CC meeting 26 January 2015

COMBUSTION CHAMBER MEETING: Monday, January 26, 2015


Attendees (26): Chim-Chim, Izzi, Princess, TurtleBunnie, Pixie, Decibel, Breezy, Charlcye, Doryan, Problem, Adam, Beth, Wrinn, Kano, Prost, Clovis, Monkey, Lori, Psyche, Ben, Erica, Mulch, Kat, Key, Nova, David


LLC Update (Adam, Patrick)

  • LLC Retreat happened. Rules are dumb.
  • Announce list changes; now going out 1x/month. Contact content lead Susan Shelton to get into the monthly announce email. If not announce, will roll over into the Flipside Flame.
  • New website needs photos. Contact Yertle to submit your photos, subject to the Media Use Agreement which reserves as many rights as possible for the artist. Artwork will not be used for any commercial purpose.
  • Landowner meeting. Finalized Work Weekend Dates:
    • WW I: Feb 27-Mar 1
    • WW II: Mar 20-22
    • WW III: Apr 10-12
    • WW IV: May 1-3
  • Mass Gathering Permit Application dropped off. Hearing date will occur before ticketing this year.
  • DaFT Lead selected: Caleb will be building a wizard; More info will be presented at the upcoming Town Hall.

8:07pm Regional Update (No RC’s present)

  • Ticket info has gone out
  • Car passes are up to $50/each, don’t buy one unless you need it, there are plenty aftermarket
  • Regional Conference scheduled 2nd weekend in April

8:07pm AF Updates (Wrinn)

  • Stephy/city planning looking into expanding 4-5 acres of camping space into the corral.
  • Gathering volunteer force, identifying critical volunteers
  • Burn scar from last year completely grown over

Topic: Town Hall (Pixie)

  • 1/3 of warehouse will be taken up by DaFT lumber
  • Decibel & Pixie producing Town Hall this year.
  • Nobodobodobon will MC.
  • Emily’s ordering Porta Potties & working with Mercedes on setup/breakdown/parking
  • Need volunteers to help with setup, breakdown, parking
  • Breezy will work CC booth
  • Henry will be time keeper
  • Breezy will work CC booth
  • Agenda
    • 11:00 Setup
    • 12:00 Tailgating
    • 2:34 Meeting Starts
    • Welcome, Pledge, LNT Announce
    • AAR Update
    • Tickets
    • DaFT
    • Volunteering
    • Dates for Work Weekends, Theme Camp Registration, Rolling Roadshows
    • Benediction (Go forth and sign up to volunteer for something.)
    • Community Announcements
    • (Burners Without Borders?)
  • Assign CC Members to AFs
    • Art (.E) : Monkey
    • City Planning (Stephy) : Beth
    • Safety (Mark) : Breezy
    • Site Signoff (Wrinn) : TurtleBunnie
    • Communications (Russ) : Pixie
    • 360 (?) : Kate
    • Site Prep (Casey Schmit, aka “Pookie Bear”) : Psyche
    • VC (Gyesika) : Decible
  • Each AF, Tinderbox, etc will have half a 10×20 booth, same as last year– AI: Pixie to ping everyone to see how much space they need.
  • We’ll do passports again. Have stamps from last year. AI:Pixie will make buttons.

Topic: Ticket Update (Lori)

  • Awesome FAQ posted online. Short version at
  • 1897 requests for 3096 tickets. Down by 30 requests from last year.
  • Some bugs in the system, quickly addressed by Problem
  • Cheyne running not not bob’s list this year
  • Mailing out survival guides in March, maybe from fulfilment center
  • Will still get tickets at the gate. Participants need to have a physical ticket in the event that you either lose your wristband or need in’s and out’s from the gate. Ticket stubs will be used for auditing number in attendance of event.
  • Every ticket represents a place in the system.

8:44pm Topic: CC Notification of Cancellation or Moving (Beth)

How much notice do we need to give the community if we decide to

  • Change meeting location due to weather: EOB on Friday
  • Cancel a meeting: EOB on Friday
  • Change topics for the meeting: 1 week (prior Monday)
    Motion passes: Meeting topics will be confirmed by Monday prior to the meeting and notice of cancellation or location change will be sent by Friday at close of business day central time.

Future Topic: Adult Camps location.

  • Izzi is the liaison for city planning, so she can talk after the meeting.
  • Want to address before placement.
  • AI: Izzi to check with Stephy to see if Feb 9th will work; if not, will propose a new date. Will coordinate with community members present today.

Next Meeting:

Chim Chim


  • Town Hall runthrough
  • Respect (Doug)



Minutes transcribed by Charlcye and Chim-Chim