Flounce with Flam-ounce!

Burning Flipside is fast-approaching! And just like you, I got projects to do, so let’s jump right into the news. …there’s some important event specific info here, so this post is part Flame, part Announce: “Flam-ounce”!

Non-Profit Success! We did it! Thanks go out to the most recent board of Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC. While we were all hunkered down and starting re-emergence, they were hard at work, securing a new non-profit status (and new organization to run it) for our beloved community! Read more about it here!

Event Registration Are you holding an event at Flipside this year?  What’s that you say…your camp is inviting Flipizens to help demolish a fantastic Derby-themed feast or hosting a demolition derby of Derby hats, but no one knows yet? Do you have events listed in your theme camp description, but haven’t taken a minute to head over to the event page and get them added to the Events list?  Do it now, so you can focus on those last few projects! Event registration will close at 11:59pm on Friday, May 19th. Head on over to the Event Registration form, log in, and add your event to the growing list of goodness! See event lists at our 7 disinfo kiosks placed conveniently throughout Pyropolis.

DMV Registration: As long as we are registering things, let’s move on over to the Department of Mutant Vehicles and get those art cars registered! Same deadline and link as above.

Need a ride at Flipside? Do you sometimes miss out because you just can’t get from point A to point B? This year the org is trying something new! The Disinfo Kiosks will serve as event cart and art car stops we are calling Pick-Up Points (PUPS). There won’t be a regular schedule, but there will be a seat at most of the stops. Event carts and Art Cars STRONGLY encouraged to pick people up and drop them off.

Effigy Art: The Effigy needs art! The mushrooms are coming along great, but we need to finish out our sparkly disco wonderland with companions to accompany us on our forest floor adventures. Let’s populate the effigy with creatures, real, imaginary, or fae; mushrooms on mushrooms, ferns, dewdrops, spiderwebs; crystals and sea creatures, banks of moss, and tree stumps.  Email DaFT or come to a build day and chat! (Tues/Thurs 5-10, Sun 10-5). These pieces can be burned or can come back to the artist when the effigy closes; we will have power available for items with lights and whatnot, & there is space for both 2D and 3D art of a variety of sizes.

2023 Survival Guide: The new guide to keep you alive is here!  Read it, because it has great community art in the PDF and lots of important info about How Flipside Works.  You need to be ready when a Greeter asks you, “How many gallons of water per day did you bring?”

Volunteer round up! Watch this space for all volunteering info for our all-volunteer event! (There’ll be a whole post about it!)

Hey Y’all! It’s Fall Town Hall!

Why would I fall for Town Hall?

Fall Town Hall really opens the upcoming Flipside season. You can learn more about this year’s event, and what Flipside is about in general! It is also where we (the COMMUNITY) decide the “most important unimportant” thing about Flipside! What’s that? You guessed it – the Theme! The theme inspires the effigy, but sometimes only loosely. It inspires other art, but plenty of non-theme art shows up.   It inspires costumes, but some people don’t wear anything! While there is a specific agenda  for the official meeting portion, Town Hall is also where you might see old friends, meet new ones, get inspired, exchange ideas! Build community!

Have questions? Keep reading!

When do I show up?

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! September 24. Pre-show tailgating starts at noon and the meat (or beans) of the thing (the meeting portion) starts at 2:34.

Where will I meet with the people that are meeting?

At LLOYD, the warehouse at 3106 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758 (learn more about Lloyd and the recent update to the covid policy).  Can’t make it in person? We don’t generally film or photograph, (not without ENTHUSIASTIC consent), but I hear there might be some live tweeting! Follow us (@BurningFlipside)

Who should be there?

That’s YOU! Bring a friend. Carpool if possible. Parking is limited! Who is hosting? Burning Flipside’s Combustion Chamber learn more about the CC).

How might I participate?

Come help set up, or stay to help break down. Bring a touch of your theme camp. Show off a cute (or terrifying!) costume! Share some snacks! Aside from the official content, Town Hall is what you make it: Town Hall needs you!

Please remember, just like Burning Flipside, Town Hall is a Leave No Trace event. Plan to take with you everything that you bring.

See you there!

Love n flames,


Flipside Flame: All Things Art (mostly anyway)

Ignition Philter Art Grants are Open! Deadline March 1: Got some art you want to bring to Burning Flipside? Need a little help getting it there? Ignition Philter, our community-based art grant program is accepting applications. Learn more and link to application at: ignitionphilter.com/artists-how-to-apply-applications-now-open/

Art (and Theme Camp) Registration is Open, Too! Learn more about registration and all things (Flipside) art at burningflipside.com/announcements/art-projects-and-flipside-2020

Can’t Wait for Flipside to Show Off Some Art? Pyropolis Art Guild is hosting their very first Art Show and they need your art to show! The theme is Who Are You, Really? The guidelines are: “Make a 3-D representation of yourself in animal form”. Avoid moopy or toxic materials- otherwise, go wild. The show is open to EVERYONE. To be part of the Art Show, register here ASAP or find info here: pyropolis-art-guild.surge.sh/


Speaking of Making Art Now, sTickets Needs Your Help!

You may have heard by now that changes have come to our sTickets design process. Our sTickets (stickers and tickets) this year will be collaborative instead of competitive! Seeking input from community artists to create the ticket and sticker(s) that aligns with this year’s theme Sacred and Propane.

