Envelope Art 2017

The creativity and sheer joy evidenced in the envelope art this year was just amazing. Here’s just a small sampling of it.

Come on down to Town Hall, Saturday, 26 Sept 2015

Fall Town Hall will be at the new warehouse, 3106 Industrial Terrance. The event itself starts at 2:34 PM, tailgating starts at noon. Park on the street–we won’t have off-street parking available. Carpool if you can.

We’ll be hearing updates from AAR, LLC, the Combustion Chamber, the DaFT team, and more. We’ll also be hearing theme nomination presentations, then voting on the Burning Flipside 2016 theme.

AFTERPARTY: Join us at 7PM, at the old warehouse, 1023 Springdale Rd, for music, beverages, and reminiscing. We’re saying goodbye to our old home, so let’s send it off with a bang.

Both events are BYOWhatever You Need To Be Comfortable. Bring a chair, a beverage to share, and a way to carry it all home with you when you go. Both events are, as always, Leave No Trace.

Flipside Flood Relief

Our friends at Flipside Flood Relief are putting on a fundraising event, Sam Houston’s Drag Show & Rococo Rodeo.

Flipside Flood Relief is raising money for both Flipizens and Milam County residents affected by the Memorial Day flood. If you want to help, this is a great opportunity. They’re also encouraging folks to hold their own fundraisers.

Here are the details on their upcoming event:

What’s better than elaborate-to-the-point-of-excess gender bending? Gender bending for charity, of course!

Come join Flipside Flood Relief as we make our fantasy of late baroque cowboys and cowgirls a reality at Sam Houston’s Drag Show & Rococo Rodeo!

Ticket info:

General Admission- $30 in advance, $40 at the door ($30 for those dressed extra fabulously)

Includes a commemorative Silipint, a raffle ticket, drinks, games, prizes, and an evening of spectacular costumes, music, and merriment!

VIP package- $75 (advance sales only)
Includes all of the above plus a fabulous VIP dinner and concert and 5 raffle tickets!

Additional raffle tickets can be purchased for $5 each.

Ticket link:


More details about the party and specific timeline to come, but for now:

7pm – 10pm: The (only slightly) less raucous part of the evening. We’ll have dinner, entertainment, and a hootenanny. Maybe even a hoodang.

10pm – midnight: The tomfoolery kicks into high gear. We’ll have more entertainment and dancing.

All proceeds from this event will go through Flipside Flood Relief to benefit attendees of our local Burning Man-style event, Burning Flipside, and residents of the county where our event is hosted, Milam County, who were impacted by flooding and tornadoes on Memorial Day 2015.

Preliminary event report

Ticketing and participation

  • 3193 tickets sold: the most ever, and very close to our hard limit of 3211. Why didn’t we sell all of them? Typically we hold back a few for last-minute volunteers in key departments, and sometimes they go unused–because the person got a ticket by other means, or couldn’t come to Flipside, etc.
  • 2852 past gate: second-most ever.
  • 10.6% no-show rate. That’s not as low as 2014, but lower than 2012 or 2013.

Theme camps

More theme camps than ever were registered: 155.


More art projects than ever were registered: 74. Arc Attack debuted the world’s largest singing Tesla coils despite incredibly difficult conditions.

38 art cars were registered, although due to the mud, they were not able to circulate as freely as we’d like. Art cars were limited to the river road and corn-field road during those times that they could circulate at all.

There were questions during the event as to whether we would burn the Effigy. The conditions under which we would not burn it are generally high winds or a burn ban, neither of which prevailed on Sunday night. Wet conditions are not an obstacle.


Reports from the various departments are still coming in. We do know that Real Life kicked a few leads in the ass right before the event, which caused some scrambling, but our community is full of rockstars, and those positions did get filled.

As always, volunteering–particularly in the Safety departments–remains one of the key factors limiting event size.

