CC meeting 5 January 2015


Attendees (17)
Problem, Izzi, Adam, Princess, Gyseka, Decibel, Pixie, Kate, Clovis, Prost, Okano, Ren, Bonobo, Beth, Chim-Chim, Turtlebunnie


LLC UPDATE (Problem)

  • Ticket pricing has been announced
  • Land recon this weekend; All leads are invited; Objective: Discuss what to do, with possibility of expanding the coral area
  • Rezoning with the warehouse has gone through; Lease is valid through April; Confirmation has been requested for pricing
  • Explanation of increase on ticket pricing
    • In November, we [LLC] got together to lock in budgets, then scramble to get AFs in
    • In December, messages were being sent to everyone
    • This year is odd—In the last few years, there has been a written message to CC saying this is what is happening
    • This year, we were stacked making sure the website, new ticket system, Leads, LLC were ready
    • Message was sent via message in email which was the only way to get the message out
    • As for price, there were (3) things to satisfy: 1) Meet budget; 2) Plan for certain amount 3) Lock in rate for a while
      • We [LLC] were looking at $100.00 pricing, trying to figure out the real dollar value plus good stewardship of money (tax included); the 11th dollar ($) is good for (3) years
  • Teen tickets have been sold as adult tickets for forever

8:19pm REGIONAL UPDATE (Clovis)

  • Discussion over letter from Jim Tannenbaum (sp?)
    • Response on regionals list has been less than enthusiastic
    • Responsible for ‘Caravansary’
    • Post is on the Burning Man website and Burning Man blog
  • Will-call fiasco
  • GLC (Global Leadership Conference) has been set
    • Less than firm date
    • May be changing venues
    • Do NOT book airfare
  • Everyone’s gearing up for a theme
  • If applying for an art grant, should have gone out by the 19th
  • Next up: C.O.R.E./Souk notifications

8:25pm AF UPDATES (Kano)

  • Gearing up to shift focus to volunteers, reminding them to send a ticket request, register, and pay
  • Discussion over land recon; Looking for potential new spots
  • AF meeting Thursday, January 15
    • Will be discussing Town Hall with shift booth model; Need to discuss with AFs; If they (AFs) do not like booths, then will discuss at the next meeting


  • Post-burn last year, there were only (3) rangers (Needs to be in groups of TWO)
  • Discussion on how to incentivize in the community to get key people to cover our asses better after the Burn; Discussion of greeters on Burn day
  • There is a difference between POLICY and OPERATIONAL; We [LLC/CC] are not here to tell them [Rangers] how to do it; It’s a COMMUNICATION issue…a conduit between the community and LLC; It’s up to the LLC and AFs to decide how to run shifts; As a communication problem, we need to raise this issue
  • It’s everywhere, especially in leadership roles where AFs may want to step down
  • Throw it out to the community—If we can’t have a safe Burn, it falls back on them; Should be a TOPIC at TOWN HALL; Should be on WEBSITE; Publicize need
  • (2) ways to incentivize: The carrot and the stick—We carrot the hell out of volunteering; The community has nonverbally spoken; If the community doesn’t step up, then that’s the stick
  • Greeters and the Safety team are equally as important; A conversation on Safety Teams needs to happen sooner
  • Not an impossible problem, but a problem solving itself
    • We have been funding more time, money, staff
    • We have seen an increase of new people and those from other regionals
    • We need to make sure we are ready to get more people in there for Safetycide
    • As soon as more key staffing levels kick in, then we can incrementally grow
    • We can’t prime down the pump until we hold numbers; Budget has increased
    • Topic is about certified goals
    • For Burn night, it’s All-Hands-On-Deck for LLC—there to help Rangers and all do their job
    • It’s right to have CC come in and fill in gaps
    • We should support other Burn events
  • There is an important difference between Safety and the rest
    • We have kept the Gate shut when we didn’t have Greeters and Parking up-to-speed
    • If we don’t have enough Safety [personnel], we encourage people to sign up
  • Volunteer training will happen again this year
    • 6hrs after the Burn are CRITICAL
    • CC shouldn’t fix problem [of understaffing] by volunteering for that shift
    • Discussion: If you don’t want to do it, why?
    • Issue: People volunteering onfor that shift have already done other shifts; They are already burned out; Must encourage people to volunteer to balance staffing levels


  • There is NO ‘QUID PRO QUO’ for tickets
    • People should give of themselves
    • Everyone knows when they are going to leave [volunteering] and come back and kick ass accordingly
    • Burn needs more cool people
    • Youngsters don’t know that; Hope is, they’ll figure it out; It’s all logistical
    • We do NOT want to do ‘quid pro quo’
    • There is plenty of schwag
    • Utopia event gave discounted tickets for participation in advance, and had a 60% failure rate; Hesitant to even start [considering quid pro quo]; Issue is Privilege vs. Entitlement; It’s easy to show up and do nothing; Many more ways than giving out monetary gain
  • AI: Communicate to let people know to step up


Next CC meeting
Town Hall
Ticket Update
CC notification of cancellation or moving (Beth)
Town Hall run-through; Respect (Doug)
Town Hall wrap-up; Survival Guide language (Problem)
Arts Fest—Maybe similar to EAST (Kate)
Combustion Chamber term limits (Doug)
Recycling (Pixie)
Flipside without a Burn (Prost)
Cultural Appropriation (Bonobo)
CC retreat (Kate)
Volunteering (Kate)

New Town Hall Producer: Pixie