Read more and reach out at burningflipside.com/event/tickets/stickets-design

Want to Make Art but Not Sure What You Want to Make? A Message from DaFT:

DaFT NEEDS You! Yes, you.  It takes all sorts to build a 24’ foot cube of propane- and lumber-fueled awesome, so even if you never thought you could DaFT, you should think again!  I mean, I’m totally volunteering for DaFT from this comfy seat in front of this computer!  DaFT is looking for volunteer leaders for key roles, so if you are interested in gaining leadership experience in a fun environment, we can help!  DaFT is also looking for people who just want to do neat stuff with wood and math and art and beauty.  You can do as much or as little as you want! 

To stay up-to-date on DaFT goings on check out the Facebook Group, contact DaFT directly: daft@burningflipside.com or just show up to DaFT’s scheduled work days at Lloyd the Warehouse:

  • Sundays: 11am to 7pm; Wednesdays (Church Nights!): 7pm-11pm
  • Thursdays (Art Night @ Lloyd): 7pm-11pm.
  • Sunday: 7pm-11 pm.

Parking and Parking Opportunities! Like the idea of cars in nice, neat rows, or want to organize a team to make it so? Genesis is still looking for a parking lead! Contact the AF through the contact page: https://www.burningflipside.com/contact and select Genesis AF from the dropdown menu.

April Flame 2018

Welcome to April’s Flame! This mid-month post round-up tends to be a bit more on the casual side of things, so if your theme camp or art installation has some announcements, make sure to contact me using the Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to get that information to me by May 13, 2018. We have one more Flame post before Flipside 2018: Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark.

For even more info, stay tuned to:

Your new Content Lead,


What is in this Flame:

  • Having an Event at Flipside? Disinformation is Looking for YOU!
  • Pre-Post is Looking for Volunteers!
  • DaFT: Ways to Participate Before, During, and After Flipside
  • K-FLiP boasts improved equipment
  • Event: WonderLounge: Shadow Magic Circus

Important Dates

Having an Event at Flipside? Disinformation is Looking for YOU!


Do you need Pyropolis to know about your event at Flipside this year? DisInformation is looking for your events for Flipside 2018. Need to get in touch? Click here to find out more.


Pre-Post is Looking for Volunteers!

Interested in seeing what goes into setting up and taking down Flipside infrastructure? Lurko is looking for volunteers to help us get to and from the land. If this sounds like a volunteer position right up your alley, click here for more information on how to sign up for shifts.

DaFT: Ways to Participate Before, During, and After Flipside

photo courtesy of stephy


The Effigy is the centerpiece of Burning Flipside. Beginning in February, countless volunteers meet up several times a week at the warehouse and work tirelessly to make the largest single art piece at the event a reality. There are opportunities well before the event, at the event, and after the event to be a part of something truly magical.

Want to learn more? Check out this post here.

K-FLiP boasts improved equipment

Pyropolis Public Radio K-FLiP reports that they have acquired all new studio and broadcasting equipment, that should improve the 100.5FM signal.

Pretty nifty, right? Click here for more information on how K-FLiP has grown.

Event: WonderLounge: Shadow Magic Circus


Come One, Come All, to the greatest show at Flipside! Prepare to be mesmerized.


Upcoming Announce and Flame Due Dates

  • May Announce (and last before Flipside): Monday, April 30, 2018
  • May Flame (and last before Flipside): Sunday, May 13, 2018

Need to get the word out? Head to the Flipside Flame / Announce Submission page.



March 2018 Flamnounce!!

March 2018 Flamnounce!

Welcome to the March 2018 Flame and Announce Combo!

Important Dates:

In This Issue:

  • Obligatory Self Promotion
  • All the Registrations!
  • Get your VAS on with Peep!!
  • DaFT needs You!  And your (very specific) Junk!  And your Art!  And your Brain!
  • March your Lions through Theme Camp Registration!
  • Guardians have the best toys.
  • Work a weekend with Saraphina!!
  • Don’t Diss My Info!
  • Dahling explains why you, YES YOU, are important!!
  • Stay Cool at Flipside with Ice.
  • Say, “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” like that guy in the commercials!
  • How to Be a Greeter!
  • The Combustion Chamber needs tending!
  • NO Recycling at Flipside
  • PETs share their secrets!!
  • Contemplate how satisfied Pyropolis is with your entering and withdrawal.
  • Your Words HERE!

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Register Theme Camps, Art Projects, Artified Vehicles, and Events for 2018

Time to Register!

Before you register your theme camp, art piece, event, art car or mutant vehicle, read the survival guide, especially if your art/camp has amplified sound, flame effects, lasers, etc. Really, though- just read your survival guide regardless of what you are bringing. It’s important.


To register a theme camp, art project, art car, mutant vehicle or event, you must be logged into https://www.burningflipside.com/ on the “Secure” part of the site. After you’re logged in, you’ll see options to register or view existing registrations

Theme Camp Registration

Is OPEN! Closes Apr. 1st at 11:59pm CST (No joke!)

Theme Camp FAQ


Art Registration

Is Open! Closes Apr 15th at 11:59pm CST

Burnable Art– If you were hoping to burn your art piece at the event, please make sure you fully understand your responsibilities. Before you register your piece, read through the Burnable Art page on the website:


Art Project Support- If you are looking for resources to help make your art project a reality (financial support, more hands to make a thing go, space to build a thing) check out some of the available resources to support art.



Art Stuff- Want to keep up on what’s new in Pyropolis Art? Classes, meetings, meet ups, community opportunities, artist spotlights…keep an eye on the haps with the art blog.



Art Car Registration and Events Registration

Is Open! Closes May 17th 11:59pm CST

Department of Mutant Vehicles- if you want to get around the Pecan Playa on wheels, make sure you understand your responsibilities.