Challenges, issues, community concerns

The line at Gate on Thursday

Sixteen truckloads of road base were laid on the roads at the event site immediately prior to the event. However, muddy conditions made it unwise for anyone to pull off the road, so everyone was as slow as the slowest vehicle. Effectively we were limited to one lane of traffic everywhere. We heard varying reports of how long the wait time was, but as of about 10:00 PM Thursday, wait time was about 2.5 hours (this is based on measurements of pulse time and a line count: pulse = 7 minutes, cars per pulse = 10, cars in line = 220). Everyone who was in line at midnight was processed, with the last people being processed at about 1:30 AM. Gate, Greeters, and Parking all went above and beyond.

To reduce the bottleneck at the Greeters station, Greeters moved out onto the road before Gate and “pre-greeted” people in their cars. Zone Czars (formerly Zone Greeters) was shut down by 10:00 PM, so Greeters on the road had maps and were helping people find their camps. Someone remained at the Greeters station with a map to give people a second chance to look at the map.

Gate pulsed people through and worked admirably fast. The new ticket system revealed a few quirks, but on balance was a huge improvement.

On Friday, some additional road base was laid at Gate to create a small pull-out area.

Pre-event tree collapses

A large pecan estimated to be 200 years old uprooted itself and fell the Friday before the event. This wound up being cut up and piled in the Plaza del Fuego area in the middle of the pecan grove. Another pecan nearby was identified as possibly unhealthy and cracked as soon as one of the landowner’s sons took a chainsaw to it on the Tuesday immediately pre-event.


Three service animals were admitted with AAR’s permission. Kate Ludlow found a stray mother dog with four puppies on CR428, all were delivered to the Austin Animal Center. All have been adopted as of this writing. A stray yellow dog arrived on site on Saturday. It went home with a participant. A stray black dog arrived on site on Sunday. [not sure of status].


There were four known gatecrasher incidents, each involving multiple people.


One serious injury. No ambulance rolls.


Reports from Safety volunteers and our Weather lead are still coming in. The following is preliminary. It’s safe to say that Flipside had a case of the Mondays.

We knew beforehand that Monday was certain to receive rainfall, and many Flipizens prudently prepared to leave early—many people left immediately after the Effigy burn, and many more left early on Monday. The result is that, of the 2852 people who participated in Flipside, only about 130 were left to experience the weather events on Monday.

On Monday afternoon around 4:00 PM, we experienced straight-line winds that pegged our weather station’s meter at 50 mph; the rainfall measurement was unreliable, but there was a lot of it. We escalated ICS shortly thereafter with Geo as Command.

About an hour after the storm abated, the San Gabriel river started rising about 1″ per minute. The upstream gauge at the town of Laneport reached 16′ (normal is about 5′), and the river’s flow measured at Laneport was roughly 4000 cfs (normally does not exceed 100 cfs). These are unusually readings, and coupled with the fact that the ground was already saturated, the influx of water had nowhere to go but up. This led to flooding at the event site starting around 6:00 PM, with the waters cresting around 2:00 AM. By 7:30 PM, the event site was divided into three temporary islands, which we referred to as Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie divisions. These had about 90, 30, and 20 people on them, respectively.

At 1:00 AM, a water rescue was requested for people in Bravo. At about 2:00 AM, a game warden from Texas Parks and Wildlife arrived and evacuated 6 people from Bravo, including 3 who had minor medical issues. There have been reports of 40 people being evacuated, but these are incorrect. After these six were evacuated to an area of the property accessible by road, which we called Delta division, the evac was called off due to receding water levels.

By morning, the waters had receded almost completely, the islands were reconnected, and we were able to leave.

Last-minute news before load-in

Apparently due to heavy rain loosening the soil, a tree fell over and uprooted itself during an equipment dropoff at the event site today, in the area where many theme camps are located, approximately where Plaza del Fuego appears on the map.

Those of you who were at Flipside in 2013 will recall that a tree fell during the event then, and some of you may know that a tree fell shortly before the event in 2011.

