis
  • Getting someone to come out to speak has been difficult; However, the CC has been able to find people who have interesting pullout pieces of interest of diversity, in general (People who have similar instances of cultural appropriation)
  • What needs to happen next/What does the CC want versus what does the CC get?
  • Discussion over calendaring: Look into March 2015; Pull 2-3 evenings
  • Discussion over what do we need, and how we should go about it
  • Possible speakers: Discussion of Martin Snowden’s Forgiveness Project: Using a personal approach instead of a theoretical approach; Scott Howser (sp.) grew up in South Africa in apartheid; Excellent resource to share story
  • Possible speakers: Professor of diversity at St. Edwards with a decent introduction to ‘white privilege’
  • Possible speakers: Professor of African history
  • Calendaring: CC interested in picking a topic to discuss every Thursday night
  • Discussion over racism versus conflict management and what distinguishes between the two; Also, discussion on respect and effective communication
  • CC feels it is important to discuss and appropriate to do as an ongoing conversation, answering the questions: How do we perform better online communication (besides Facebook) and still carry forward a constructive conversation? Why can’t CC make a post about racism? The problem is—do we want to dictate right or wrong to the community?
  • Motion proposed and seconded: Based on availability, schedule Thursday nights in February/March 2015 for the discussion and sharing of topics related to racism (within the first quarter of 2015) at the warehouse; Motion PASSED
  • AI: Reach out to community for additional participation and information given to individuals on topic of racism; Create sub-committee that can make decisions (based on availability); Discuss with LLC on funding speakers; Pixie volunteers to work with sub-committee; Bean has also shown interest in helping; Katie shows interest in helping


  • Motion proposed and seconded: Table discussion to another time; Motion PASSED
  • Motion to move topic of whipped cream: Topic has been rescheduled to Monday, December 1, 2015
  • Future CC topics of discussion: 11/17: Do we still want a warehouse? Communications; Spring Town Hall date; 12/1: Cultural respect; 12/15: Safety; 1/5: Moving east till next calendar session; Move east date 12/1
  • AI: Hand-held laser use: Move to get it calendared; CC considers this more of a community-oriented conversation; There currently is a need for discussion over the dangers in the use of lasers


  • Facilitator: Henry
  • Stack: Pixie
  • Scribe: Chim-Chim