Have any questions or concerns?

Theme Camp Registration- Email the Theme Camp Liaison at themecampinfo18@burningflipside.com

Need to talk about Art, Art Car, Mutant Vehicle or Event Registration? Email Art18@burningflipside.com

December 2017 Flipside Flame


And now, the Final Flame of 2017. It was a heck of year, but it’s almost behind us.  Here’s a last flash for the year and an ushering in of something new!   Let’s bring in 2018 and Flipside’s 20th year with all we have… and we have a LOT!

For more info, stay tuned to:

Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the Flame or Announce, use Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. Announce tends to be at the beginning of the month, and Flames usually get published around the middle of the month. Get me the info at least a week before then, and I’ll do my best to get your contribution included.


Burning Flipside Ticket Availability and Pricing

Austin Artistic Reconstruction is happy to announce the ticket window for Burning Flipside 2018 Return of the Shadows: 20 Years of Light and Dark. For 2018, ticket requests will be accepted starting on January 8th and must be postmarked by January 29th. For 2018 the prices will be as follows:

  • Adult Tickets (18+): $132
  • Teen Tickets (14-17): $132
  • Kid Tickets (7-13): $40
  • Child Tickets (0-6): $0

Payment for tickets must be accompanied by a valid request and a money order, cashier’s check, or teller’s check in the exact amount due for all the tickets in your request. You can create a ticket request here: https://secure.burningflipside.com/tickets/index.php


Q. Why the increase in prices this year?
A. Austin Artistic Reconstruction likes to keep the ticket prices steady for several years before increasing them as this makes it easier on our participants to plan from year to year. However, due to forces like inflation, increased event size, and other factors we need to increase prices sometimes. This typically happens about every 3 to 4 years and we like to give as much notice as possible about a year ahead of time.

Additional questions are answered here

Advice From Your 2018 Ticket Lead

Ticket mail in Tips from Loribug, the 2018 Ticket Lead.


  • DO read ALL THE DETAILS on how to send in a ticket request – do it right!
  • DO fill in all the fields
  • DO put enough postage
  • DO make sure the address is easily read
  • DO double check to make sure you send both the ticket request and the money order.
  • DO keep your money order receipt – when a ticket request goes south (missing, stolen, etc), this can save your butt. KEEP IT!
  • DO consider dropping the envelope off at the post office and requesting hand canceling – especially if you are at the last day of ticket window.
  • DO contact tickets with problems – we are very responsive and have dealt with a lot of problems over the years. LOTS of problems.

Contact me at

–> Tickets


  • DON’T send the request in before the ticket window.
  • DON’T send it in after the ticket window.
  • DON’T send a personal check or cash.
  • DON’T vaguely post to Facebook or interwebs if you have problems with your ticket request and expect resolution – contacting the ticket team is the only way you can get help.
  • DON’T break every rule of ticket request and think you will get much sympathy.

My personal suggestions:
Please decorate your envelope – not required, but it makes the Ticket Team’s life MUCH MORE FUN during opening.
Highly decorated envelopes can challenge the USPS. You may want to put your fab envelope inside a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope available from the Post Office. I know it hides the beauty from the postal employees, but it can help your ticket request make it safely.
In general, a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope costs about $6.45 and includes tracking. Tracking is VERY VERY GOOD to have. (the Priority Mail EXPRESS Flat Rate Envelope costs $22 – so expensive!)

Even if you think you have made an error (forgot to include money order, forgot to include ticket request, returned for inadequate postage) or the post office has made an error (envelope returned in shreds, envelope returned because they could not read the address), I can probably help.

Contact me at

–> Tickets

 Sticker/Ticket (Sticket!)

Hey Flipizens!

We have a theme!!!!
Do you know what that means?

Would you like free tickets to Flipside 2018: Return of the Shadow: 20 years of darkness and light?

Time to start creating and submitting Ticket and Sticker art for a chance to win two free tickets!!!!
In other words —- clicks on megaphone —- GIVE ME YOUR ART..Art..art…!!!!
Gotta love that echo… echo… echo…

And did you know that designing the ticket or the sticker is actually the only way to get free tickets to Flipside?!? Leads, volunteers, even LLC members, pay for their tickets.

Design the Flipside ticket or sticker and submit your design today!
The person who submits the winning STICKER design will get TWO free tickets to Flipside 2018. The person who submits the winning TICKET design will also receive TWO free tickets to Flipside 2018.

Now…onto the guidelines.
Keep in mind all designs must be original.
No clip art, and no copywritten material may be used.
The designs can be created digitally or by hand.
So break out your pen, marker, crayon or stylus and get the ideas flowing.
Hand-drawn submissions are perfectly fine!

Submit your designs or any questions at

–> Sticket Design

Deadline for submissions will be a couple of days after Spring Town Hall.
Hat draw for judges will be performed at STH.
We’ll be looking for about 7-13 judges for each contest.
One contest is for the Ticket and the other is for the Sticker. So… we are also gonna need at least 14 of you fine folks to step up and stare at crazy, awesome art and pick what will be printed onto our STickets.

We will positively confirm every submission we receive, so if you do not receive a confirmation within a few days, please email us back, and we will confirm receipt.

Please do NOT post or display your Ticket or Sticker design anywhere else until after the contest ends.
(The artist for the winning ticket design will be asked to refrain from posting it anywhere until after the event.)

Burning Flipside will do its best to include all submitted designs, in some form of hype, the survival guide, or the website, so your art should get seen.