So falling trees have been an aspect all along, and pecan trees are known for their self-pruning. These tree falls have caused no injuries, although the 2013 incident did cause property damage. In fact, the collective response to the 2013 tree fall–both on site, managing the incident, and afterward, when we all came together to help out those whose property had been damaged–turned out to be shining moments for our community.

Clearly we cannot guarantee that no more trees will fall. We all take risks when we participate in Burning Flipside, and this is one of them. What we can say is that our community has practice in dealing with this kind of situation, and we support each other.

In the meantime, if you have a chainsaw and want to help clear away the tree that is down, bring it to the property on Saturday.

Adam Rice, on behalf of AAR, LLC, which also includes
Noreen “Izzi” Long,
Patrick “Problem” Boyd,
Thomas Monclova, and
Trevor “Princess” Goodman

CC meeting 23 March 2015


MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015


STACK: Turtlebunnie/Bonobo

SCRIBE: Chim-Chim

TOPICS: Recycling (Pixie); Flipside without a Burn (Prost)

ATTENDEES: Problem, Adam, Danny, Olivia, Decibel, Izzi, Pixie, Turtlebunnie, Prost, Wrinn, Breezy, Princess, Chim-Chim, guest, guest 2, Henry, Monkey, Bonobo, Beth, Brently, Cydney, Clovis

7:59pm         MEETING BEGINS

8:00pm         LLC UPDATE (Adam)

–       WW weekend was cancelled this past weekend

–       Casey (Site Prep AF) –  Property in good shape; Cleanup work and maintenance are still needing to be done

–       Corral—Kit has cleared it out; twice as much useable space than last year; 80 x 130 yards; Awesome potential for art placement

–       Gate meeting will be scheduled

–       Need Leads all hands within next two weeks

–       AF meeting this coming Wednesday

8:04pm AF Update

8:05pm         TOPIC: Recycling (Pixie)

–       Thoughts on wanting to do this year?

–       Periodic topic: Theme camp started doing recycling themselves; Then, job got too big; Rolled into Earth Guardian area; Job was getting too big, again

–       There are (2) different positions now

–       Putting bins is considered in-the-past

–       Misconception—Recycling pays for itself; False belief; Not all recycling places take steel; 10 – 15 cents per ticket to cover bags $350/yr; higher or lower; Equates to 3-4 tix approx..

–       From a Volunteer standpoint—It takes 30 slots to run recycling

–       Impact on event itself—It does make a mess; Not as bad as it was last year; could have prepped better for rain

–       Impact on values and beliefs—Impacts self-reliance aspect vs. Part of don’t have self-reliance, but cooperation; Communal effort

–       From personal standpoint, it does help clean up; Helps sustainability

–       Feedback—Everyone loves recycling; Individually, some don’t like it; It’s the idea of recycling they don’t like because of the need to practice self-reliance;

–       Not as much with cans; glass issue; Cans, aluminum—choices? Simplified; Cans, cardboard, glass; Tin, steel, aluminum separate;

–       History—Didn’t used to be as separated; How much education getting out to community? As we get closer, will do more—Earth Guardians and Recycling

–       WRITE ARTICLE ON RECYCLING: Why it’s important? What do you take?

–       Some people don’t care as long as community takes care of it; Ideally, people would take care of their own stuff and thus having no site sign off at all;

–       Why should I pay 10 cents for everybody else to do it?  Part of communal effort and ethics for everyone to participate; Part of collective ethic to welcome people

–       Might not be using it, but eventually will; Convenience

–       Cooperation is one of our principles

8:27pm         Motion has been made and seconded to close stack; Motion passes

8:29pm         CC continues to support recycling; Motion and seconded; Passed

8:30pm         TOPIC: FLIPSIDE WITHOUT A BURN (Prost)

–       Milam County currently not under a burn ban

–       Insurance: Stumbling block on insurance: Insurance or no event; Don’t know insurance repercussions since Utah burn; What does Flipside look like without a Burn?

