The Flipside Flame March(es) On! (2015 Vol 2)


It’s March! Time for more information about all the stuff and things relating to Burning Flipside 2015: The Wizards of Odd! Remember, if you have things you’d like to contribute to the Flame, please check out the Flipside Flame/Announce Submission form. You can find it under “Contact” on the home page of

Bonus Round Tickets

Hi Flipizens,

After our announcement that we did not meet our capacity at ticket opening, we’ve received LOTS of emails from people about how they can get in on a hypothetical “second round.”

Unfortunately, the ticket window is closed, so please don’t contact the ticket team about these hypothetical tickets and please don’t send in a money order or any additional ticket requests at this time. Please only contact the ticket team if you submitted your ticket request during the normal window and are having an issue. We’ll announce new opportunities to buy tickets as they come up.

We’ve always said that volunteering for DaFT, kicking ass at Work Weekends or volunteering in other ways, building art, checking in with your theme camp, coming out to church night, and in general participating is always the best way to get a ticket. We’re putting our tickets where our metaphorical mouths are now. Expect to see us at Church Night looking at who’s working on awesome art projects and speaking with our leads to put some of those tickets in the hands of people who are stepping up.

Whatever you do, DON’T PANIC.

We’ve already distributed some at the Houston Road Show and the North Texas Road Show and we will announce any opportunities that come available on official channels like the Flipside Flame, the official mailing lists, the official twitter page, etc. Maybe on just one of them, just because.

You might think that this kind of sounds a little like a pain in the ass.

And it is!

Let me esplain. No, let me sum up.

Our normal mail-in ticket process is partially in place to make ticket sales easier on our entirely volunteer run event, so when participants wait until after the ticket window to get their money together, they’re making it harder on the volunteers. Ideally, Austin Artistic Reconstruction won’t sell any tickets outside of the mail in window, and we just might not in the future, so next year be sure to follow directions, and get your ticket requests in on time.

So, if/when we sell additional tickets, we’ll probably have a few hoops for you to jump through and if you want tickets, keep watching, keep listening, keep participating. (And register on the website so you can get them easier!)

Austin Artistic Reconstruction


Ticket Opening Rundown

Hello Flipizens from Loribug the Ticket Lead.
The Ticket Window is CLOSED! Please stop sending in Ticket Registrations – they will not be accepted. The official ticket window was January 7 to January 22, 2015.

The Ticket Team processed over 3,400 tickets and accepted almost all of them. I personally researched all the returns.

The reasons for return this year:
• Late Postmark
• Personal Check
• Underpayment
• No Money Order Included
• Late Postmark AND Underpayment
• Late Postmark AND Personal Check
• The person who sent in a 1 cent Money Order

Impressions from Ticket Opening

  1. You guys are AMAZING – decorated envelopes were awesome – but some had problems going through the post office.
  2. Check your postage! Extra weight = extra postage. Inadequate postage can get your envelope returned to you from the post office.
  3. Smart Moves: Some of the more extravagantly decorated envelopes (think stickers, ribbons, dangling bits, etc) were mailed INSIDE of a second pre-paid USPS envelope. It costs a bit more, but makes it easier for the Post Office to read the address. I think those envelopes are even trackable. TRACKING IS GOOD when it comes to the post office.
  4. If you are getting really close to the deadline, make sure you get your envelope hand stamped.
  5. Don’t send personal checks! Don’t sent cash! If you include additional funds, tell us what they are for! If we do not get explicit instructions, we may have to refund the whole ticket registration. 🙁
  6. Contact the ticket team when you have problems. Really! We helped a lot of people before, during, and after the ticket window.

Most Sincerely, Loribug, Pterrifying Pterodactyl of Ptickets for P2015

Survival Guide is LIVE

Everyone who sent in a ticket request for Burning Flipside should be receiving a printed survival guide in the mail, but for now, you can regard it in all its electronic glory online at — it’s been extensively reorganized and looks great. And pay special attention to the Plan Ahead section while there’s still plenty of time to, well, plan ahead.

Town Hall Road Show Wrap-up


North Texas

Thank you, Houston and North Texas for making the Road Shows great! We had fantastic turnout at both events, with lots of excited participants ready to learn more about what to expect from The Wizards of Odd.  There were small and lively batches of ticket sales at each event. Many thanks to our gracious hosts: Last Concert Cafe in Houston and Emily Rodriguez Simpson in Dallas. We were grateful to have good enough weather for both events to be outdoors, even if there was still snow (!!!) on the ground up in the Dallas area.



Burning Flipside wants your pictures

Have you ever looked at the website and thought that it seems kind of…plain? Especially considering we’re a community of artists?

We’re trying to fix that. If you would like to contribute photographs or other digital media that would appear on the website and in other official Flipside communications, you are invited to submit it via the form at

There’s a media-use agreement there that will govern Burning Flipside’s use of your work. It’s short and in plain English.

Get Involved!