When you submit you are implicitly giving permission for us to use your design — on the ticket or sticker, on the Burning Flipside website, or in the Survival Guide. If for some reason you do not want to give this permission, please specify that when you submit. Also please indicate how you would like your art to be credited.

TICKET Design Details

Please include the following information within your Ticket design:

  • Burning Flipside
  • Return of the Shadow: 20 years of darkness and light
  • May 24-28, 2018
  • www.burningflipside.com

Keep these things in mind:

  • Artwork should be 2.375 x 4.375 inches.
  • 1/8 inch all around WILL BE CUT OFF creating a final size of –2.125 x 4.125 – this extra space is called bleed.
  • Artwork should be CMYK.
  • Artwork should be supplied at 100% as either vector based art (illustrator or freehand) or at 300dpi if it is a Photoshop file.
  • If Photoshop – .tif, .eps, .psd and .jpeg files are preferred. —-Please save jpeg files with “maximum quality”.

Tips for successful reproduction of your design:

  • You must pay attention to specs, or you could be disqualified.
  • Do not place text too close to the edge of your design. It should be 1/8″ in on either side once the artwork is trimmed.
  • Pick fonts that will be easy to read and try to not use a font that is really thin on a dark background. It will “plug-up” and be hard to read.
  • Do not get too complex, it is often easier to create artwork at a larger size and reduce it down. Keep in mind what it will look like at the smaller size.
  • If you create your art in layers, be sure and save that layered file just in case the printer needs anything altered.  This will make it easier on them and you.

STICKER Design Details

Please include at least the following information within your Sticker design: “Flipside 2018”
Tips for successful reproduction of your design:

  • Submit in black and white (or another color and white). NOT multiple colors for the sticker.
  • Sticker Art should cover a 2.5″ circle at 300dpi.
  • Make your design simple! Intricate and super-fine lines (less than 1-pt) tend to dry up in the screen and will not show up on the sticker. For your reference, 1pt lines are roughly the same size as what a medium ball point pen will draw. It is a good idea to keep important elements of your artwork at least 1/8″ from the edge of the sticker to allow for cutting. Serifed fonts can be a nightmare – especially at small point sizes. Set all type to at LEAST 10 points.
  • In the past we’ve only printed black and white stickers. Grayscale or gradients are a real pain and don’t print very well, so try to stick to solid colors. If you want to submit a two or three color image, that’s fine and it will be reviewed, but (depending on cost) it may end up being converted into black and white. All halftones are screened at 55 lpi.

Have fun! good luck! We look forward to seeing the designs as they come in. It is an incredible outpouring from this intensively creative community! It’s a pleasure to serve as your STicket team.
If you have any questions, just let us know

Contact me at

Your Flipside 2018 Sticker/Ticket Selection Team
P.S. clicks megaphone on GIVE ME YOUR ART…Art…art!!!!

Submit your designs or any questions at

–> Sticket Design

Check out the Interpersonal Incidents FAQ!

Howdy, Flipizens. Austin Artistic Reconstruction has published a new policy document in the form of an FAQ. Please take a look:


Some participants–even well-informed participants–may not know how AAR responds to problematic interactions. AAR wrote this document to clarify and inform.

What’s Happening… NOW?!

Things happen in our community not just at Flipside-time, but ALL the time!

Want to know what’s happening when on the Flipside calendar for 2018? Check out the Schedule of Events!

Be the Recycling YOU want to see at Flipside!

We are returning to our roots and returning recycling to the citizens of our city!

Recycling will no longer be a part of the infrastructure of our event…

BUT, what Recycling once was, it could… it SHOULD be again!

Recycling at Flipside started out as a camp many years ago, and YOU could make it manifest again as a gift to our city.   YAY!!!


Flipside Flame April 2017

We’re getting ever closer to Burning Flipside, so publication of the Flame and Announce may pick up the pace a bit.

There’s a LOT of information heading your way — so please, do us all a favor and read the whole thing.
It’s worth your time, and there’s lots of good advice.

For more info, stay tuned to:

Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the Flame or Announce, use Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. Announce tends to be at the beginning of the month, and Flames usually get published around the middle of the month. Get me the info at least a week before then, and I’ll do my best to get your contribution included.


Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer!

As Flipside gets closer, the opportunities to volunteer and be an important and ESSENTIAL part of our city increase.  We are busy-busy-busy preparing to make Burning Flipside a well-oiled (machine? skillet? Twister board?), and YOU can be an active and engaged part of making it GO.   The people that work before, during, and after Flipside are participants too, volunteering their amazing time, experience, and creative efforts to making this event the incredible experience that it is.     Check out some of the ways you can be a part of this incredibly important and rewarding facet of Flipside…..

Here are just a couple of opportunities for you to be a part of the gears that make this town GO!

Shaven Apes

Like helping people build things and looking for folks in need of assistance? Sign up to be an Ape!
Be someone’s hero! Shaven Apes are the helping hands of Pyropolis. We help hold poles, bang stakes, and, sometimes, lay a lot of hay.

Our shifts are 3 hours long and you get to be a part of art projects, theme camps, and have an inside look at what folks are doing or have brought out this year.

We are not a safety department, and there’s no pre-event training required, so new event attendees can volunteer.

If you have a friend coming for the first time and looking for a great way to participate, send them our way. Shaven Apes wouldn’t exist without volunteers. Sign up for a shift today. Thursday shifts are in particular need!

For more information or just have a question, you can contact Samantha directly at
–> Shaven Apes

Zone Czars Needed!

Hey Flipizens!

Doc Mitz here — I am the Interzone Coordinator for Flipside 2017!

There are a ton of openings for Zone Czars (formerly known as Zone Greeters).