–       From insurance perspective: There is more concern with how other events handle theirs; Lawyers are more concerned about Art cars

–       A giant fire qualifies as an Obvious Hazard

–       In the past, someone has sued Burning Man; From liability standpoint, the biggest problem is a  Burn ban; There were two Flipsides (2009, 2002) where we didn’t have a Burn; Not a new reality; If Flipside continues, will have burn bans; Anyone submitting an effigy proposal will have to include a  “no burn” plan in proposal that includes a budget for hauling the effigy off the property if no burn exists

–       Question: How do we, as community, replace the catharsis we get from having a big fucking fire; we can’t put that all on daft lead to fill gap;

–       Alternative catharsis lead: Come up with someone else instead of ACL

–       Last time a burn ban came up, we had alternative solutions; However, people were unsatisfied with the solution

–       Implement Poll to the community asking for ideas

–       Alternate destruction needs

–       Consider having volunteer teams to take it apart and reduce it to several barrels; It’s not fair to put the job on Leave No Trace (LNT) department, or DAFT, in determining how the effigy is going to be moved

–       Alternative solution: Donate to Habitat for Humanity: Only whole pieces of lumber; If donating lumber is not an option, then make planters out of it: Most non-burn plans go take apart and haul and tiny thing on burn night instead

–       How to make non-burn plans better: Do whatever DAFT wants to do with it from poll

–       In 2002, “House of Cards”, there was a burn ban; The compromise consisted of the community running with sledgehammers, and taking pieces;

–       Cleanup will not disassemble effigy; DAFT does it or knocks it over;

–       Everyone enter a raffle to win effigy; and raffle for steel;

–       Alternatives: Find land for trench burning for disposal

–       Regarding the catharsis issue: DAFT came up with plans: In 2011—the idea was to destroy the  bridge by destroying its railings; Pieces would have been given to the community; Beast—saw horns off head;

–       Catharsis of freak; Face collapsed and there was a fire next to it

8:55pm         REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

–       GLC in couple of weeks; Same weekend as work weekend; 2nd weekend in April

–       Meet n greet went well

8:59pm         Facilitator: Turtlebunnie

Stack: Pixie

Scribe: Chim-Chim

Topics: Cultural Appropriation (Bonobo)


CC meeting 9 March 2015

Combustion Chamber Meeting Monday, March 9, 2015

Attendees (15)
Izzi, Prost, Adam, Chim-Chim, Decibe, Augustin, Breezy, Turtlebunnie, Pixie, Doug, Wrinn, Henry, Bonobo, Clovis, Psyche


LLC UPDATE (Problem)

  • Emails on ticket confirmations will be sent out this week
  • North Texas Town Hall road show went well this past weekend; Not as big a turnout as the Houston Town Hall Road Show
  • Work weekend March 20

8:03pm AF UPDATE (Wrinn)

  • Reminder Safety Side sign up form is still open.

365/24/7 AF UPDATE (Augustin)

  • Warehouse host training will be this Thursday, March 12, at 7pm
  • All interested in being a host, please contact Augustin
  • This is a liability position

8:04pm TOPIC: RESPECT (Doug)

  • Currently have names from Undo Racism Austin
  • Marisol Caballero (sp?), Julie Gillis, and Asante Todd would be the speakers
  • AI: Set dates and approve people
  • Topic started from heated exchanges related to the community
  • Tentative dates: April 2, 23, 30; More info will be provided upon confirmation


