Flame for August 2015 (2015 Vol 5)

FBSLogoAugust is here, along with the hard-baked heat. A lot is going on during the lull between Burning Flipsides, so make sure you stay tuned to the Flipside Flame, the Announce email list, and the official Burning Flipside Facebook Page.

Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the Flame or Announce, use Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. Announce tends to be at the beginning of the month, and Flames usually get published around the middle of the month. Get me the info at least a week before then, and I’ll do my best to get your contribution included.


Feedback on Combustion Chamber Nominations

Hey-o! The Combustion Chamber recently put out a call for new members, and we have six nominees! We’d love community feedback on each candidate. If you know them, or you’ve worked with them before, feel free to tell us what your experiences with them are, and whether or not you’d feel comfortable with them representing your community — Our Community. The CC Nomination Feedback page has a menu with each candidates name. You will need to submit a new form for each candidate.

The candidates are:

  • Amy Heidel
  • Christopher “Chin-Chim” Sabater
  • Cooper Crouse
  • Jillian Selcer
  • Kati Taylor
  • Katrina Decker

The Combustion Chamber advocates for the Burning Flipside community and its principles in creating policy recommendations & by fostering an open forum to exchange ideas and information between Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC and the community at large.

Thanks in advance for your time!

The Combustion Chamber

Warehouse Art Relocation Team

The Wherehouse is moving. There’s a lot of art. We’re going to move the art.


There is a team – the Warehouse Art Relocation Team.

There is a form – http://goo.gl/forms/KTuszwKx4w

If you have art at the wherehouse and want to have a say in what happens to it, or want it back, please fill out the form. If you want to help us catalog, clean, pack, and move all this precious art, please fill out the form. If you just want to tell us why a particular piece is super important to move to the new warehouse, please fill out the form.

Again, the form – http://goo.gl/forms/KTuszwKx4w

You can also send email to warehouseart15@burningflipside.com.
The WART thanks you for your participation!

Fall Town Hall

The Facebook Event for those of you who schedule yourselves with it…

Saturday, September 26, 2015! Tailgating will start at noon, meeting portion will start at 2:34PM. We’ll be picking the theme for Burning Flipside 2016, talking about the DaFT selection process, volunteering, and so much more!

Town Hall will be in the new warehouse, with an after party at the old/our current warehouse at 1023 Springdale Rd. We’ll keep you posted!

Invite your fellow Flipizens! Get your theme presentations ready!

More details to come.

Combustion Chamber Meetings

The Combustion Chamber is an advisory committee to the Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC to facilitate community input & transparency for the policy-making process and organization of burn community events. Meetings are open to everyone, starting at 7:42 pm at the Warehouse. Special topics are as follows:

August 17:

  • Fall Town Hall: Town Hall – Who is running this show?
  • Early Dropoff/Vendor Interaction at the event: Some of the large-scale art projects and theme camps that come to Flipside have sought to drop off their infrastructure  pre-event and/or pick it up post-event, and some have had material/infrastructure drop-offs by outside vendors. We’ll discuss how we can make this work for those projects, our volunteers, and the event as a whole.

September 14:

  • Town Hall: Getting ready for the big show.
  • Calendaring: Where we put things on the calendar. 
  • Exodus:  Leaving Burning Flipside and You! An exercise in patience.

Who Can/Should Attend:
You! If you care about the event and especially if you care about any of these topics you should come to discuss them.

Why this matters:
The CC provides advice to the LLC. The LLC provides the overall direction and policy guidance that end up making the event happen. The topics discussed at this meeting may have a direct impact on you during the actual Flipside event and/or at the AAR, LLC warehouse.

You can’t stay involved if you are uninformed. Meeting minutes will be posted as they are received. Thanks for your patience. http://www.burningflipside.com/organization/cc/minutes

Have a topic you believe the community needs to discuss? Please send suggestions to cc@burningflipside.com.  Please keep in mind that we discuss community and policy issues, not operational ones.

An Hour In The Life Of…Volunteering!

We love volunteers. A lot. And we want more of them! To help our community better understand what volunteer opportunities exist, we’re posting a series of descriptions detailing what it’s like to be a volunteer in various capacities for an hour. As your Content Lead, I’m setting the stage:

Content Lead is a year-round position that has peaks and valleys of activity. In the busiest times, I’ll spend an hour in front of my computer, sifting through emailed articles that have been submitted through the Flipside Flame/Announce Submission form (hint, hint!), and grazing through the Burning Flipizens Facebook page to capture as much as I can. I then log into the burningflipside.com site and make a publication just like the one you’re reading now.

Where I need help: Gimme content! Take photos (with consent)! Make Art!

Use the submission form to let me know what you’re trying to get out to the community. What you submit doesn’t have to be “publication ready.” I’m happy to edit things as they come in, and will gladly share drafts with you if it helps you.

I have to make judgement calls about which articles go into the Flipside Flame, and which go to Announce messages, but I have lots of support from the LLC and the CC to make those decisions. I’d love to make the posts more visually appealing, but I need your help with that. If you draw, if you take photos, if you’re interested in graphics, let me know!