Do you like to tell people exactly where to go??

We help place theme campers into their proper locations. Zone Czars are placed at the start of each zone and are the first to get the inside scoop on camps as they arrive.

Find out why Pelican Camp has three rainbow colored sheep with unicorn horns for their art project!
Inquire about exactly what type of service animals they are!

This is a perfect way for newer burners to get involved and meet people.

Slots are open on Wednesday – Friday in 5 hour shifts.

CLICK HERE to sign up directly!

For more information or just have a question, you can contact Doc Mitz directly at
–> Zone Czars

What is a Ranger?

I sometimes have a difficult time explaining what a Ranger is to someone new to our community.

There are a lot of things I could say. They’re not cops. They’re not security guards, or authority whores. The most technical way to describe them are “non-confrontational community mediators” but my favorite way to describe them is that a Ranger is a Navigator on the Edge of Chaos.

You know the typical group of fools hanging around a campfire?

Inevitably, one of these individuals will have, a “hold my beer” moment.
You know the kind I’m talking about.
The words “Hey, hold my beer: I got an idea.” are usually (but not always) followed by some derivative of  “just stop, drop and roll!” and/or “this is going to be great on YouTube.”

The Ranger is the guy that holds your beer.

“Keeping me safe from me is not your job” I was told once.

And that’s something I tell every person that becomes a Ranger. This is true to a certain extent. I may try to suggest that what you are about to attempt might not been conceived with the soundest of rational judgement…but I’m probably gonna let you do it anyway and help you pick up the pieces when it’s over.

In its simplest terms, a Ranger is a member of the community (like YOU!) that’s accepted the task of being the sober, level-headed voice of reason at the event. (At least for a little while.) I encourage every Ranger to spend time off duty, or as we like to call it, being “part of the problem.”

If you’ve been to Flipside more than once and you’re ready to give something back to your community, check out the idea of being a Ranger. Its the best way to see the city and learn about everything that’s going on.

And if this is your first Flipside, swing by Ranger HQ and ask for me. I’ll be happy to give you a tour!


For more information or just have a question, you can contact Judge directly at
–> Rangers

Guardians of Flipside

Feeling like you wanna jump on the volunteer bandwagon? Guardians is still accepting volunteers!

For those that are looking for a less mobile shift where you can sit down and have minimal interaction with folks, this is a great way to get some quiet in a bustling city of Burners.

Wanna see how night vision works? Join us for a night shift.
Curious about how we help keep the city safe? Come check us out this year!

Find out more information by requesting to join our Facebook page “Guardians of Flipside

Check out our wiki page for a simple overview of the department.

Or, for more information or just have a question, you can contact Froggy directly at
–> Guardians

Pre/Post -Ops

Pre/Post Ops are the heroes who make everything much easier!

Pre/Post Ops deals specifically with helping set up the various pieces of infrastructure such as carports, the radio tower, etc.   If you want to help with the setting up and breaking down of the physical infrastructure of the city, Pre/Post is for YOU!

CLICK HERE to sign up or learn more!

For more information or just have a question, you can contact Lurko directly at
–> Pre/post

Work Weekend 4

We have one more work weekend left, May 6-8.


Weather permitting, we will be treating for fire ants and poison ivy. We will not be using Amdro on the ants or spraying the poison ivy if the cows are on the land, which they may be because of a broken fence across the way.

We have some road work to finish and trail maintenance to do. There are always sticks to pick up and burn. Sign up on the Work Weekend Sign Up Form (required for entry on the land; don’t just show up).

~ Saraphina

“As long as you are green you are growing.” – Ray Kroc

Burners take great pride in our Leave NO Trace ethos. It aligns with the Burning Flipside principals perfectly in that we all have to participate and cooperate to be accountable to ourselves, our burn, and the world as a whole. Having an LNT attitude also helps the sustainability of the event!  Land owners are inclined to have us back over and over again, as we don’t destroy/pollute their property.

NOW is the time to consider how you and/or your camp, if you belong to one, can LNT prepare.

Remember ……  if you bring it, you take it home!

Here are some simple steps you can do to not only make LNT happen, but make it easy.

Prepare in Advance – If you are prepared for a LNT event, then a large part of the work is done.

Here are some ideas and suggestions:

  • Talk about it among your campmates. Make sure everyone understands the importance of LNT. Educate the first-time Burners.
  • Always consider 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Have a plan to separate recyclables from trash.
  • Create and carry MOOP bags
    (a simple project from Burning Man http://earthguardians.net/2016/06/03/make-your- own-moop- bag/).
  • Remove as much packaging as possible. If it doesn’t go out to the event then, you don’t have to haul it back
  • Use larger containers (water, food, etc.). It is easier to keep track of a one gallon water jug than 8 sixteen-ounce water bottles.
  • Grab and artify an Altoids tin (or similar) to be used as a cigarette butt holder
  • Recycle on Site – Separate the recyclable items and take them to the recycling station on a regular basis. Do not wait until the end. Information on recycling can be found in the Survival Guide.

Also, please consider spending a few short hours helping at the recycling station as without volunteers it can’t happen.  CLICK HERE to volunteer!

  • Do regular and final MOOP sweeps – Don’t let it hit the ground in the first place. However, do regular time walking in and around your camp every day looking for any MOOP. After camp is broken down, have the entire group form up into a “marching” line and cover the camp looking for that last little bit that you missed. It is easier than being called out on the MOOP map.
  • Lastly, the folks working on restoring the land post-event would love your help. Please come out on the Saturday post-event to help bring the beautify wooded playa back to its natural state.