  • Idea is to help clear rosters and set expectations of members
  • Currently there are (3) LLC email lists; CC has similar lists
  • Current policy on attendance: Expect at least 70% attendance; If someone is not showing up, then members should speak with them in person
  • There is a duality to the nature of the CC: The community is poor at writing stuff down; The only thing we have is in our brains; Challenge is how to cycle new blood without losing the tribal knowledge
  • Scribe usually presents attendance sheets at the end of the year
  • All CC is discussing is the ability to vote; Term limits act as a guideline only; It’s an institutional view towards wisdom where we honor the old voice and welcome the new; There is a constant lap of mentoring
  • Recruitment of new CC members should take place at all times
  • Not an obligation, but a limitation aspect
  • Abundance vs. scarcity; What makes volunteerism work? What cultural shifts are taking place?
  • People from the outside-looking-in see the Combustion Chamber as a topic-driven forum; One of the things people are interested in is an open forum where people can bring up questions or topics they’d like to discuss; Consider having an open forum and invite people to participate
  • Currently have a database on theme camps; Consider having a theme camp meet-n-greet in efforts of recruiting for leadership positions in the CC; Bonobo would be interested in talking further about this in the next meeting
  • Have Church Night as a challenge to get someone to come to the next CC meeting with a question/topic

9:13pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Midway project is happening instead of Souk and Caravary (sp?)
  • Burning Man Global Leadership Conference (GLC) is April 9-12 in San Francisco
  • Same weekend before CC meeting; Some may not be in attendance for the CC meeting
  • AI: GLC debrief beforehand on input

NEXT MEETING: Monday, March 23, 2015

Recycling (Pixie); Flipside without a Burn (Prost)


Attachment: Week of Years – Recommended Guidelines for Term Limits.

Recommendation for Term – Week of Years / Sabbatical rotation
Seven Year Cycle
Two Year “minimum commitment”
Five year max
Two year sabbatical (Two Flipsides) An LLC seat would restart the clock

Current Configuration
Recruitment, 2 Year Commitment, self imposed retirement*

5 Year Rhythm
Year) 1 Novitiate Year (orientation and internal critique)
Year 1-3) Initiative years
Year 4) Recruitment
Year 5) “Mentoring”

Begin with Volunteers who have served over 5 years. Rotating out no more than 2-3 per year till cycle catches up. People considering stepping down should be aggressive about recruiting and encouraging participation in CC meetings before they step down.

Purpose for the imposition of limits.
To promote more proactive recruiting for participation in the CC
To foster more diversity on the CC that correlates with the evolution profile of the event
Communal context
17 Years – a community coming of age
“Create a forum” [Communication, participation? Communal Contribution]
Potential development of a *venue vs forum (context plus location) participants

CC Profile with relevance to participating seats.
Non Seasonal / Event driven
Not for Profit / Non-exempt
Principle Driven (Not Goal)
Non Operational – Task affiliated.
Traditional – Emeritii Eligible
Volunteer – Unpaid
Self Selecting – Non review

What if we are short on people?
A) You won’t be B) These are guides not rules
What if someone wants to come back and it’s a big council?
A) Solve the problem B) Postpone return 3) be too big D) Inquire about others

CC meeting 23 February 2015


Problem, Princess, Adam, Izzi, Gyseka, Pixie, Chim-Chim, Henry, Wrinn, Decibel, Clovis


  • LLC UPDATE (Problem)
  • AF REPORT (Wrinn)

7:42pm LLC UPDATE (Problem)

  • Ticket openings was completed
  • Overhead tickets (difference between our self-imposed ticket cap and the total number of tickets that we’ve sold and set aside): 294
  • Total ticket requests received: 2917
  • Tickets will be sold during the Flipside Town Hall road shows in Houston and Dallas
  • Emails will be sent out regarding tickets within the next week (or two)
  • Secondary market
    • Tickets will be available during the Flipside Town Hall road shows
    • There is currently no official secondary market; There has never been an official secondary market; Not Not Bob’s List has been a community-based unofficial secondary market; It’s not clear whether it will be active, or when
    • Announcements on tickets will be forthcoming
    • There is a Facebook group dedicated to ticket exchanges and rideshares: ‘Central Texas Burn Event Ticket and Rideshare Group’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/306116439584458/
  • Flipside Town Hall Road Show in Houston is this weekend, Sunday, March 1st. https://www.facebook.com/events/1562397324026633/?fref=ts
  • Work weekend is this weekend
  • Town Hall was a success! Thanks to all the theme camps that helped with set-up/breakdown and parking and our 360 team