Work Weekend II Update!bwWW

WORK WEEKEND II IS CANCELLED. Next Work weekend scheduled: March 20-22.
Come for a few hours, or stay for the weekend and help us lay the foundation for Pyropolis by trimming limbs, clearing trails and getting rid of poison ivy and fire ants—among other things. If you’re coming, please email, or sign up on the Work Weekend wiki.

The next work weekends are April 10-12, and May 1-3.


Do you like to hug people?
Do you wish more people read the survival guide?
Are you a fan of the Socratic Method?

If any of the above are true, then you should volunteer with Greeters this year. Greeters are the front line of edjumication, self­reliance, and most importantly, inclusion. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or wide­eyed first timer, there’s a place for you to volunteer at Greeters! We have fun, but we also provide a necessary and mandatory service for the city ­ if we aren’t staffed, then the gate cannot open!

We need around 150 volunteers throughout the event to keep Greeters going. If you’re with a Theme Camp we’d love to have your camp adopt a whole shift. If you don’t have a theme camp, feel free to put your name in any open slot. At the end of the shift, you will have a dozen or so new friends! If you have the time and energy, sign up for several shifts!

The Greeters volunteer wiki is open and ready for you to choose a shift. Sign Up!

If you have any questions, feel free to email JulieSchmooly at

Thank you so much for volunteering!!!!

Shaven Apes: Kanihepya?

Shaven Apes is an all volunteer department that can help with things like Theme Camp setup, Art installations, to building your shade structure, and will even helping you pitch your tent, provide transportation or just help you drink your booze.

Shaven Apes will be wearing a bright, banana yellow, easy to spot t-shirts with the word KANIHEPYA on it. If you can’t find one of us, find someone with a radio and have them ask for one (fyi, folks driving carts usually have a radio).

Do you already know that your theme camp is going to need assistance? There is a wiki page for this.

Please understand that Shaven Apes is a small team of volunteers and we’re not equipped to lend DaFT-sized amounts of help.

Like helping people build things? Sign up to be an Ape! Shaven Apes wouldn’t exist without volunteers. Please consider volunteering some of your time, it’s a great way to improve your karma. You can sign up for a shift on the wiki.

If you are interested in volunteering, but don’t yet know what your schedule will be like, sign up to be on the mailing list, we will not spam you with a bunch of messages.

If you have issues with any of these links, you can email the Top Banana (Fractallia) directly at

More Links of Interest:

Volunteer Wiki
Theme Camp/Art/Events registration continues! There are deadlines, so don’t dawdle!

Combustion Chamber

The Combustion Chamber is an advisory committee to the Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC to facilitate community input & transparency for the policy-making process and organization of burn community events. There will is one more meeting in March, and two in April, each starting at 7:42 pm at the Flipside Warehouse. Special topics are as follows:
March 23:
– Recycling
Revisiting the recycling topic: Though having recycling available at Flipside impacts our individual self-reliance and consumes some resources, the community has felt that offering this was more of a benefit than a detractor from the event. The CC and our amazing Site Sign-Off crew want your input. Also, are there specific things you feel should or should not be recycled?

– Flipside without a Burn
What factors could prohibit burning of the effigy, arising either prior to
or at the event? Are we at risk of a no-burn this year? If Flipside
burns were prohibited for several years, what would that mean to the

April 6:
– Cultural appropriation
April 20:
– Warehouse
– CC Retreat

Do we want this, and when/where


If your camp is having a fundraiser, we want to let people know about it. We’re not talking about vending, just good old fashioned fundraising for camp needs. Yes, you can make that event on the book of faces, but we’d love to hear about what you’re doing and help you get the word out!

Seriously Sexy Flipside Countdown Calendar: Bunnies in Spaaaace edition


Serious Camp is now seeking donations for the Seriously Sexy Flipside Countdown Calendar: Bunnies in Spaaaaace! edition.

The Seriously Sexy Flipside Countdown Calendar will run June 2015 to May 2016 to help you countdown to next year’s Burning Flipside event. Featuring 12 months of the sultry Serious Camp bunnies exploring the far depths of space, the calendar will also contain dates for many of your favorite regional burn events. You can even choose to add your own event(s) to the calendar!

In addition to funding the creation of the calendar itself, your donation will help Serious Camp make improvements to The Sweet Shop and host another kick ass Theme Camp Leads Appreciation Mixer celebrating Theme Camp leads at Flipside.

The Chez Parabolé Magical Dining Experience

The members of Chez Parabolé are planning a Dinner & Show experience that you do not want to miss: The Chez Parabolé Magical Dining Experience. This magical event will be happening Saturday, April 11th in Houston and will transform the fine dining experience of Chez Parabolé into cocktail party form, complete with some spectacular local entertainers for a fun night of delicious entertainment sure to stimulate all of your senses.

We will have a Cocktail Party which will include a 4 course tasting menu, cocktails and 4 performances of a musical and dance variety. We will also have a VIP Experience, which will include the above as well as access to the VIP area and entrance to a VIP After Party with additional tasty treats and special performances of a more risqué variety.

Tickets and info for the event will be available at starting Saturday March 14th, and you can get additional information for this event as well as what we will have in store for Flipside at our Facebook page

Thank you everyone and hope to see you at our magical evening in April.