Watch here in future Flame editions for additional information on ridesharing, sign-ups, and other Restoration information!

And, as always, keep an eye on the Flipside Flame for additional LNT articles and if you have any ideas or would like to help with our Earth Guardian effort please contact Wrinn directly at https://www.burningflipside.com/contact
–> Site Sign-Off Area Facilitator

Meet Sven

Sven and I have been together for over two years.  We’ve been to Flipside together twice and really enjoyed our time together there.  But.  Sven doesn’t camp with me.  Because, Sven is a car.  And cars camp in parking, not in the city.

Sven’s job is to get me there safely and while some other cars will get dressed up for the event, Sven is demure, and doesn’t like costumes.  Sven is no mutant vehicle.  So Sven spends the event with the other cars not dressed for the event, in parking.  He tells me that he has fun in parking, and enjoys the companionship of the other cars (Sven spends a lot of time at home alone with my junk in the garage).  

If there ever comes a time where I need Sven to camp in at Flipside, I know that he will appreciate being off the road, and covered.  Maybe even in something decorative.  Because, although Sven is shy and reserved, he knows that we are in this together and he will take one for Pyropolis and wear a costume, for me.  For us.

Because this city we build is not like other cities, where all the cars hangout in front of the houses.  This city is for people.  It’s for art.  It’s for the Flipiziens.  It’s for leaving the real world for something better.  There’s just not enough room for shy and reserved cars in our city, when we want to fill it with awesome.  

Cars camp in Parking.  People camp in Pyropolis.

~ Ste. Michelle

Event Registration Going on NOW!

Are you holding an event at Flipside this year?  Your camp is hosting the unicorn vs rainbow battle, but no one knows yet? Do you have events listed in your  theme camp description, but haven’t taken a minute to head over to the event page and get them added to the Events list ?  Do it now, so you can focus on those last-minute projects!

Head on over to the Event Registration form, log in, and add your event to the growing list of goodness!



Flipside Flame March 2017

March marches inexorably towards the Reckoning!
Several deadlines are coming up, so be sure you’re on top of them!

For more info, stay tuned to:

Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the Flame or Announce, use Flipside Flame/Announce Submission page to send it in. Announce tends to be near the beginning of the month, and Flames usually get published around the middle of the month. Get me the info at least a week before then, and I’ll do my best to get your contribution included.


City Signage Wants You!  

City Signage is looking for faithful citizens to band together and create street signs!  That’s right, you named ’em, now help us label them!  City Signage helps you find your way in the dark.  You know, when you’re tired and lost and desperately trying to find home, street signs will be there for you!  Be there for them, now!

Where?  Lloyd, the Warehouse!  3106 Industrial Terrace, Austin, TX 78758

When?  Church Nights in March and April!  (Wednesdays starting around 7:00ish, unless traffic)

How?  Wear clothes that can get paint on them, show up, ask for Emily, help, and clean up after yourself!

It’s really that simple.

If we get done before the end of April, I’m sure there’s plenty of other stuff for you to do, or just visit and hang out.

Ask Emily your City Signage Lead:
https://www.burningflipside.com/contact   (Area: City Planning –> City Signage)

Theme Camp Registration  **BEWARE THE ENDS OF MARCH**

Theme camp Registration closes at the end of March!  

That means you have to register your theme camp before then!  

Registering early helps City Planning help you find your best spot, and you are running out of time to register early.  

I’m not saying you’ll get stabbed 23 times if you don’t get your registration in, because I don’t know how many people are in your camp.  I’m guessing they’ll each want one good shot at either your abdomen or your face if they don’t get placement because you didn’t register ON TIME.   So, the number of stabbings will be the number of campers minus one (unless you believe in Seppuku, then count yourself, too).

CLICK HERE to read about Theme Camp registration and get more information and login to register!!

Questions?  Ask Bonnie your Theme-camp Liaison:
https://www.burningflipside.com/contact (Area: City Planning –> Theme-camp Liaison)

Do you love Dallas people?

If you love Dallas people like I love Dallas people (or more, for that matter), you might be interested in going to hang out with them!

Burning Flipside is hitting the road on Sunday, March 26th, to hold a Road Show/Town Hall in Dallas!

That’s right.  Pyropolis’ people aren’t afraid of answering the tough questions, unlike some people.
If you want to help spread the love to Dallas, contact Meredith your 360 Area Facilitator:

https://www.burningflipside.com/contact (Area: 24x7x360 –> 360 Area Facilitator)

Hello!  Ticket Lead here with a few helpful hints.

You should know by now whether or not you have a ticket.  If you KNOW you sent everything in, but your status is still PENDING and you have not received notice of a ticket, your ticket registration did not get processed.  

If this is the case, you are going to have to do a little work…

  1. Did you send it in a USPS trackable envelope?  If so, track it down.
  2. You kept your receipt, right?  Use that money order receipt and see if your money order has been cashed.  If not, cancel it and get a refund on your money order.
  3. If it was cashed/remitted, find out who, what, where, etc.
So, you have an extra ticket and you want to transfer it to someone else.   Read the instructions on your ticket emails, but know a few vital things.
  • When you log onto the Ticket Page, the little blue paper airplane icon to the right is the transfer feature
  • You have the option of changing the NAME or OWNERSHIP on the transfer page.
    Since ownership of tickets is through the email address, MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN CHANGING OWNERSHIP OF TICKETS.

—–> If you change the name only, you still own the ticket, but it’s under someone else’s name and that causes problems.

—–> If you change the ownership, but not the name, at least the recipient can claim the ticket and change the name later.