7:51pm AF REPORT (Wrinn)

  • Work weekend coming up
  • Volunteer signup page is currently being worked on

7:52pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Souk announced their project
  • Global Leadership Conference (GLC) is coming up
  • Safetycide is coming up
  • March 9: To-do topics and scheduling
  • TexBECs (Texas burn-event coordinators) meeting is this weekend


  • Theme camps were AWESOME
  • Few issues: beer bottles and food left on tables and several chairs; We would like to stress ALL warehouse events are Leave No Trace. If you bring it, you are responsible for it
  • There were plenty of lines at the booths; People are excited to volunteer
  • NOTE (for next year): Sound was limited in the warehouse during the official meeting; People in the back couldn’t hear as well; Some people missed the meeting completely; SET UP SPEAKERS OUTSIDE NEXT YEAR


  • Current Survival Guide includes guidelines for lasers (p. 11)
  • The new survival guide goes live this week in PDF form
  • Questions/Concerns over the changed format should be directed to the AAR/LLC



– Respect (Doug)
– Combustion Chamber Term Limits (Doug)


  • Reschedule TOPIC: Arts Fest (Maybe similar to EAST) (Kate)


Mass Gathering Permit Granted for Burning Flipside 2015

Dear Burning Flipside community–

As many of you know, in order to hold an event with 2500 people or more, the event organizers need to apply for and receive a mass-gathering permit from the host county. Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC sought and was granted a mass-gathering permit for the first time in 2013, and again in 2014.

We are pleased to report that we have been granted a permit again for the 2015 event. This represents the hard work of many volunteers going back years, and is made possible by the positive working relationship that the organization enjoys with county officials and the site’s landowner.

Each year that we go through the permitting process, we get better at it, and this is the first year we have been able to secure the permit before ticket-request opening. This should make the ticketing process smoother and clearer for everyone, not least your hard-working ticket team.

While this permit does give the event the opportunity to grow, AAR, LLC will continue to manage growth responsibly, within the limits imposed by the site, volunteer capacity, and common sense.

About ticket lotteries

For the past few years, Flipside has held a ticket-deselection lottery. The first year we held a lottery was because we were not seeking a mass-gathering permit yet, and needed to keep the event population under 2500. In 2013 and 2014 the total number of requests received was below our self-imposed cap, but above the 2500 MGP limit. But the situation has been more complicated: we did not receive the permit until after ticket requests were processed. In 2013, hundreds of requests were pulled in the lottery to bring our numbers below 2500. In 2014, we held what we called a “soft lottery”: We held a lottery to bring the number of accepted requests below 2500, but gave the people picked in that lottery the option for their requests to be held until we had a decision on the MGP. In the end, we were able to fill all those requests, and had more tickets to sell even above that point.

As of this writing, we don’t know how many ticket requests we will receive in the mail. If that number puts us above our self-imposed cap, we will need to have a lottery, regardless of the MGP. If that number falls short of our cap, we may have a bonus-round ticket sale. We’ll know more by Monday, Feb 23.

Even if, for whatever reason, you didn’t get a ticket but want to go to Flipside, there is always a lively secondary market, right up to (and even after) the last minute. If you plan on going to Flipside, plan on going to Flipside. Volunteering is a great way to meet other participants who might know about tickets coming available.

CC meeting 15 December 2014

COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING: Monday, December 15, 2014

Attendees (22)
Doug, Henry, Chim-Chim, St. Tiki, Gyseka, Ren, Onako, Princess, Pat, Prost, Kate, Clovis, Problem, Izzi, Adam, Monkey, Turtlebunnie, Pixie, Decibel, Bonobo, Psyche, Beth



  • Mass Gathering Permit (MGP)
  • Discussion before end of the year
  • In process
  • Getting announcement on ticket price and window before end of year

8:12pm AF UPDATE (Ren)