  • The recipient will receive an email to claim the ticket.
    Follow instructions.
    Hint: copy the ID code from the .pdf to claim the ticket – it seems to work the best.
Your 2017 Ticket Lead.  (Area: Communications –> Tickets)

Work Weekends Continue

Hello amazing volunteers of Pyropolis,

Work Weekend No. Two (WW II) is almost here. I know with all the madness around our fair city, it’s easy to overlook.

But what better way to decompress than to run away from it all for a weekend of getting your hands dirty and connecting with the earth!

Please join us next weekend 3/24 – 3/26!




For more information or just have a question, you can contact Saraphina directly at
–> Work Weekend Communications

Greeter Training — Now at Work Weekend!

Greeter Training Session added to Work Weekend 2 !!!

March 25th, onsite, at about 2pm.

Sign up for Work Weekend:
Be sure and indicate whether you’re just coming out for the training, or if you intend to stay and work.


For more information or just have a question, you can contact Nobodobodon directly at
 –> Greeters

Guardian Training!

Looking to get trained up to be a Guardian?

We have multiple options available.

You can attend in person or call in/attend remotely.

Listed below are the training dates and the cities they will be held in. Times/Addresses will be determined closer to the dates.

  • April 7th, 2017: North Austin
  • April 8th, 2017: San Antonio
  • April 14-16th: 2017 Safetyside (register here by April 7th midnight)
  • April 21st, 2017 Houston
  • April 28th, 2017 South Austin
To keep up with the times and addresses of the training contact us via email or through our Facebook page
 –> Greeters

Sanctuary Training – Wednesdays!

Sanctuary training(s) are from 8PM – 9PM, Wednesday evenings at Lloyd the Wherehouse!

Each week we focus on a different topic related to Sanctuary.
Meet your fellow Sanctuary volunteers and learn new things.

For more information or just have a question, you can contact Mimi directly at
–> Sanctuary


Register ALL the Things!

There are some deadlines you need to know about if you’ve got a theme camp, Art to place, and Mutant Vehicles to bring to Pyropolis.

Theme Camp Registration closes April 1, 2017. (actually at midnight, so aim for March 31st!)
Register your ART
Register Mutant Vehicles
Event Registration ends on May 15, 2017 (optional, but cool to do)


February 2017 Flipside Flame


Hello!  Welcome to the first Flipside Flame of 2017!

The Flipside Flame is brought to you approximately once each month by your Content Lead, and is an easy place to learn about things related to Burning Flipside that may be happening before, during, and sometimes even after the event. If you (YES, YOU!) have articles you’d like to submit for publication, please head over to the Flipside Flame/Announce Submission form and fire it off.

I hope to have an edition of the Flipside Flame out each month around mid-month.
Help me help you by getting your submissions in about a week before.

A Word from City Planning:


Ste. Michelle, Patron Saint of Brevity

City Planning Admin

Greetings SuperDuperFantastic Volunteers!

First Work Weekend is coming up!

Are you ready to help make the land ready for Flipside?


Then come join the team during the Work Weekends that lead up to the event.   Work Weekends are a chance to get involved in cleaning, clearing, and prepping the site as well as a great opportunity to meet and get to know others who love to be a part of this part of making the city go!

This first WW we will be doing a lot of ground clearing, dead limb removal, etc. There is going to be some fun with roads as well.

Important Work Weekend Tips

  • Wear long sleeves, a hat with a brim, gloves, sturdy shoes, sunblock.
  • If you’re there, you’ll be contributing to the work in some way. Don’t worry, there’s
    plenty of work for folks of all skills levels. In fact, if you want to learn to do something you’ve not
    done before, we’ll help you learn how. Some tools are supplied, but feel free to bring your own
    favorite shovel, loppers, saw, etc.
  • Fun Swag for all! Please bring an item such as a shirt, tank top or jacket on which you can silk screen the Dirty Worker Burning Flipside Logo.


  • Work Weekends are campouts, however, you are not required to stay overnight.  You may come for just a day.
  • If you come out to participate, please remember — the MOST important thing is getting work done.
  • NO DOGS on site during work weekends.
  • Work weekends are self- sustaining just like the event so bring plenty of food and water.
  • As always, of course, Leave No Trace.
  • There is a smoker on site, and we will be cooking some meat. Please bring a side or snack to share.
  • It may be cold the first couple of work weekends – bring warm clothes and plenty of blankets if you’re staying overnight or you will be very uncomfortable.
  • Oh, and as long as we are allowed, we will burn limbs and have a fire at night.

All work weekends start at 6pm on Friday, and everyone has to be off the land by 5pm on Sunday.

Directions to the land are on the website. Click here for directions!
There will be signs to show you the entrance.

PLAN AHEAD for future Work Weekend Opportunities!

  • Work Weekend 1: Feb 24-26
  • Work Weekend 2: Mar 24-26
  • Work Weekend 3: Apr 21-23
  • Work Weekend 4: May 5-7
    (*****ONLY those who attended WWs 1, 2 and/or 3 may attend WW4****)

Signup is below. Let us know if you are coming!
You may not be allowed on the property unless you have signed up on the spreadsheet below or with Saraphina or Shortcake before the work weekend.


For more information or just have a question, you can contact Saraphina directly at

A Slightly More Than One Word Announcement from City Planning:

Theme camp registration is up and running!  Visit secure.burningflipside.com and LOGIN to register your theme camp.  Registration closes at the end of March!  As they say, BEWARE THE ENDS OF MARCH!