  • Leads-All-Hands occurred last Saturday
  • Approximately 30 in attendance
  • Well received
  • Have some brand new Leads as well as existing


  • Concept: Process Manual
  • Ideas to go in manual are welcome
  • Would love to see stuff from retreat
  • Possibility of having a CC mentor?
  • Possibility of designating one CC meeting to a training session
  • Currently soliciting ideas for what needs to be trained on
  • Good idea to toss out idea through email lists
  • To be a CC member, you should know blacksmithing
  • Idea for manual: Put into .pdf format and download to all Leads for access; Use some sort of distributable content (e.g. Google doc) as an idea; Utilize multiple formats



  • The increased budget will be spent on food (over $3,000 approx.)
  • Safety teams do a good job running it (Ghost, Sara, Mark, Jess, Sparky, etc.)
  • In the future, they may have to do some re-organizational rearranging
  • AAR did not cook breakfast last year so that they could attend trainings
  • Lunch was provided
  • This year, AAR met with Safetycide organizers
  • 20 people attended from out-of-the-region
  • Spending money on Safetycide is good for Flipside
  • Many who come from other regionals also volunteer for Flipside


8:25pm TOPIC: LASERS (Adam)

  • When laser is shined on you, you will blink
  • One simply cannot tell [lasers] apart
  • During the burn of burnable art at Burning Man 2014, a Ranger was permanently blinded in one eye
  • Researched on eplaya, and found cautionary discussions going back 10 years
  • People have been worrying, and now this [blinded Ranger] has happened
  • Burning Man will be issuing protective eyewear to Rangers in the future
  • Discussion on installed lasers at Flipside
    • Possibility of getting blinded by lasers can happen to us
    • Even if we decide to ban lasers, it would be impractical to enforce that
    • Adding more rules is not our way of doing business
    • If people are going around flashing lasers in a wreckless way, then we can train them
    • If they persist, then we have other means to deal with the issue
    • It is possible to go out and buy a laser powered meter, but it’s too expensive to provide for the Rangers
    • There is currently a policy on lasers stated in the Survival Guide; However, we may have to look at it again
    • The Burning Man policy on lasers is currently under review
    • Green lasers at 5mW may not be eye-safe.
    • Red-colored lasers under 5 mW are considered eye-safe, but labeling is unreliable.
  • Suggestion has been made on having a conversation on banning lasers
    • It wouldn’t be a rule in itself if it weren’t a considerable safety issue
    • Losing eyesight is a high risk and a real threat
  • Consider changing wording in Survival Guide
    • Confiscation policy similar to sound—Take away if it arises
  • Opposed to new rules, but hesitant on personal use of lasers not being part of an art installation or theme camp
  • Lasers should be allowed for fixed display units; Only allow on fixed installations or commercial units
  • Possible registration of lasers similar to art cars
  • One cannot tell people that lasers are dangerous when there are art cars and giant art pieces
    • There are lots of dangerous things at Flipside
    • Part of the event is participation
    • People can do a better job at communicating and education
  • Just because we may not enforce the rule doesn’t mean we can’t make a guideline to discourage use
  • Problems with registering lasers: Once lasers are checked in, LLC has become responsible which puts a greater liability
    • If a guideline is to be put in the Survival Guide, use a serious tone
    • Putting rules in books that aren’t enforceable weakens rules overall
    • Possible ‘new technology’ section of the Survival Guide using a proactive approach
  • Consider writing article for the Flipside Flame to get the word out
  • Consider strengthening language in Survival Guide


  • Consider adding as part of Ranger training where there is possible immediate confiscation
  • Izzi stated she will attempt to write an article on Lasers with an emphasis on talking about lasers in regards to our three principles; Responsibility, Accountability, Cooperation; If anyone is willing to help write with Izzi, you are welcome
  • Education is important; Community needs to be responsible and aware; BE THE CHANGE

Next meeting: January 5, 2015



  • Calendar session January 5
  • Term limits for CC members (Doug)
  • Volunteering staffing during post-Burn (Henry)