Ste. Michelle, Patron Saint of Preferring the Ends of Marches

City Planning Admin

Guardians of the Galaxy!   (or at least of our fair city)

Ever wondered about who helps keep the city safe?

Are you introverted and need a little bit of time to recharge away from the big crowds?

Do you want to know how night vision works?

Come check out the Guardians Department!
Badass shirts and patches to be had if you work a couple shifts with us.

Contact Froggy at


Area: Safety –> Guardians (perimeter)

Or our Facebook page
-Froggy, your Guardians Lead

Art Registration and Mutant Vehicle Registration are OPEN

Want to make ART?
Art that burns?
Art that’s mobile?

Check out the Art Registration page for details about Art Cars and Burnable Art and some great pointers about burning or driving your creations.

A Full-Length Announcement from City Planning complete with Actual Humor™ and Relevant Information™

Do you want to bring your theme camp to Flipside and be placed in the perfect, bestest spot ever?!!??!!
City Planning can help!  We love when a plan comes together, and the BEST way this city’s plan comes together is when all the theme camps register their camps with all the right information and the earlier the better!!

How can you help us help you?

Step One: Start Early.  Get your camp together and have a sit down and figure out what you’re doing now, rather than later.  It’ll be fun!  I mean, these are your campmates.  You probably like hanging out with them.

Step Two: Plan to Register Early.  Life happens.  I know it, you know it, we all know it.  And life always happens when you’d rather it not.   And it’s so gonna happen the day you wanted to register.  If you plan on waiting until March 31st to register, life will happen all over the place.  So, plan to register way before that!  Because: Life.

Step Three: Have Backup!  Spread the love!  Make sure more than one person has the information needed to register the camp.  That way when the person that’s gonna do it suddenly gets called away to Reykjavik to reykjawork, you’re still covered!  If you’re lucky, something like this will happen:

      Back-up: I noticed that you haven’t registered the camp, yet.

Main Person:  Well it’s February 20th, we have some time.

Back-up:  Well, if you’re swamped I can do it.

Main Person:  I’m not swamped.  I can do it.

Back-up:  Maybe I want to do it more

Main Person:  NO! I WANNA!

Back-up:  ME!

(Three minutes later)

Main Person:  DONE!  Submitted

Back-up:  Kewl.  One less thing to do.

To read more about Theme Camps and registration for them, CLICK HERE.
After reading, click on the OPEN link, login, and click on “Theme Camp, Art Project, Art Car, and Event Registration”

Need help?  Contact Bonnie, your Theme Camp Liaison at: https://www.burningflipside.com/contact

Area: City Planning –> Theme Camp Liasion

Registration closes at the end of March. BEWARE THE ENDS OF MARCH!!

Ste. Michelle, Patron Saint of Fighting Over Administrative Work

City Planning Admin

Church Nights at the Warehouse

Church Night is a weekly gathering to work on projects large and small, and to socialize. Church Nights are every Wednesday (more or less) starting around 7:30 at the Warehouse. Church Nights are Leave No Trace events!


The Effigy means many things to many people, but to the Design and Fabrication Team (DaFT), it means “If you build it, it will burn!” If you’re interested in learning more, check out Church Nights each Wednesday for people in the know.

CC Meetings

The Combustion Chamber is an advisory committee to the Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC to facilitate community input & transparency for the policy-making process and organization of burn community events. The next CC Meeting is February 24, starting at 7:42 pm at the Flipside Warehouse.
Who Can/Should Attend: You! If you care about the event and especially if you care about any of these topics you should come to discuss them.

Why this matters: The CC provides advice to the LLC. The LLC provides the overall direction and policy guidance that end up making the event happen. The topics discussed at this meeting may have a direct impact on you during the actual Flipside event and/or at the AAR, LLC warehouse.

CC meetings are a great way to stay informed about what’s happening in our community. Meeting minutes will be posted as they are received

The CC will inform the community of any location changes or topic changes as quickly as possible. Please join us at the Warehouse or send us your input at


Other Contacts –>Combustion Chamber

February 24, 2017  CC Meeting topics:
– Mentoring & support for leaders
– Spring Town Hall purpose/mission
– Future Spring Town Hall dates


Austin/TX Art Opportunities!

XTC here, your new Art Liason! I’m here to highlight opportunities for our artists to engage with the larger community.

I and the Burning Flipside LLC are NOT affiliated with these organizations.

Current Opportunities:

Application Deadline: February 17th  (TODAY).
The West Austin Studio Tour is now holding their open call for artists. You do have to show at a studio within the West boundaries. http://west.bigmedium.org/participate.html

Application Deadline: October 25th.
Artspace is holding an open call for Texas artists. The prize is a year long residency in San Antonio. Along with living and working quarters, all residents receive travel expenses, a living stipend, and a materials budget.

Application Deadline: March 6th
Man is asking for proposals for Pavilion Shrines and Processionals. They are looking to grant a maximum of $2500 for each project.

City Signage!

Do you want to help name the roads?
Visit the *Unofficial* Flipside Flipizens Facebook group to help select the street names!  Look for a post from our City Signage Lead, Emily.

Not on Facebook?
Have a very good reason to object to Unofficial Flipside Flipiziens Facebook group?

Contact Emily at
Area: City Planning –> City Signage
with your road name suggestion!

Remember, this process is designed to be 100% fair and objective, just like the theme selection process.
Wait, no, it’s designed to be fun and silly and quit taking it so seriously (!!), and you can find me at Flipside at the end of the road I’ve named “4:15 and Esplanade” to discuss.

Ste Michelle,  Patron Saint of February’s Flame, Apparently

City Planning Admin